20 Actresses That Totally Transformed The Way They Look For A Big Part

When thinking of Hollywood actors, most people envision attractive people in expensive, stylish clothes, walking the red carpet while having their pictures taken for the tabloids. While we all love to stare at pretty faces and fancy wardrobe choices, it’s often the peculiarities, the unusual looks, and the unexpected personalities that make a character truly stand out.

Man Trying To Escape Wildfires As His Truck Melts Makes A Tough Decision Few Other People Would

In 2018, California suffered devastation when raging wildfires claimed millions of acres of forests, residences, and business complexes. Death tolls rose as people around the world wondered if authorities would ever get the flames under control.

Wealthy Student's Spending Spree Leads To Questions Before Cops Uncover Her Real Source Of Income

Imagine you suddenly came into a windfall of money and were able to buy whatever you wanted. You could finally take that trip to Ibiza you’ve always wanted while wearing that outfit you could never afford. Of course, you’d have to show off your new status all over social media.

20 Awe-Inspiring Buildings That Look Like They Were Dreamed Up In A Different Universe

If you were asked to draw a house, chances are you’d draw something pretty simple. Four walls, a door, some windows, and a pointed roof — what else does a person really need? But our homes and offices are so much more than just the places where we eat, sleep, work, and play. They’re expressions of who we really are (or at least, they should be)!

Bizarre-But-True Tales From The Set Of Titanic That Have Finally Come To The Surface

Whether you’re watching Titanic for the first time or the tenth time, you probably cried when “My Heart Will Go On” played over the end credits. That’s because the film is not only visually stunning and historically truthful, but it tells an unforgettable love story sure to leave an impact on your heart, too.

Man Uncovers His Father's Tumultuous Past Life Due To An Unusual 80-Year-Old Memento

Those who compile family trees or take DNA tests are looking for more than just hobbies. They’re searching for a connection to the past, something to provide a firmer sense of identity. In rare cases, they make discoveries that reshape their entire conceptions of their families.

When Two Women Loved The Same Man Their Love Triangle Spun Completely Out Of Control

Love is a beautiful word and a wonderful sentiment, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy or straightforward. Just look at the couple whose parents never let them get married because of their differing religious beliefs, or the man who pined over his married female friend. Relationships are complicated, and we have love to blame for it.

20 Wild Purchases That Celebrities Splurged On After Their First Big Paychecks

What would you do if you suddenly got a million dollars? Maybe you would spend it all at once on a private jet, or maybe you’d save it for a rainy day. Either way, this question is just a fantasy for most of us, though it becomes a very real issue for stars who land their big breaks.

20 Genius Inventions That Look Like They Were Plucked From The Future

Is the future here yet? Well, we’re definitely not living like The Jetsons — we still have a ways to go before we perfect flying cars and teleportation — but that doesn’t mean radically cool and futuristic inventions aren’t hitting the shelves every day.

Strange Objects Spotted From Space Could Change Our Understanding Of Human History

When the satellites that orbit Earth scan our planet, they’re able to locate underwater landmasses and other hidden formations that are invisible to the human eye. Even from miles above our planet’s surface, these high tech-metal masses can detect the smallest nooks and crannies.

Here's A Look Inside America's Most Haunted Hotel

Are you the kind of person who enjoys a good scare? A lot of people seek out the chance to see a ghost or experience some kind of paranormal phenomena, and there’s no better place to do that than a century-old hotel so spooky it inspired a critically-acclaimed horror movie.

20 Christmas Decorations That Take Laziness To An Entirely New Level

One of the best parts of the holidays starts weeks before the actual celebrations — decorating. Some decorate a tree, some light the menorah, and others may simply put up festive lights to bring some cheer into the dark days. No matter what your style is, with a little effort, you can turn your home into a place of festivity.

20 Super-Creative Hacks That Are Helping People Work Around The Rules Of Everyday Life

From the moment you open your eyes in the morning until your head hits the pillow at night, there are a million things that need to get done. Sometimes it can leave a person dreaming in vain of getting a 25th hour added to their day.

20 Genius Cooking Tricks That Will Make Any Person Look Like A Pro In The Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, we can’t all cook like Wolfgang Puck. Sure, some folks can blanch, sweat, mince, and confit their way to a delicious dish, but what about the rest of us? There have to be some shortcuts that’ll add razzle-dazzle to our kitchen skills with ease, right?

The 20 Most Iconic Duos To Ever Grace Our Movie Screens

Plenty of films have thrilling set pieces or cool special effects. However, memorable characters really determine whether or not a movie stands the test of time. And, as the old age says, two heads are better than one.

Man's Bad Dream Inspires Him To Begin Construction On A Project Of Literally Biblical Proportions

Has a dream ever given you a crazy idea? Maybe, drawing on something locked away in your subconscious, a dream inspired you to write a song or mend a long-dead relationship. Most of us who have these midnight moments of inspiration never act on them — but Johan Huibers did.

19 Pictures Of People Who Missed The Mark When It Came To Their Gingerbread Houses

There’s nothing like bonding crunchy graham cracker walls together with colored icing, and then decorating it with candy canes and squishy gum drops. When done correctly, a gingerbread house can look so inviting you wish you could shrink down in size and live there yourself.

Two Men Fed Up With An Oppressive Government Hatched A Wild Escape Plan

History is marked by great feats of courage, but few are more significant than those undertaken to protect the ones we care about. Even in the face of imminent danger, men and women throughout time have put their lives on the line to ensure that no harm would come to those they love.

Young Fan That Writes Courageous Letter To Her Favorite NBA Star Receives Wild Message In Return

Should you ever meet your heroes? You expose yourself to real disappointment when someone turns out to be a totally different person than you thought, but a chance connection with a star can pay dividends. Just ask Riley Morrison.

Man Walks Out On His Old Life To Travel The Country With An Unlikely Companion At His Side

Wanderlust: a strong desire to travel, to break out of one’s mold, to explore not only new places but new ways to be. We all get it from time to time, whether it’s after we see a captivating photograph of nature or hear stories about our friends’ recent vacations.

Divers Off Resort Town Coast Uncover The Most Important Archaeological Artifact Of The Century

The city of Cascais is a vacationer’s dream. Located on Portugal’s coast and just west of Lisbon, the city boasts casinos, sandy beaches, scenic seaside cliffs, and natural parks filled with brilliant sand dunes. But Cascais is more than just a luxurious travel destination.

Real-Life 'Tomb Raider' Uncovers A Site Unlike Any She's Ever Encountered

Lara Croft and Indiana Jones are works of fiction, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t real adventurers out there. Explorers are uncovering hidden or forgotten secrets all the time, and their discoveries often pack just as much drama as those in the movies.

Post-Apocalyptic Scene In The Desert Is Drawing People In From All Over The World

There are festivals, and then there are festivals. At your typical music event, you can shell out a ton of money and wait in long lines to see your favorite bands — plus a few that aren’t favorites. But if you look a little bit harder, you can find fests that seem out of this world.

Outdoor Advertising So Creative It Blew The Socks Off Everyone Who Saw It

Trying to get a lifelong user of Colgate toothpaste to give up their precious teeth cleaner and switch to Crest takes a heck of a lot of effort. That’s why the people who work in advertising have to really think outside of the box — and why they’re so darn smart!

Hard-To-Reach Island Off New York City Coast Is Rumored To Be Haunted Due To Its Storied Past

There’s a reason people from all over the world flock to New York City: the people, the careers, and the general “buzz” of the streets make it a place like no other. But the city of lights hides a bit of darkness, too.