Airline Ticket Agent Suspects Something Is Off When Two Minors Show Up With Suspicious Tickets

What teenage girl doesn’t have dreams of jetting off to New York City for the weekend to do a few modeling gigs, maybe even appear in a music video or two? It certainly is an alluring proposition, especially when all expenses are paid, including a first class ticket! But when things seem too good to be true, it may be wise to ask, “what’s the catch?”

Reality TV Star Stumbles Upon A Huge Surprise Before Suspecting He May Be Wrapped Up In A Scheme

Forget “X marks the spot.” Treasure maps are more for movie sets than for real life, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t fantastic riches hiding in plain sight. Some might be sitting right off your local highway!

Man Builds Eco-Friendly Dome House In Just Six Weeks And The Cost Was Dirt Cheap

A quiet retreat is all anyone hopes to go home to at the end of a long day, a place to escape the fast-paced lifestyle of monotonous work and same ol’-same-ol’ scenery. Unfortunately, creating a true retreat — a place to relax — usually costs an arm and a leg, right?

20 Hilarious Camping Photos That Prove People Get Pretty Wild In The Great Outdoors

Five-star hotels make for nice, but pretty boring, vacations. For a trip full of surprises and unforgettable moments, you can’t beat camping. You might wind up with a few more mosquito bites, sure, but the great outdoors will provide you with the best stories.

12 People That Lived To Be Over 100 Share The Habits That Kept Them Alive For So Long

Only those who are genetically blessed get to join the centenarians club, and blow out candles on their 100th birthday. Those who are even luckier will enter the super-centenarians club and live beyond 110 years of age. It’s got us thinking… how are these lucky club members doing it?

21 Parents Whose Epic Holiday Pranks Were Way Worse Than Getting Coal As A Present

We all love spending tons of time with family during the holidays, but it’s easy to go a little crazy cooped up with the lot of them when holiday fever’s in full swing. To blow off some steam, nothing works better than pulling a Christmas prank or two.

Strange Structure That Washed Up On Shore Has An Unlikely Origin That Confounded Authorities

Ireland is a magical place. While leprechauns and fairies might not be real, one look at the verdant country and you’ll understand why stories of them run rampant there. People are used to the otherworldly on the Isle of Erin, which is why it’s not surprising it’s a land with a passion for telling stories and solving mysteries.

20 Wild Facts About 'The Godfather' That Even The Biggest Film Buffs Aren't Aware Of

Everybody has their own favorite movie, yet The Godfather always seems to come out near the top of everyone’s list. Director Francis Ford Coppola expertly adapted Mario Puzo’s novel about the Corleone crime family. It opened in 1972 with a huge bada-bing.

20 Fascinating Tribes From Around The World That Live Totally Apart From Modern Society

The beauty of traveling or even checking out some travel photography is being able to explore a world completely different from your own. Sure, we all share the same planet, but that planet contains practically infinite cultures with varying diets, clothing, traditions, and beliefs.

Construction Crew Unearths Missing Link To A Piece Of History That Was Lost For Centuries

Whether you can see it or not, history is everywhere. Each day, you probably step over a treasure from the past without even realizing it! If you don’t believe us, just ask these scientists in Stockholm, Sweden.

20 Behind-The-Scenes Details About 'Bonanza' That Prove It's One Of TV's Most Iconic Shows

We may be in the middle of the Golden Age of Television, but even modern hits can’t compare with the classics. Take, for example, Bonanza. Running from 1959 to 1973, this Western depicted the adventures of the Cartwright family on the Ponderosa Ranch.

10 Unusual Practices From Around The World That Probably Wouldn't Catch On In America

When you think about it, the president pardoning a turkey, Black Friday, and Groundhogs Day are kind of strange, right? Americans have some bizarre traditions, but the truth is that every country has customs that leave foreigners scratching their heads.

Hikers Stumble Upon A Wild New Clue In An Unsolved Plane Crash From 30 Years Earlier

Stories of mystery have served to captivate the masses for centuries, but that’s usually all they ever are: stories. Yet while most people are content to be mystified by tales that seemingly have no end or explanation, there are plenty of others that believe stories like these are far from over.

'American Pickers' Venture Into The Woods Chasing An Original Relic From Music History

American Pickers follows reality stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they travel from state to state buying forgotten Americana. They’ve picked up some incredible historic relics from collectors and hoarders and — for our enjoyment — shared them with their viewers through their TV show.

20 Hidden Details In Iconic Horror Movies That Fans Completely Missed The First Time Through

Horror flicks usually aren’t shy about big reveals. The killer will show his face, the monster will emerge from the shadows — you get the drill. However, a few horror classics go out of their way to hide fascinating details that often go unnoticed for years.

Man Gripped With Fear About Growing Older Figures Out A Bold Way To Control His Own Future

Will we get sick? Will our families be okay? Will we have enough money? Will we end up all alone? It is only human to be scared of the unknown, but those who suffer from anxiety tend to live in a state of fear. The more you worry, the more you get lost in a maze of unpredictable possibilities.

Forgotten TV Shows From The ’80s That’ll Make You Truly Nostalgic For That Era

In the 1980s, media defined popular culture: E.T. was a mega-hit, the moonwalk was all the rage, and the only words that really mattered were “spandex” and “Madonna.” But beneath the big hair and flashy clothing, the true backbone of the ’80s were the TV shows that came to occupy our everyday lives.

20 Weird Facts About Prince Charles That All Fans Of The British Royal Family Need To Know

Despite now serving a largely ceremonial role, the British Royal Family is as popular as ever. Fans still go crazy for Queen Elizabeth, and they’ve gladly welcomed Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle into the fold, too. However, we often neglect the most interesting member of the family.

20 Staggering Details About The Papacy That Prove It's One Of The Wildest Jobs On The Planet

The pope, the supreme pontiff, the Bishop of Rome. Whatever you call him, the titles all mean the same thing: he’s the head of the Catholic Church. It makes sense that he would embody all of the goodwill, compassion, and politicking that comes with such a title.

These Superfoods Will Improve Your Life In More Ways Than One

Walk through the supermarket and nearly every product makes some bold claim about what it can do for you. Crackers promise to maybe lower cholesterol, and a grain’s packaging will proclaim it to be the best replacement for insert commonly eaten food here. Do any products at the store actually tell the truth?

New Mars Probe Has An Important Mission That Could Determine The Future Of Space Exploration

Why bother learning about outer space? It’s a question we ask ourselves from time to time, and yet our natural curiosity about the universe usually answers it for us. Everything beyond Earth may be one big mystery, but we’re getting closer to cracking it every day.

People Are Sending Dolls To A Peculiar Location That Performs The Weirdest Service Imaginable

Everybody had a favorite childhood possession — a love-worn teddy bear or a special blanket. Even well into adulthood, these items hold a lot of personal meaning, maybe more than people care to admit. But is there any place where old mementos like these are still treasured?

20 Brilliant Tricks People Swear By To Help Organize Their Chaotic Lives

Your house is a mess. You can’t find your keys, your plants keep dying, and your toothpaste won’t come out of the tube. Starting your morning with these annoyances is enough to drive anyone insane — life’s pesky problems can add up until they feel like something huge.

How The White House Christmas Traditions Have Changed Over The Last Hundred Years

With all the activity inside the White House on any given day, it’s hard for the First Family to get really excited. Famous dignitaries visit. Leaders make decisions that affect the entire world. These extraordinary events become pretty ordinary after a while.

Remote Chinese Village Has One Wild Custom That Doesn't Exist Elsewhere In The World

We think we’ve explored just about every corner of the world. But while there may be no land left uncharted, there are plenty of cultures with which we are not at all familiar. This certainly is the case with a community in Szechuan, China.