When 16-year-old Calysta Bevier from Ohio first walked on the stage of America’s Got Talent, she was understandably nervous. The notorious Simon Cowell and his fellow judges could be tough to impress, and performing for millions of people would make anyone tremble.

But Calysta wasn’t ready to let that stop her. When she got closer to the mic, even Simon realized he was about to witness something special.

Still, when she finally started singing, her audience’s reaction was hard to believe.

When Calysta Bevier walked out onto the America’s Got Talent stage, the 16-year-old was quite nervous. That being said, she seemed to hide her nerves well, and she looked as poised as ever.


Things became even more tense when she caught sight of the judges. The notoriously harsh Simon Cowell already looked like he was annoyed. This wasn’t going to be easy, was it?


Then, Calysta revealed something about herself that left the judges in total disbelief: she was a survivor of stage three ovarian cancer. Still, her recovery wasn’t the only impressive thing about her…


Calysta was on the America’s Got Talent stage because she was a great singer, and she wanted to show the world. Not only that, but she wanted to win the entire competition. No goal was too big for her!


Her mom, standing offstage, was even more nervous than Calysta! You could hear her say, “My heart is beating out of my chest.” Host Nick Cannon had to wrap his arm around her to help calm the nerves.


There was simply no denying it, though: as soon as Calysta started to sing, her talent absolutely shown through. In no time at all, the audience was on its feet to give her a standing ovation.


As good as her performance was from the very beginning, the highlight is definitely what she sounds like on the chorus. Well, that, and what Simon does right after she finishes singing…

To think how far Calysta has come… and then to put on that performance? She’s absolutely amazing!

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