When it comes to our keys, we’ve all got embarrassing stories about locking them inside the house, leaving them in the car, or just losing them altogether. It happens to everyone and it’s inevitable: keys are pretty small, after all, and they’re easy to lose or misplace.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Did you know that with a little bit of masking tape, a screwdriver, and some ingenuity, you can make your life SO much easier? These eight hacks will change the way you’ll use your keys forever.

1. Use a piece of masking tape to affix a spare key to a rock in your yard in case you get locked out.


2. If you want something a little more secure, superglue a rock to the top of an old prescription bottle and store you keys that way.


3. For top security, attach your spare key to your car behind your license plate. You can use one of the screws to keep in place.


4. Are you one of those people who’s always mixing up your keys? Use some glue and colorful string to make them easy to tell apart (and cute)!


5. You can do the same thing with nail polish! Spruce it up with different shapes and designs.


6. If your lock gets frozen during the winter months, apply some hand sanitizer to your key before trying to slip it in. The alcohol helps melt the ice.


7. Always put your keys in the same place on your LEGO board and you’ll never have to run around looking for them again!


8. This trick for making a quick spare key is like something you’d see in a movie:

Some of these have been seen before, but all of them are brilliant! You should absolutely keep a spare key hidden behind your license plate. It’s a smart idea and will make you feel like a secret agent—that’s always a plus!

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