Farmer Knocks Over A Stone And Uncovers The Hidden Entrance To A Thousand-Year-Old Secret

Like the rest of its European compatriots, Scotland is steeped with a colorful, complex history. And no, it isn’t all just the brutal head-lopping found in Bravehart—though there is a great deal of war in the country’s rearview mirror.

10 Of The Weirdest Things Ever Discovered By Airport Security

Everyone knows just what a pain it is to have to go to the airport. You wait in endless lines and it can feel like almost nothing you pack is actually allowed on the airplane anymore.

China's New 'God Of War' Statue Is Unlike Anything They've Ever Built Before

Over the past century, China has become known for its towering skyscrapers that make for an impressive skyline. These gigantic buildings draw tourists from all around the world and offer them the chance to see architectural beauty up close.

Massive City Is 6 Times The Size Of New York But Almost No One Goes Inside It

In most countries, big cities are where the action is. England is known for the theaters, towers, and bridges of London, while anyone stopping by Japan has to experience the electric atmosphere in Tokyo for at least a day.

Crazy Video Reveals What Really Happens When People Try To Pour Water Over The Hoover Dam

Visually stunning and often fantastically engineered, dams are proof that man can indeed tame nature. By controlling the flow of water, cities are able to generate electricity and effectively manage resources.

Here Are The Most Secure Places To Wait Out A Zombie Apocalypse

When it comes to supernatural threats, it doesn’t get much scarier than zombies. Sure, they might not be particularly smart or agile, but their relentless hunger for braaaains is enough to send a shiver down anyone’s spine.

What's Hiding Inside This Old German Air Hangar Is The Last Thing Anyone Would Expect

If you plan a trip to the central European nation of Germany, you’re certainly not expecting to see any pristine tropical beaches or picturesque waves. You’d have to visit a locale closer to the equator if you’re seeking that kind of vacation. Or would you?

Anyone Can Buy This Huge Mansion For Just $137K, But The Location Makes Most Think Twice

A mansion always tops the list of things any of us would love to own in our lifetimes. We like to picture what our lives would be like if we went home every day to living quarters that felt like a castle.

Massive Hole In The Rock Leads Farmer To A Discovery That Stuns The Entire World

We all have a list of places that we would like to visit in our lifetime. For many, this includes traveling to Egypt to visit the Great Pyramids or to China to see the Great Wall.

These Are America's 10 Most Dangerous Highways

There are some roads you can drive with your eyes closed. You know the exact degree of every turn and where that stop sign hides behind the overgrown hedge. In fact, you know them so well that driving them is a breeze.

Passenger Jet Pulls Off A Stunning Landing After Navigating 3 Tornadoes

When it comes to travel, it doesn’t get any faster than flying. However, if you’re one of the nearly 1 in 3 people in the United States who is afraid of flying, it can be a real trial on your nerves.

The Government Will Actually Pay People To Live In This Bizarre Ghost Town

If you still haven’t booked your summer vacation, you might want to check out this great government-sponsored volunteer position in the historic town of Garnet, Montana.

This May Be The Most Epic Water Slide In Existence

When the mercury starts to rise, everyone likes to head to an oasis to cool off. Whether that means getting to a lake, a pool, or the beach, the occasional refreshing dip is essential for surviving the hot months.

23 Of The Weirdest Photos Ever Snapped On Public Transportation During Rush Hour

More often than not, working in a metropolitan area means taking public transit to work every day. It’s tough to adjust to, however, and bus and train commutes can really sap your energy.

15 Forbidden Places Where People Broke The Rules To Snap The Perfect Photo

Whenever we travel, we’re sure to collect memories of our adventures. One of the most common ways we do this is by taking photographs of the different places we’ve visited.

The 'Plain Of Jars' In Laos Is One Of Most Mysterious Places On Earth

Structural man-made marvels can be found all over the world. Visit any city or landmark, and you’ll see a plethora of architecture that’s as fascinating as it is impressive.

12 Mind-Blowing Pictures Of Rush Hour Commutes From All Over The World

Driving a car can feel incredibly liberating. There’s nothing quite like hopping into a vehicle and hitting the open road or even going for a relaxing cruise around town.

Italy Is Giving Away 100 Castles For Free But There's One Little Catch

Is there any place more romantic than the Italian countryside? Even if you’ve never had a chance to travel to Europe, the sun-drenched hills and Tuscan sun are something everyone has dreamed about at one point or another.

Here Is The Weirdest Roadside Attraction In Every U.S. State

The yearning to take road trips are practically inherent in every American. Is there anything more patriotic than packing up your car, blasting the radio, and taking a drive through those amber waves of grain out West?

The 10 Smallest Countries In The World That Most People Don't Realize Exist

Officially, there are more than 200 countries in the world. Even if many of them are not nearly as large as massive nations like China, Russia, or the United States, you’re probably at least vaguely familiar with most of them, or at least, you can recognize them by name.

Nanny Job That Pays $64K A Year Has One Little Terrifying Catch

Getting paid the big bucks to be a live-in nanny sounds like it could be a cushy gig… in the right circumstances. Not having to commute or pay rent sounds pretty sweet, right?

Normal-Looking River Reveals A Hidden Secret Whenever There's A Drought

Learning about human history is a humbling experience. Not only because of the amazing things we uncover, but because we’re constantly confronted with how little we really know about foreign cultures.

Teenagers Found Lost In The Paris Catacombs Tell Officials A Horrifying Story

Sometimes, it’s exciting to do things you’re not supposed to. This is especially true for teenagers, when getting into a little bit of trouble every now and then is just part of stretching your wings.

This Pennsylvania Town Used To Be A Wonderful Place To Live Until Everyone Left Overnight

America might be a relatively young country, but it’s already accumulated plenty of strange history across its vast expanse. Some of the most bizarre stories on the entire planet, in fact, originate from right here in the USA.

Normal-Looking Park Undergoes An Incredible Transformation When The Seasons Change

For many people, the ocean is generally considered to be the planet’s last true final frontier. More than just a repository for sunken ships, hidden treasure, and sharp-toothed leviathans, the ocean’s depths are still mostly unexplored by man—and thus all the more mysterious.