12-Year-Old Girl Outsmarts A Criminal With A Brilliant Scheme That Saves Her Sister's Life

When you’re thrust into a deadly situation, your flight instinct might take over. Just run away, hide, and maybe the whole thing will disappear. But sometimes, the most unlikely people stand their ground.

20 Hygiene Tips And Remedies From The Past That Will Have Modern People Sick To Their Stomachs

Over the last few hundred years, we’ve learned a thing or two about our world that previous generations were completely clueless about. While some of their beliefs were harmlessly misguided, there were other “old fashioned” practices that actually posed a serious threat to those who performed them.

The World's First Surviving Septuplets Are All Grown Up And Out On Their Own 20 Years Later

As any parent can tell you, having a baby is no walk in the park. However, that doesn’t stop the average family from doing it about two-and-a-half times. There’s no doubt that it’s an incomparably rewarding experience, albeit a lot of hard work.

20 Hilarious Times That Bakers Messed Up Cakes For Special Events In Spectacular Fashion

Cakes are often the centerpiece of any party. When nestled between the chips and salsa, colorful cakes let everyone in the room know there’s a big event coming —something to stick around for. But not all cakes send the same message.

Rich Businessman That Shares A Tomb With Marilyn Monroe Had A Weird Request For His Burial

The passing of a loved one is always a difficult thing to experience. It’s comforting to know that, in their final days, our loved ones have expressed to us their wishes regarding their final resting place. Whatever it might be, we honor them.

City Of Cleveland's Attempt To Break A World Record Quickly Ends In An Unforeseen Calamity

Marketing a city is a tall task. Leadership must highlight all the city offers travelers while showing those looking to relocate that they can make a buck and raise a family. So, in 1986, one city conducted an eye-catching publicity stunt.

20 People Share Hysterical Vacation Photos From Disastrous Trips They Lived To Regret

To the overworked and over-stressed, nothing sounds better than a vacation. After all, lounging at the free continental breakfast always beats rushing out the door—protein bar in hand—to make the first of many meetings at the office…right?

15 Wild Stories Of Twins Separated At Birth That Managed To Track Each Other Down Later In Life

Have you ever wondered, just for fun, if you have a long-lost twin somewhere out there? Those odds probably aren’t in your favor, but it does happen every once in a blue moon.

21 Iconic Locations From Fictional Works That People Can Now Actually Visit In Real Life

For many fans, their favorite stories live between the lines of a page or behind the glow of the silver screen. The only way to enter their favorite world is to pick up a book or take a trip to the movies. But for some of these stories, there is a way to relive the tale in real life.

19 Wild Situations That Really Happened On 'American Pickers' That Most Fans Aren't Aware Of

Somehow, the History Channel’s American Pickers charmed the world. Viewers saw hosts Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe travel the United States, buying forgotten and stored-away Americana from collectors and hoarders alike… but viewers didn’t see everything.

20 Celebrities That Were Present For Momentous Events That Changed The Course Of History

Most of us only get to read about history, not be a part of it. At the right place and time, however, even the most ordinary individual can shape the course of human existence.

Trap Door In Motel Room Leads To Criminal Underworld That Was Under Cops' Noses All Along

No one expects a whole lot from a 2-star hotel. Guests just want low prices, a clean room with a door that locks, and maybe a pot of hot coffee in the lobby. Still, residents of a small California town were shocked at the intricate goings-on at a cheap, local hotel.

21 Unmistakable Houses From Beloved TV Shows And Films That People Can Actually Visit

In many cases, the most important character in a movie or show is the setting. That’s why directors take such great care in finding the perfect locations for their projects, and their choices have transformed anonymous buildings into iconic cultural sites.

Unsuspecting Man Finally Uncovers The Dark Reality About His Past 35 Years After His Adoption

Like it or not, our past is one of the most important factors in shaping who we are as people. Even as adults, we often find ourselves drawing on memories and past experiences to understand the world around us.

Park Bench Keeps Getting Broken In The Night So Officials Set Up A Camera And Wait

Nature is full of surprises. No matter how knowledgeable you are about the natural world, and no matter how much of it you think you’ve seen, it can always throw a curveball your way.

20 Ridiculous Photos Of Dumb Drivers That Shouldn't Be Allowed On The Roads At All

Driving is dangerous. Just think of all the thousands of stressed-out, wound up people trying to control two-ton metal machines at dangerously high speeds! So you would think drivers do everything possible to keep their fellow humans safe, right?

20 Hilarious Times People Didn't Think It Through And Faced Disastrous Consequences

People who forget things often find themselves in awkward or embarrassing situations. But as forgetful as some people may be, there are times when even they have to laugh at the predicaments they’ve unintentionally gotten themselves into.

Woman Comes 'Back To Life' To Save The Man On Trial For Her Homicide Years Earlier

Real criminal trials aren’t like the movies. Defense attorneys don’t announce last-second, client-saving evidence just before the jury reads the verdict. But in 2003, one murder trial gave even the craziest courtroom dramas a run for their money.

20 Science Fiction-Inspired Technologies That Have Changed Our World In Immeasurable Ways

In this golden age of technology, it seems like new breakthroughs and advancements are being made every day. While some of these innovations are completely unique to their creators, many of the gadgets and devices we use daily were inspired by works of fiction.

Dog That Refuses To Stop Biting His Owner Winds Up Saving Her Life

Adding a new dog to the family can be a scary prospect. High food costs, veterinary expenses, and the pooch’s off-the-charts energy can make pet ownership quite a handful. Look no further than a family from Vancouver, Washington, for proof.

20 Strange Objects People Came Across That Left Them With So Many Unanswered Questions

No one can keep track of every single thing in their attic or backyard. You’re bound to come across a mystery hiding in your own home sooner or later. The real challenge is figuring out exactly what the heck you’re dealing with, especially when it’s really weird.

Heartbreaking Story Of 'Man In The Hole' Living Alone In The Amazon Rainforest For Over 20 Years

It’s nearly impossible for us to imagine being disconnected from society. With the push of a button, we can interact with people on the opposite side of the globe. Yet remarkably, there are still a number of individuals who remain disconnected from the outside world.

Russian Boy Claiming He's From Mars Issues Apocalyptic Warning That Makes Experts Uneasy

We’ve all wondered about life on other planets. It’s easy to think about the unending vastness of space above us and feel like there just has to be someone or something else living out there, but we usually label these thoughts as science fiction.

Weird Satellite-Like Mass Orbiting Earth Has Scientist Perplexed About Its Real Origins

Whenever a situation is shrouded in mystery, it’s only a matter of time before people begin spewing conspiracy theories. The terrorist attacks on September 11, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and even NASA’s moon landing are all ripe with conspiracies.

The Weirdest Objects People Ever Found Hidden Inside The Walls Of Their House

Moving into a new house or apartment is an experience often accompanied by the excitement of making an unfamiliar place feel like home. Yet no matter how many pictures we hang, the previous residents of the space seem to always linger in the scuffs on the wall. Or, perhaps, in the spaces behind the wall.