Every time winter arrives, you have to be on the lookout for all sorts of new hazards on the road; this can include slippery ice and snowbanks that seemingly . But one thing that people often forget about each year is just how dangerous the snow on top of their cars can be.

You might not think that missing that last clump of hard-to-reach snow on your roof is a big deal, but once you get on the highway, it can become a serious hazard.

Jeffrey Cote, the man who shot this harrowing dash cam video, found this out the hard way—and it almost cost him big time.

Driving becomes especially hazardous every time winter rolls around. The roads get icy and snowstorms can make visibility difficult. Every time you get behind the wheel after a snowfall, you need to take extra precautions to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

You probably didn’t know that one of the most dangerous things you can encounter during a wintry drive is the packed snow on the roofs of other drivers’ cars. It might not look like a problem, but it can cause a disaster if you’re not careful.

One afternoon in 2015, only a few hours after a snowstorm hit the area, a man named Jeffrey Cote was cruising along the highway on his way to run some errands. He held off traveling during the storm, but the roads were now clear, and he assumed he had nothing to worry about. But he was very, very wrong!

There was a black car several hundred feet ahead of him in his lane. Jeffrey didn’t think anything of it at first; every car on the road was traveling at a safe speed. However, a few minutes into his journey, he noticed little pieces of snow on top of the black car’s roof start to come loose and pelt his windshield…

Suddenly, Jeffrey saw something that astounded him: an entire sheet of firm snow had lifted off the black car’s roof in one solid piece. He couldn’t tell exactly how big it was because of the distance, but it seemed pretty substantial.

The snow peeled off the roof, and because of the speed at which the black car was traveling, it lifted straight into the air. Jeffrey waited with anticipation as the ice sheet flipped through the air—he assumed it would crash to the ground and break into a million icy pieces.

But the ice did just the opposite. Somehow, it gained some air and the chunk of ice lifted even higher. Jeffrey figured the driver of the black car probably had no idea that it had even happened. Jeffrey certainly wouldn’t have noticed if it had happened to his car, either.

Second by second, the mass of snow quickly approached the front of his vehicle. He kept waiting for a strong gust of wind to sweep it away into the median or for the ice to fall to the ground, but that wasn’t happening. He had no idea what was about to occur moments later…

The chunk of snow was flipping around wildly in the air. Jeffrey payed that it was only compacted soft snow and that it would break softly before it reached him. The last thing he needed was to have an icy windshield in the middle of the highway.

It was too late before Jeffrey realized that he was in serious trouble. The large block of snow from the black car’s roof was going to make contact with his windshield directly. Would the snow break apart upon impact? Or would it lead to a much more dangerous situation?

If you were on the highway and you saw a massive sheet of snow heading in your direction, it would be hard not to immediately panic. Watch the video below to see what happened to Jeffrey’s vehicle as soon as the snow hit his windshield…

Yikes! A little bit of snow might not seem dangerous when you’re holding it in your mittens, but it can become a deadly weapon at high speeds. Jeffrey was really lucky to get out of there safely.

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