Sometimes, fate puts people in our lives for a reason. It might not always be easy to see that the universe is unfolding in the way that it should, but then a random act of kindness happens, and we are reminded of this essential truth.

Thomas Mitchell felt destiny intervene the day he was assigned to pick up another bus driver’s usual route when they fell ill. Driving up to Lydia de Spain’s house every day, he watched as her mother struggled to get her heavy wheelchair out of the house and down to the bus.

Thomas knew that he had been assigned that bus route for a reason. He wanted to make Lydia and her mom’s lives a little bit easier — the question was, how? What he decided to do made a tremendous impact.

For an entire week, substitute bus driver Thomas Mitchell watched Lydia de Spain’s mother struggle to get her bulky wheelchair out of the front door and down to the bus. She always greeted him with a smile, even though the job was difficult. 

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A mechanic by trade, Thomas has always been handy with tasks around the house. He wondered if there was a way he could make Lydia’s mother’s task of  getting her in and out of the house any easier. 

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Lydia and her mother were used to the daily difficulty of getting Lydia in and out of the house that wasn’t designed for those in wheelchairs. They had no idea a guardian angel was waiting in the wings. 


Thomas had an idea: he would build the family a ramp. He recruited a handful of his friends, made a few calls to get supplies, and got to work. 


With so many helping hands the project only took the men two and a half hours to complete. Who knew that such little time was required to change a life forever?


With the ramp, Lydia and her mother would be able to get out of the house in seconds instead of several minutes of struggle. 


Thomas and his friends didn’t stop at just building a ramp, either. They included a little deck at the front of the house so that on warm days Lydia and her mother could savor the sun together. 


You have to see the look on Lydia’s face when she sees the ramp for the first time!

It’s amazing what a difference such simple gestures of kindness can make in the lives of others. Thomas’s good deed will make Lydia and her mother’s life so much easier.

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