It’s been just shy of 150 years since the California Gold Rush took place and, subsequently, all of its promised riches largely ran dry. Since then, the Golden State has become the most populous in the United States.

The good news? That famous rush for sudden riches might be making a comeback. Due to the recent extensive flooding that led to the disaster at Northern California’s Oroville Dam, which sits on the Feather River, hoards of prospective prospectors have been hitting the area in search of gold.

Now, these new-age Forty-Niners are staking out their territory and looking to strike it rich—just like opportunistic Americans did so long ago!

Beginning in 1848 and lasting for about two decades, the California Gold Rush brought about 300,000 settlers to the soon-to-be Golden State in search of—you guessed it—gold. Now, it might just be making a comeback.


After extensive rain led to recent flooding that nearly destroyed the Oroville Dam, which sits on Northern California’s Feather River, certain minerals were dredged up.


“There [are] areas of dirt that haven’t been disturbed in years that were disturbed,” said hopeful gold-seeker Pete Roja in an interview.

Aerial photo released by the California Department of Water Resources, showing the damaged spillway with eroded hillside in OrovilleWikimedia

The hope is that, when the excess rainwater in the spillway crept over and into the Oroville Dam, it hit the river and pulled up long-lost gold.


Yes, folks—real gold. An area that was once considered thoroughly pillaged in the mid-19th century could still have valuable nuggets lying around. In other words, there is, indeed, gold in them thar hills!

05-new-gold-rushABC 10

According to the Bureau of Land Management, the erosion caused by the recent flooding in California “concentrates” the gold by ridding the area of lighter rock and soil.


Keeping that in mind, local tour groups and mining suppliers have been expecting quite the rush of people to the area—much like the 49ers of the mid-18th century.

07-new-gold-rushJames Tensuan

The best part? The flooding was so extensive that they expect that gold-seekers wouldn’t have to look for too long before they started to see some results.

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“It’s not easy money but the gold is there,” said Joey Wilson, the owner of a company called Adventures in Prospecting that sells mining equipment and other supplies.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were the one to find gold? Watch what one homeowner discovered when he dipped his pan into a riverbed…

It’s like history is coming alive before our eyes! Who else is ready to grab a pan and to start looking for some gold?

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