Bullying is a serious issue that kids encounter all over the world. They could be picked on due to their looks, behaviors, or for seemingly no reason at all. And no matter the reason, one thing is for certain: we all would like for bullying to stop.

So when a mother named Sue N’Goran discovered that her son was experiencing racially charged bullying at his Arizona school, she assumed the administration would put a stop to it. Yet when she told them about the situation, she received an absolutely stunning reply.

Things only got more outrageous from there…

When Sue N’Goran heard from her son that he was being bullied at school because of the color of his skin, she was furious. Naturally, she contacted the school administration with the hopes of putting a stop to it.


“He’s been bullied by these children… saying that he’s brown only because he’s so dirty that he can’t get cleaned,” Sue said in an interview. “So he’ll scrub himself, he’ll sit in the bathroom and scrub his skin trying to get the brown off of him.”


But the school just didn’t want to hear it. Even after she said her son was hit on the head, called the n-word, and he ended up in the hospital, the principal claimed she was making it all up. Sue couldn’t believe what came next…


After Sue told the principal what happened, she received a surprising call from the school’s security officials. They informed her that she and her son were no longer allowed on the premises—ever again.


Meanwhile, the school’s officials are being tight-lipped on their reasoning, saying they can’t comment on “any particular incident due to privacy laws.” Nevertheless, that won’t stop Sue from trying to tell her son’s story in the effort to get some answers.


Since the school refused to comment on the incident, Sue has turned to the media to try and get justice for what she says happened. If it really happened as she describes it, something needs to be done right away…

This is a startling account in so many ways. By not acknowledging her son being bullied, the school is, in a way, bullying Sue! Hopefully, some manner of justice is served.

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