Man Stumbles Upon A Treasure Trove Hidden From The Nazis For 7 Decades

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World War II saw an organized looting of personal assets by the Nazis. Their systematic thievery included hundreds of priceless artworks, Jewish and Freemasonic books, and other cultural objects. These items were used to either gain money for the German war effort or for Adolf Hilter’s personal use.

In order to avoid losing their most prized possessions to the Nazis, many people decided to hide them. Believe it or not, this included items as large as cars that were still in their hiding spots.

…Until now, that is. A man wandering around an abandoned quarry in France stunned the world when he stumbled upon a motherlode of mid-century cars!

A man named Vincent Michel had been poking around an abandoned quarry in central France when he made an amazing historical discovery…


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