20 Heart-Racing Photos Taken By Photographers That Were In The Right Place At The Right Time

A career in photography may seem as simple as snapping pictures, trying to capture cool angles or vivid colors. But there’s a heck of a lot more that goes into capturing the pictures we see adorning the pages of magazines like National Geographic than we think.

Young Woman Opens Up After A Puzzling Controversy Affects Her Prom Night

You play that one song a hundred times, imagining a hundred iterations of your dance to it. You find the perfect dress that you’ve tried on a million times in front of the mirror. You get ready four hours before you need to leave, just in case. It’s finally prom night, and everything is going to be perfect!

Man Inspired By Famous Haunted Mansion Becomes Consumed With His Own Building Project

The adage goes that a man’s home is his castle. It’s supposed to mean that when you have your own place, you can be yourself and be in charge, but of course, a few people take the “castle” part a little too literally.

Researchers Unearth A Sunken Ship That Totally Changes Our Understanding Of History

Scientists aboard a research ship in the Black Sea monitored a screen broadcasting surveillance data from more than a mile beneath the surface. Nothing groundbreaking appeared…until a blip sounded. Everyone standing around leapt to attention.

20 Of The Coolest Festivals Celebrated By Different Cultures Around The World

Put away the streamers, the nice music, and the piping hot hors d’oeuvres — in fact, forget everything you know about celebrations. While you might imagine festivals as casual gatherings, when they reach their full potentials, they’re marvelous exhibits of colors, oddities, baby jumpings, tomato tossings, and more (seriously).

Object Uncovered In A Dried-Up Lake Sheds Light On A Long-Forgotten History

Knock the dust off your photo albums and turn to any page, and you’ll find a photo that reminds you of a moment you’ve forgotten about: a first birthday party, an awkwardly posed prom pic, or a smile from a family member long ago passed on. This inevitably begins the proverbial walk down memory lane.

20 Fascinating Details About Famous Historical Figures' Lives That Most People Haven't Heard Before

Even though we see famous faces on book covers and dollar bills every day, it’s easy to forget they were human. Just like us, they were real people with a complex array of motivations and emotions. Oh, and they were pretty weird, too.

20 Hilarious Office Pranks That Take Workplace Shenanigans To A Whole New Level

The average full-time employee spends at least a third of every day at work — that’s about a quarter of their whole week! Both a downside and an upside to this is seeing the same faces every workday, so while you may sometimes get totally sick of someone, you can always have a little fun with them…

20 Restaurants That Went Way Overboard Trying To Bring Their Wacky Recipe Ambitions To Life

Attempting to open a restaurant is generally frowned upon unless you have enough money behind it to take a significant profit loss for the first few years. Even if you do have the moola, you still need to figure out a way to stand out among an ocean of other competitors: what makes you different from everyone else?

20 Creative People That Came Up With Wildly Inventive Solutions To Everyday Problems

Don’t have a rain jacket? Your dog keeps escaping from the yard? You’re in desperate need of toilet paper? These are all annoying problems that we’ve faced at one time or another — but they’re not unsolvable.

19 Ways That American Presidents Spent Their Lives After Leaving Office

Between social media and the 24-hour news cycle, it’s hard not to follow every little thing the President does while in office. For the Commander-in-Chief, every inch of life is under a magnifying glass. But what happens to Presidents after they leave the White House for good?

20 Incredibly American Photos That Are Bringing Out The True Patriots Around The Country

Baseball! Apple pie! Fireworks! It seems like almost everyone has an opinion on what it means to be an American. Yes, a little good-natured disagreement is never a bad thing, but there’s one thing every true American can agree on: loving this country runs in our blood.

Travelers Whose Vacation Takes A Dire Turn Rely On An Unlikely Source For Help

We’ve heard it from our older and wiser folk  — life is short. Ask her out, take the vacation, order the steak! Why not? By taking chances on what you want, you’ll experience the thrill that usually comes from driving in the fast lane. But as the laws of physics have taught us, the faster you go, the harder you crash.

20 Brilliant Ways To Use Ordinary Plastic Straws That Are Making People's Lives So Much Easier

There has been a lot of serious talk about a plastic straw ban lately. Disposable straws are so ubiquitous that they account for a significant amount of waste, and what’s worse, they’re ending up in our oceans. Beyond reducing your use, there’s still more you can do when it comes to straws.

25 Extraordinary Historical Photos That Give A Rare Glimpse Into The Past

Inside your wallet or in the picture app on your phone, you’ve probably got a photograph that’s special to you. You might not look at it every day, but it’s important to you that it’s there. That’s because the best photos bring the past to life, right down to how people were feeling and thinking at that time.

20 Juicy 'Pawn Stars' Facts That Are Making People See The Show In A Whole Different Light

Chances are you’ve caught at least a snippet of the hit TV show, Pawn Stars. Fans can’t get enough of watching Rick, The Old Man, Big Hoss, and Chumlee uncover cool items and drive each other crazy. It’s made Pawn Stars one of the biggest reality shows in history.

Beautiful Vacation Spots Our Grandparents Could Visit But We Sadly Can't Any Longer

Robert Frost once wrote “nothing gold can stay,” and tragically, he was right! The world is spotted with a million and one interesting and beautiful places to visit, but unfortunately, as time has passed, they’ve changed — and not always for the better.

Women Stranded At Sea For Months Have To Take Extreme Measures To Survive

Imagine being stranded at sea for months, enduring the persistent smell of salt on the air and a slowly dwindling food supply. These sound like the problems of a swashbuckling pirate — the makings of a wild and exciting story found in the pages of a best-selling adventure novel.

20 Strange Household Hacks Using Everyday Items That Make People's Lives So Much Better

You work well over 40 hours a week, you’re tight on cash, and you just want to make your life a little easier. So you invest in fancy cleaning products and spend an absurd amount of your paycheck on five-minute beauty regimes…and it still feels like you’re wasting time and money you don’t have.

20 Photos That Prove Disney Parks Really Are 'The Happiest Places On Earth'

Families smiling in front of Cinderella’s Castle, kids posing with their favorite characters, and lots of people wearing mouse ears: those are the kinds of images you can expect on the cameras of the 50 million people who visit a Disney theme park every year. Well… usually!

20 People Who Have The Extraordinary Ability To Lift Things You Can't

Every gym in the world has at least one of them: someone who puts all their energy into trying to impress onlookers by lifting such a ridiculous amount of weight they can’t help but grunt and cringe under the extreme force.

20 Strange Inventions From History People Once Thought Were Actually Necessary

When Gary Dahl first put a rock in a cardboard box with air holes, the people of ’75 lost their collective minds. He invented a pet even the dumbest kid couldn’t kill, and his bank account was rewarded handsomely. Yet, years later, we look back and wonder: what were buyers of the pet rock thinking?

16-Year-Old Whose Home Was Disappearing Into The Sea Figures Out A Genius Way To Save It

The Indian island of Majuli is in terrible danger! In fact, the situation is so grave that scientists fear the island might cease to exist in the near future. That’s right, an entire piece of land could just vanish!

Two Hikers Make a Discovery In The Snow And Unlock Centuries of Lost History

Mountain climbing isn’t for the faint of heart, and any seasoned mountaineer will tell you to always expect the unexpected. A simple shift in the weather can prove disastrous for a hiker, and one misstep can mean the difference between making it home and ending up at the bottom of a chasm.

Get By A Li'l Easier With These Genius Soda Can Hacks

Whether you call it “pop,” “soda,” or “coke,” all soft drink consumers have one thing in common. Once you’ve downed your fizzy beverage of choice, you likely throw the aluminum can away or smash it against your forehead and then throw it away. But you might want to rethink that…