Richard Branson Dove Into A Massive Sinkhole And Uncovered A Wild Fact About Humanity

With so many hotly debated issues circulating the media, it’s no surprise that many of the smaller voices – even those advocating for the biggest of issues – tend to be drowned out by those who have just a bit more pull. A thousand people crying out is enough to get the world talking, but all it takes is one major voice to really make them listen.

20 Iconic Women From The 1960s Whose Work Still Keeps Them In The Spotlight

They say good looks fade but a good personality lasts a lifetime. While the latter can certainly be true, the first is a rather cynical take on beauty. Nobody knows this better than women whose looks once made them famous: as years go by, these women may age and their beauty changes, but it doesn’t fade.

Celebrity Couples Who Keep The Magic Alive 20 Years And Counting

Social media keeps us clued into the latest hookups between — and seemingly immediate breakups of — the young and famous. There’s much less focus on the Hollywood love stories that quietly flourish and unfold over years of careful tending.

Elderly Man Plans A Heartwarming Gesture That Catches His Neighbors Way Off Guard

Many of us live day to day without chatting up a stranger, expanding our list of hobbies, or going out of our way to provide a kind act for the people we know. Then there are the ever-enthusiastic, ever-friendly, ever-spontaneous people who dare to leap — those who welcome new people into their lives, and who go the extra mile to put a smile on someone’s face.

20 Odd Photos That Leave People With So Many Burning Questions But Few Answers

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what if a thousand words isn’t enough? Sure, photographs can tell stories, but sometimes, the stories they tell leave us with more questions than they do answers!

Parents Whose Daughter Isn't Texting Back Get A Call That Sends Them Straight To Police

It’s never easy for parents to let a child leave the nest, but it becomes even more difficult when that child moves farther than you expected. Having a child a plane ride away is enough to make any parent nervous, but at the end of the day, any fears we have about their safety or well-being are unfounded — well, most of the time.

25 Public Transportation Sights That Prove Commuting Every Day Is No Joke

When you don’t have access to a car, you have to rely on public transportation. This means dealing with all of the other people traveling from home to work and back again. Of course, with so many work-exhausted people together in tight spaces, you’re bound to be in for a surprise sometimes.

Tribe That's Been Isolated For 60,000 Years Takes Extreme Measures To Keep Visitors Away

If someones tells you not to do something there’s a good chance you’re probably going to do it anyway. Most of the time these restrictions are put in place just to stop people from having fun. Sometimes, though, rules and warnings are the only things standing between you and certain death.

19 Embarrassing Errors In Classic Animated Films That Somehow Made It Through Production

Making a movie is no easy feat, and that goes double when the movie is an animated feature. Making cartoons and computer graphics move around and express themselves like real people requires a ton of people craning their necks for long hours at computer screens.

20 On-Screen Friendships That Turned Into The Real Deal After The Cameras Stopped Rolling

When it comes down to it, showbiz is much like any other business. Most actors, even if they’re playing friends or lovers, are usually just work acquaintances when the cameras aren’t rolling. On occasion, they even become enemies!

Actor's Life Takes Wild Turn After Learning A Side Job Had Unforeseen Repercussions

The road to fame and fortune isn’t as glamorous as the silver screen often makes it appear. To make it big as a Hollywood star, you’ve got to adopt a can-do attitude — no job is too small, and no task too unusual.

20 Hollywood Icons That Still Haven't Won An Academy Award After Years Of Legendary Work

When Oscar season comes around, stars and fans alike are abuzz. They want to see who will snag that little golden statue of honor, what film beat out the rest to be “The Best,” and even just who glammed the most on the red carpet. But even with all that flash and flare, for some actors, that desirable golden statue has been elusive for years.

22 'Married... With Children' Facts That Even The Biggest Al Bundy Fans Don't Know

For a few decades, love and marriage really did go together like a horse and carriage when it came to sitcoms. Loving parents fostered tight-knit families that reflected the very best parts of their audiences, like, you know, respect for one another. Then in 1987, Fox’s Married… With Children came along,

20 People That Walked Off The Plane To Epic Receptions From Their Friends And Family

Air travel is so stressful. You’ve got to deal with packed crowds, long security lines, and ever-changing flight schedules. Wouldn’t it be nice to just fit in a laugh or two somewhere along the journey?

Hollywood Sisters Who Are Proof That Talent Runs In The Family

When you think of all the talented people competing to become the next big actor or singer, it’s hard to believe that two people from the same family can become superstars – the odds are just too slim! But at the same time, lightning does strike twice on rare occasions.

20 Hilarious Times That Huge Celebrities Jumped Into Ordinary People's Photos Just For Laughs

Celebrities really are just like us. They walk like us, talk like us — they even photobomb like us! Most people imagine timidly approaching a star to ask for a picture, but sometimes the stars themselves make that bold first move. And for those lucky people, there’s no need to beg a celebrity for a photo.

Woman Attempting To Visit Notorious Isolated Tribe Risks Her Life To Make Contact

It’s hard to imagine a life of complete seclusion, but there are a few places on the planet that remain untouched by technology and the advances of the modern world. Making contact and understanding the people who choose to live this way has enticed us for centuries. Curiosity, though, can come with risk…

20 Uncanny Patterns In Random Objects That People Stumbled Upon Without Even Trying

Do you ever find faces in inanimate objects — maybe on an electrical socket or even on the moon? If so, you’re probably experiencing pareidolia, a phenomenon where you spot patterns when looking at random objects. Sounds simple enough, but it can actually be very dramatic.

20 Pregnancy Announcements That Are Making People Laugh

Finding out that you’re going to be a parent is often one of those jump-for-joy moments in life, and announcing the news to the world oughtta be special. Yes, in the age of social media, the development warrants more than just a stack of drab letters sent out in the mail. It deserves a big show.

20 Little-Known Facts About 'Scooby Doo' That Are Making People Rethink Their Whole Childhood

For 50 years, the cowardly and perpetually hungry Scooby-Doo has graced televisions across the planet, solving paranormal mysteries. The Great Dane with the world’s most adorable speech impediment has been the star of twelve different series, multiple films, and two live-action movies.

10 Child Actors From Classic Holiday Movies Whose Lives Took Wild Turns After Leaving The Spotlight

Curling up on the couch, a cup of cocoa in hand, and becoming deeply engrossed in a classic holiday movie is one of the most treasured traditions of the season. We’ve all watched the classics a million times, but the familiarity of the stories, and the beloved characters, just like old friends, provide the comfort of home.

Friends Lost For Days Were Forced To Take Extreme Measures To Survive

Anyone who has spent time living in a rural area knows that part of small-town life is making your own fun. When everyone knows everyone, it’s easy to feel a little claustrophobic, and the idea of taking off to somewhere, anywhere new, is enticing.

20 Celebrities With Striking Historical Lookalikes That Are Making People Do A Serious Double-Take

Do people ever tell you that you look like a celebrity? You probably have at least one lookalike making a splash on the big screen, especially since so many of us style ourselves after pop culture figures. However, their own looks might not be as original as you think.

Beloved Star Of Iconic 80s Films Was Leading A Wild Life That Fans Weren't Aware Of

It’s easy to believe that all Hollywood stars live charmed lives. In many cases, you’ll find that your favorite actors and actresses enjoy the same level of success in their personal lives as they do on the big screen. Most stars are usually able to handle the trials and tribulations of fame, but there have been plenty of others who let it all go to their head.

Hollywood Housekeepers Spill The Beans On Celebrities' Weird Behaviors Behind Closed Doors

The reason we are so often fascinated with celebrities is because they’re actually just like us, but with more obvious quirks and more money to spend. The difference between them and us? All of that money and all of that fame means they can be as weird as they want to be…when no one is looking!