Strange Mediterranean Island Could Hold The Real Secret Of Noah's Ark

A great flood, big boat, and pairs of animals… sound familiar? As the story of Noah’s Ark is known biblically, proof of its historical accuracy has been strictly faith-based, until historians recently analyzed an ancient clue.

New Town Pops Up Almost Overnight With A Shadowy Mission The Government Tried To Keep Quiet

Governments have to keep a certain level of secrecy about their inner workings — and it makes sense. If the public was privy to every action that occurred behind closed doors, not only could it cause potential panic, but warring nations would suddenly have dangerous information at their disposal.

New Discovery On Easter Island Unearths An Old Misconception

You might recognize Easter Island as home to all those large, carved stone heads. Maybe you’re even familiar with some of the mystery that surrounds the island itself. Historians have held on to the belief that we know a thing or two about the puzzling past of this place, until recently when we dug a little deeper.

Man Buys Old School Bus To Finally Fulfill His Childhood Dream

When people imagine their dream home, most picture a mansion, a penthouse, a cottage or a ranch. But a certain man from Texas had a totally different vision. Rather than buying a house, he wanted to build one, and when you don’t have a large budget, you’ve got to get creative.

20 Cool Hacks That Prove A Kitchen Sponge Can Do Way More Than The Dishes

Sponges are one of the most useful cleaning tools around the house. Whether you’re scraping food from a dinner plate or mold clinging to a porcelain tub, they get the job done! Yet, for all their uses, no one’s hopping out of bed to see the Sponge Expo down at the convention center…right?

17 Secret Facts About The White House That Only True Patriots Know

Whether you’re from America or not, chances are you know a thing or two about the White House. It’s big, it’s white, and it’s the home of the President of the United States. What else is there? As it turns out, a 200-year-old house that’s seen some of history’s most powerful figures walk through its doors may hold more secrets than you think.

What This Guy Builds With His Bare Hands Has Everyone In Awe

Buying a house is a serious commitment, and to make matters worse, it’s super stressful. It’s such a hassle that it may leave you feeling like you’ll never find the perfect home. Hidden fees, outdated appliances, wrong neighborhood — it’s no wonder so many people wish they could just build their own perfect home. 

20 Of The Strangest Jobs Around That People Actually Make Money At

Not everybody can land their dream job — there are only so many openings for astronauts and pro athletes out there, after all. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend your entire career inside a cubicle.

Friends Break Into An Old Rock Star's Abandoned Mansion And Learn It's Not Empty

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but most of the other curious minds out there seem to be doing just fine. It’s only natural to want to explore the unknown, even if it means breaking a few rules to get there. After all, what harm could a little good-natured mischief really do?

10 Eerie Photos Taken Just Before It All Went Off The Rails

Today, we’re saturated with mundane yet pleasant photos. Pictures of breakfast, babies, or super-fit athletes probably pepper your social media pages, and once you’ve scrolled past that, you see the same old memes.

Symbols Used By Hobos Relay Secret Messages Across Generations

Everyone’s familiar with hobos — nomads who moved from town to town looking for work. But few are familiar with the finer points of being a hobo. For example, do you know how hobos helped each other out in the days before web forums and text messaging?

Cold Case Takes A Wild Turn After New Tip Leads Investigators To The Desert

The human spirit craves adventure, and those brave enough to journey beyond the comforts of mainstream society to experience the natural world are often rewarded with memories that last a lifetime. Sometimes, however, these risks may prove to be far too great, and the results can be deadly.

Son Tells Dad About His Dream So Dad Goes Downstairs And Picks Up A Hammer

When you’re a kid, your bedroom is important. After all, in a world usually controlled by grownups, it’s the one place that you can make entirely your own. That’s why these two dads went all out to make their kid’s beds — and bedrooms — special.

Explorers Found Mysterious Cave In Woods With Unexpected Contents

Caves have long been a source of mystery to mankind. Countless men and women have explored their depths in the hopes of finding treasure, or just for sheer adventure! Most of these trips require a map to lead thrill seekers inside, however, getting out can be just as important.

Man Takes His Metal Detector To The Woods And What He Finds Leaves Him With More Questions

Most people don’t consider men and women combing fields with metal detectors to be even remotely in the same league as, say, Indiana Jones. Although these enthusiasts may not crack a whip quite like Harrison Ford, the treasures they unearth would put even the great Dr. Jones to shame.

When This Famous Paraglider Was Sucked Into A Huge Storm, She Needed A Miracle

Picture yourself floating thousands of feet above the ground. For most people, that image is enough to induce a full-on panic attack. For certain adrenaline junkies, however, there’s nothing better. While it may sound dangerous, modern equipment makes it pretty safe — most of the time…

Guy Leaves A Note On A Stranger's Van That Ends Up Changing His Life

A car is more than just a way to get around. It’s a statement, a reflection of the driver’s personality and ambitions. Unfortunately, we can’t always get our hands on the perfect vehicle. Sometimes it’s too expensive, or just plain unavailable.

10 Fascinating Cases Of People That Created Multiple Personalities They Couldn't Control

Modern science has given doctors and researchers the ability to shed light on some of the world’s most intriguing medical disorders. Even though we have cures for many ailments, there are still some things that have even the experts baffled.

Archaeologists Uncover Object That Unlocks Lost Past Of Ancient Culture

Before the advent of science, many cultures had legends and rituals to explain the inexplicable. But just because there are concrete scientific explanations for many ancient beliefs, that doesn’t mean that there still aren’t mysteries to be solved.

Little Boy Uncovers A Big Piece Of History While Playing In His Backyard

Listening to your grandparents embellish stories is half the fun of growing up. Trying to determine which ones are legit and which might be bending the truth creates plenty of time for family bonding. But, one Danish boy heard a story from his grandfather he just knew wasn’t true.

20 Times People Uncovered Strange Objects Left Behind By Their Homes' Previous Owners

When you move into a new home or take over an empty retail space, you might expect that the previous owner removed any trace of their existence. But the people who took over rooms in these buildings found that’s not always the case…

Concealed Passage In One Of The Founding Fathers' Homes Leads Investigators To A Staggering Sight

The life and accomplishments of Thomas Jefferson are an essential part of American history and provide valuable insight into the early days of the United States. But while most people know Jefferson for his time in the White House, his life at his Virginia residence is what truly defines this legendary figure.

14 Peeled Objects That Are Completely Unrecognizable

If you think hard about it, for fruits and berries, peels are like clothes. They cover up all the soft, fleshy, and indecent bits. Perhaps as a sign of respect for the sturdy base of the food pyramid, we don’t often peak beneath their protective layer.

Woman That Survives Her SUV Plunging Off A Cliff Needs A Miracle Before Time Runs Out

It’s so easy for us to take our safety for granted. From texting while walking down the street, to getting behind the wheel of the car, we rarely realize the danger lurking behind everyday activities. Disasters don’t happen often, but when they do, they strike like lightning.

Neighbors Outraged At Dad's Backyard Project Are Calling Him Brilliant Now That It's Finished

It’s no secret that parents will go the extra mile for their children. They want to give them everything they never had growing up. So whether the kids want a swing set, a trampoline, or even a sandbox in the backyard, moms and dads will always do their best to provide!