Losing somebody that has been a part of your life every day is one of the hardest things that any person can go through. Whether it happens suddenly or if you know that their days are numbered ahead of time, the loss is never easy.

For many people, that’s just as true when it comes to losing their pets as it is when they lose another close family member. And, considering the amount of time and energy we spend with our pets, it shouldn’t be particularly surprising.

That’s why one Imgur user flew home on a moment’s notice when it was time to say goodbye to her dog. Yet it was how she helped him spend his last days that made this truly bittersweet.

When Imgur user Thedoctorsmistress heard her beloved dog, Cash, would have to be put down, she immediately flew back to her parents’ home to say goodbye. She didn’t reveal why it was his “last day,” but one could assume he was old and sick.

1-cash-the-dogThedoctorsmistress / Imgur

“I rescued Cash off the street when he was little over three weeks old,” she wrote. “Basically forced my parents to let us keep him and he grew to be over 60 kilograms [132 pounds] and one of the most loved dogs.”

6-cash-the-dogThedoctorsmistress / Imgur

“His favorite hobby—taking papers out the bin and making a mess.” No dog owner ever wants to clean up after their pup’s messes, but when you know you only have them for a limited time, you don’t mind as much.

2-cash-the-dogThedoctorsmistress / Imgur

“My boyfriend was making dog biscuits. Cash was the official Quality Assurer.” It’s not particularly healthy to give dogs too many biscuits, but on a day like that, they were able to make a special exception.

3-cash-the-dogThedoctorsmistress / Imgur

“Pizza crust—one of his favorites,” she wrote. “The whole pizza would also be fine if he had his way.” Some people think that the crust is the best part of pizza, and Cash certainly seemed to agree!

4-cash-the-dogThedoctorsmistress / Imgur

“Not all the toys are his, we have three dogs so they are shared,” Thedoctorsmistress explained. “He always prefers an empty toilet roll or some paper to tear up though.”

5-cash-the-dogThedoctorsmistress / Imgur

“These were toys and blankets that we were donating to our local shelter. He was pretty pumped about it.” Dogs are known for their incredible kindness, but we don’t talk as much about how charitable they can be!

7-cash-the-dogThedoctorsmistress / Imgur

“Slumber party in the living room.” It’s great that Cash was able to share all of this love with his family’s other dogs, who must have been sympathetic to his unfortunate situation. What wonderful camaraderie!

8-cash-the-dogThedoctorsmistress / Imgur

“His teddy’s name is Stitches. I got him when Cash had to get stitched up at the vet.” Is there anything in this world of ours that’s much cuter than the sight of a dog with a stuffed animal of his own to love and play with?

9-cash-the-dogThedoctorsmistress / Imgur

“His regular winter spot by the heater.” Everybody has their own favorite napping spots in their houses or apartments, and dogs feel exactly the same way. It’s usually the place where they feel the most cozy (and warm).

12-cash-the-dogThedoctorsmistress / Imgur

“He would always start the night curled in a ball but by the morning would be stretched halfway across the room.” Many people are like that too when they sleep. There’s no telling what we’ll do when we’re dreaming!”

13-cash-the-dogThedoctorsmistress / Imgur

“He has always been scared of the North wind. No idea why other than it probably makes specific noises he isn’t too fond of.,” said the Imgur user. “This means he would often find the nooks to hide in. Most popular was behind the toilet or between the couch and the side table.”

15-cash-the-dogThedoctorsmistress / Imgur

“He has been the best boy and I will miss him more than I can explain ❤.” It’s clear from these photos, as well as the Imgur user’s sweet, yet simple, words about him, that Cash was a truly special and beloved dog.

16-cash-the-dogThedoctorsmistress / Imgur

Hopefully by sharing these photos, as well as her story, this Imgur user will be able to have an easier mourning process. It must be painful, but reminiscing about those that you love is a healthy way to cope.

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