20 Stories From American History That Many People Are Staggered To Learn Aren't Real At All

As kids, we dressed up as cowboys, watched Pocahontas, pretended we were pirates, and learned about Christopher Columbus. These were fun ways to engage with America and her history, right? Except, much like the tooth fairy, not everything we learned about the U.S. of A’s past is true.

Preschool Sweethearts Lose Touch For Over 10 Years Before Fate Decides To Step In

Remember the first time some little boy tugged on your pigtails? How about the first time you passed someone a note asking if they like liked you? Childhood crushes are a huge part of growing up, but usually, that’s all they are: crushes that fade with the passing of time.

People From All Over Are Flocking To An Ancient Spot Located Deep Under Poland

If you were to make a bucket list of European landmarks to visit, you’d likely include the classics: Wander the sprawling Gardens of Versailles in France. In London, climb the thousands of steps to the top of Big Ben. Tilt your head and take a silly picture at the Tower of Pisa.

Fashion Icon Calvin Klein Paid A High Price For His Fame That Almost No One Remembers Today

The spotlight that superstar status brings isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, all that attention is great for an ego boost, but leaving yourself at the mercy of the public can sometimes have unexpected consequences — or even make you a target.

20 Eye-Opening Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Macy's Famous Thanksgiving Day Parade

Smells of turkey baking in the oven fill your nose, and your mouth waters at the sight of stuffing on the stove top. Then, almost magically, you hear the sounds of New York City marching bands coming from the television. It’s Thanksgiving morning, and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is on!

Man With Serious Illness Makes Powerful Move To Prepare His Young Twins For Life Without Him

Parents teach their kids how to exist in the world. They show us how to drive, how to be a good friend, how to hold a fork. Mothers and fathers give us insight into their perspectives: what is worth spending time on? What do we value most? But some parents unfortunately see their teaching opportunities slip away…

Enigmatic Man That Hung Out With Movie Stars Had An Amusing Past That Finally Came To Light

What would you do to be famous? There is only so much room for A-list actors and musicians out there, but every day there is a new celebrity made by a reality TV show or viral video. These days, you can achieve stardom for just about anything.

Girl Orders Jimmy John's For Her Boyfriend Only To Receive A Strange Call From The Delivery Guy

When you order food to be delivered, you know what to expect: the driver will arrive at your house, bring you your food, and leave. He or she may or may not smile. There is little interaction that comes with having food delivered, which, of course, is a major selling point of having it delivered.

16 Celebrities That Started Families At Young Ages Without Letting It Slow Down Their Careers

When you’re a woman in Hollywood, you face different challenges than men do. There is always pressure to be thin, pressure to be beautiful, and pressure to focus all of your time and energy into your job. It doesn’t exactly make having a family easy!

13 Years After The Wizard Of Oz Ruby Slippers Were Stolen, Police Launch One Last Bid To Find Them

The Wizard of Oz is well known as a classic, timeless piece of art and one of the most beloved movies out there. Whether you’re watching it for the tenth time or the first time, people of all ages know that what it means when someone says “we aren’t in Kansas anymore.”

10 Wild Celebrity Meltdowns That Cost Them The Respect Of Even Their Biggest Fans

We’ve all seen the photographs of celebrities in glittering dresses strutting down the red carpet; the definition of elegance and grace. We’ve watched videos of white-tie galas packed with Hollywood’s elite rubbing elbows with fancy cocktails in their hands. But when cameras are always rolling, mishaps are bound to happen.

Struggling Mom Training A New Hire At Work Is Caught Way Off Guard By A Message From Her Boss

Missing soccer practices and dance recitals is something no parent ever wants to do, but because of the rising cost of living, it’s the reality for most. Too many parents slave away at work day in and day out, causing them to spend hours away from their kids.

20 Bizarre Mistakes Uncovered During Home Inspections

You just put an offer in on a house, but before things are finalized, you cross your fingers the home inspection comes up roses. Then, the contractor shows you a support beam cracked in half and covered with duct tape. What a nightmare!

The Incredible Story Behind An Amusement Park Carny Saving Millions Of Lives

Believe it or not, we’re only a few decades removed from the days of the common cold being just as deadly as the flu. With medical knowledge at a premium back then, what were the parents of sick babies to do when it seemed like nothing they tried was working?

Hero Soldier Returns From Service To Find His Home Out Of Sorts

The family dog wags his tail so hard his whole body shakes; the kids turn off the Xbox and jump with joy. Then the spouse comes in for that tearful, happy hug: a soldier returning home from service is a triumphant, picturesque affair — one that’s nearly magic. Or, at least it should be.

21 Little-Known Facts About Facebook's Creator And Social Media Czar Mark Zuckerberg

How many times have you checked Facebook today? The web giant is so omnipresent that it’s easy to forget that it was once just an idea in the head of Mark Zuckerberg. And when the introverted programmer launched Facebook in 2004, he never could’ve guessed it would make him an icon.

18 Epic Pranks That Fooled The World Before The People Behind Them Were Finally Exposed

Everybody loves a good prank — well, except whoever falls for it. “You’ve got something on your shirt” is way overdone at this point, but every once in a while, a stunt gets so elaborate that it can fool millions of people, or even the entire world.

Daughter Catches Mom Way Off Guard With A Powerful Gift At The Moment She Needs It Most

During the holidays, we gather our families to relax and create memories — we bake together, eat together, and laugh together. But when a loved one passes on, its a big blow to any holiday cheer: moving forward and keeping long-held traditions we once cherished takes extra effort.

Man Inspired By Famous Haunted Mansion Becomes Consumed With His Own Building Project

The adage goes that a man’s home is his castle. It’s supposed to mean that when you have your own place, you can be yourself and be in charge, but of course, a few people take the “castle” part a little too literally.

Boy's Small Act Of Kindness That He Forgot All About Is Repaid In Dramatic Fashion Years Later

Sure, a pat on the back or a simple “thank you” is usually the standard for a job well done, but what if a single compassionate act could change your life along with someone else’s? Doing good for others is often a reward in and of itself, but sometimes our generosity comes back to us in ways we never imagined.

Woman's Train Ride To Work Takes Serious Turn That Leaves Her Relationships In Serious Jeopardy

Whether it’s by starting a new job, pursuing college, or just ironing out details that will launch them into the next phases of life, most 19-year-olds are just on the cusp of solidifying their identities. That age is the perfect time to re-examine relationships and start fresh.

20 Fascinating Details About Famous Historical Figures' Lives That Most People Haven't Heard Before

Even though we see famous faces on book covers and dollar bills every day, it’s easy to forget they were human. Just like us, they were real people with a complex array of motivations and emotions. Oh, and they were pretty weird, too.

20 Hilarious Office Pranks That Take Workplace Shenanigans To A Whole New Level

The average full-time employee spends at least a third of every day at work — that’s about a quarter of their whole week! Both a downside and an upside to this is seeing the same faces every workday, so while you may sometimes get totally sick of someone, you can always have a little fun with them…

20 Creative People That Came Up With Wildly Inventive Solutions To Everyday Problems

Don’t have a rain jacket? Your dog keeps escaping from the yard? You’re in desperate need of toilet paper? These are all annoying problems that we’ve faced at one time or another — but they’re not unsolvable.

Two Years After A Teen Vanishes, Police Show His Parents A Photo That Reignites The Case

You go into your teenage son’s room to wake him up for school, and he’s not there. What’s worse, his bed is still made. What follows is every parent’s nightmare: calling the police, searching, and the sinking feeling you get when something maybe horrifying has happened. It’s a feeling one family knows all too well.