Lots of people say they’ve seen ghosts in their lifetime, and some even claim to have captured video or photographic evidence of those supernatural encounters.

Whether you believe in spirits and the great beyond or not, it’s undeniable that their existence is hard to prove with only poorly shot videos or grainy pictures as evidence, especially when skeptics are ready to pick apart the footage apart.

A surveillance camera in the woods of Cambridge, New York, however, just captured footage of a ghost girl that has even the most doubtful of viewers reconsidering their beliefs. See the video for yourself…

Every day, people come forward and claim to have witnessed or experienced encounters with supernatural beings and spirits in their homes and communities. That’s exactly why the town of Cambridge, New York is currently in a state of panic…


In preparation for an upcoming hunting trip, a landowner in the town of Cambridge set up a camera to capture video of local wildlife. When they went to watch the surveillance footage, though, they realized that they’d caught something far spookier.


The footage appears to contain a grainy frame of a “ghost girl” roaming alone in the woods. Now, the picture of the young girl is spreading all across social media while residents of the town scramble in search of an explanation to the evidence. 

Some of Cambridge’s residents are claiming that the ghost girl in the footage could be the apparition of a local girl who was killed while playing on the town’s train tracks in the 1970s. Even still, many skeptics are quick to write the video evidence off as a hoax.


After analyzing the video himself, local Police Chief, George Bell, isn’t so quick to believe the hype. “I’ve lived here all my life, and I’ve never heard of a ghost running around the woods. The idea originally was just to identify who the child was,” he said in an interview.


Many people have said that the town of Cambridge is known to be the sight of a lot of paranormal activity, though. See the girl there in the footage? You have to admit that this is some pretty convincing evidence, even if you’re a skeptic…

That’s definitely a clear photograph but who’s to say what kind of digital trickery could be behind this? Only time will tell if it truly was a ghost or not.

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