Richard Branson Dove Into A Massive Sinkhole And Uncovered A Wild Fact About Humanity

With so many hotly debated issues circulating the media, it’s no surprise that many of the smaller voices – even those advocating for the biggest of issues – tend to be drowned out by those who have just a bit more pull. A thousand people crying out is enough to get the world talking, but all it takes is one major voice to really make them listen.

Teenage Football Star Makes A Wild Move That Leaves The Entire School Floored

Between cliques, peer pressure, and bullying, high school is often a difficult time for teenagers. It’s a lot to handle. But because young people can face so much adversity, one bright spot can make all the difference.

20 Iconic Women From The 1960s Whose Work Still Keeps Them In The Spotlight

They say good looks fade but a good personality lasts a lifetime. While the latter can certainly be true, the first is a rather cynical take on beauty. Nobody knows this better than women whose looks once made them famous: as years go by, these women may age and their beauty changes, but it doesn’t fade.

Brothers Unearth Inexplicable Treasures From The World's Most Mysterious Island

Just off the south shore of Nova Scotia, there’s a tree-covered island historians and treasure hunters flock to in droves. It’s called Oak Island, and hidden beneath the surface of the 140-acre piece of land are pieces of history that could re-define North America’s past.

Learn Everything About The Top 20 Most Visited Places In The World

While almost everybody loves to travel and explore new corners of the world, our ideas of what makes a vacation great can differ vastly. Some may desire only to rest on the beach and have fun in the sun, while others may seek out a major hub or some historical sites. Yet, to a certain extent, we can’t resist flocking towards specific tourist attractions that simply never face a quiet day.

20 Historic Photos Of Women Entering The Workplace And Changing History

Since winning the right to vote in the early 20th century, women have been hungry for equality and respect in all areas of life — and with good reason! What’s the point of having the right to vote on subject matters in your country and community if your life is spent washing dishes and folding laundry?

Mom's Genius Plot To Discover The Source Of Her Son's Stress Turns Up Bad News

Parents may not be literal superheroes, but they do have a sort of spidey sense — they can tell when something is off with their children. The signs aren’t always clear, but most moms and dads can feel exactly when they’re needed to step in and save their kids from genuine danger.

20 Vacation Spots Around The Globe People Can Travel To For $100 A Day

Having the itch to travel but no way — or money — to scratch it is the worst, especially if you can’t escape from your friends’ social media posts of pictures in front of vast landscapes and bustling cities (the feed never ends)! On top of that, you’re often left wondering, “How do they afford that?”

Tribe That's Been Isolated For 60,000 Years Takes Extreme Measures To Keep Visitors Away

If someones tells you not to do something there’s a good chance you’re probably going to do it anyway. Most of the time these restrictions are put in place just to stop people from having fun. Sometimes, though, rules and warnings are the only things standing between you and certain death.

Woman Confesses A Wild Story To Her Husband Before Disappearing Without A Trace

How well do you really know the people around you? While you might think you know exactly who can you trust, the truth of the matter is, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, the people we think we know best are actually living a giant lie.

20 On-Screen Friendships That Turned Into The Real Deal After The Cameras Stopped Rolling

When it comes down to it, showbiz is much like any other business. Most actors, even if they’re playing friends or lovers, are usually just work acquaintances when the cameras aren’t rolling. On occasion, they even become enemies!

22 Tried-And-True Parenting Hacks That Are Making Parent's Lives So Much Easier

Kids are a blessing… they just don’t always feel like one! Becoming a parent means doing laundry almost every day, watching Thomas the Tank Engine 600 times, and finding crayons between the couch cushions. You love your children, but sometimes it’d be nice to have a few extra helping hands and a little more you time.

Family Fleeing A Harsh Regime Starts A Groundbreaking New Industry In America

Every family has traditions they pass down through the generations — the way they celebrate a holiday or maybe a dinnertime ritual. It doesn’t matter if they’re 3,000 miles from where those traditions originated, we make sure that they carry on for years to come.

Former Officer On Covert Mission For The Navy Was Trying To Pull Off His Own Ulterior Scheme

The U.S. Navy has a serious mission: serve the country and protect the seas surrounding the United States. Of course, as with all things military, some steps taken to protect the country require secrecy. They have to be handled under cover and out of sight.

Hollywood Sisters Who Are Proof That Talent Runs In The Family

When you think of all the talented people competing to become the next big actor or singer, it’s hard to believe that two people from the same family can become superstars – the odds are just too slim! But at the same time, lightning does strike twice on rare occasions.

20 Freezing Photos That Prove Mother Nature Has No Chill In The Winter

Temperatures plummet, snow falls from the sky in heaps, and ice sprawls across the land. Chestnuts roast on an open fire; Jack Frost nips at your nose. All of this must mean one thing — it’s winter.

Realtor That Enters Elderly Woman's Home Is Taken Aback By The Perplexing Scene Within

A house may just be a building — four  walls with a roof on top, maybe some doors and windows, too — but a home is so much more. It’s your happy place where you return after a long day. It’s where you cook and sleep, laugh and cry, grow and age.

10 Of The Strangest Individuals That Have Ever Existed

Despite abiding by social norms when in public, many of us have our own odd quirks that reveal themselves once we’re alone or with people we really trust. Maybe you talk to yourself in strange voices. Maybe you have a weird food you like to secretly eat. Or maybe, you like to dress up in costumes and dance around your house.

Surprising Guests Show Up At A Chicago High School Unannounced For A Crucial New Mission

When the school intercom calls students into an assembly, they don’t expect anything thrilling. They might hear some safety tips, or maybe some kind of over-hyped motivational speaker screaming about passion and job markets. Of course, there is an exception to every rule.

Soon After King Tut's Tomb Was Unsealed, A Weird Series Of Phenomena Began To Occur

Today, King Tut is a household name — he’s that Egyptian pharaoh you probably learned about in elementary school. He wasn’t always part of curricula, however: for over 3,000 years, the name Tutankhamun was unrecognizable.

Woman Attempting To Visit Notorious Isolated Tribe Risks Her Life To Make Contact

It’s hard to imagine a life of complete seclusion, but there are a few places on the planet that remain untouched by technology and the advances of the modern world. Making contact and understanding the people who choose to live this way has enticed us for centuries. Curiosity, though, can come with risk…

20 Uncanny Patterns In Random Objects That People Stumbled Upon Without Even Trying

Do you ever find faces in inanimate objects — maybe on an electrical socket or even on the moon? If so, you’re probably experiencing pareidolia, a phenomenon where you spot patterns when looking at random objects. Sounds simple enough, but it can actually be very dramatic.

Young Man Finds Jaw-Dropping Secret Hiding Inside His Elderly Neighbor's Home

Moving to a new town is an exciting prospect. You get to immerse yourself in its culture and traditions, and you can even build a new identity for yourself. However, moves aren’t always so grand — every community has demons that it doesn’t advertise in its brochures.

20 Celebrities With Striking Historical Lookalikes That Are Making People Do A Serious Double-Take

Do people ever tell you that you look like a celebrity? You probably have at least one lookalike making a splash on the big screen, especially since so many of us style ourselves after pop culture figures. However, their own looks might not be as original as you think.

20 Breathtaking Photos That Prove The World Is Wilder Than People Suspect

With the cameras on smartphones and tablets reaching near-professional quality, it seems like everyone these days is a photographer. Sure, the 300 likes you got on that photo of a beach sunset may seem impressive, but the folks that make a living turning real moments into genuine art will surely beg to differ.