The Most Hilarious News Anchor Moments Caught On Live TV

Whether you watch it in the morning before work or in the evening before bed, most people tune into the local news at some point during the day. While these programs are live, you often can’t tell: skilled anchors, techs, and producers flawlessly deliver you the news.

Twin Sisters Insist On Living Identical Lives, All The Way Down To The Husband

Twins have, what some might argue as, the strongest connection in the world. People have long been fascinated by the bond that they share. Some twins might look identical but choose to live entirely different lives, while other twins prefer to try and be as similar to their twin as is possible.

17 Secret Facts About The White House That Only True Patriots Know

Whether you’re from America or not, chances are you know a thing or two about the White House. It’s big, it’s white, and it’s the home of the President of the United States. What else is there? As it turns out, a 200-year-old house that’s seen some of history’s most powerful figures walk through its doors may hold more secrets than you think.

Homeless Man Gets More Than He Ever Dreamed Of, Only To Lose It All

Homelessness is a common issue amongst veterans in America. They often suffer from PTSD, have trouble adjusting back to civilian life, and must find work in an already competitive job market with no recent relevant experience. Though many organizations have formed to help vets, some still fly under the radar and end up on the streets.

20 Of The Strangest Jobs Around That People Actually Make Money At

Not everybody can land their dream job — there are only so many openings for astronauts and pro athletes out there, after all. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend your entire career inside a cubicle.

Friends Break Into An Old Rock Star's Abandoned Mansion And Learn It's Not Empty

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but most of the other curious minds out there seem to be doing just fine. It’s only natural to want to explore the unknown, even if it means breaking a few rules to get there. After all, what harm could a little good-natured mischief really do?

Cold Case Takes A Wild Turn After New Tip Leads Investigators To The Desert

The human spirit craves adventure, and those brave enough to journey beyond the comforts of mainstream society to experience the natural world are often rewarded with memories that last a lifetime. Sometimes, however, these risks may prove to be far too great, and the results can be deadly.

Mom Adopts Triplets Before Receiving A Life-Altering Medical Prognosis Just Weeks Later

For some, the road to parenthood can be downright painful. Doctor’s appointments pile up, feelings of inadequacy fester, and all the while, the decorated nursery stays empty. One married couple from Tulsa, Oklahoma, knew that pain all too well.

20 Hilarious Pictures Of Mistakes And Acts Of Rebellion In The Workplace

In order to pay your bills and keep a roof over your head, you need to get a job. In an ideal world, every person reporting for duty would be thrilled to be there, but as we all know full well, that isn’t always the case.

Cat Chases Down The Mailman Every Day To Make One Brazen Demand

Everybody knows that dogs and mailmen have a notoriously difficult relationship, but we rarely consider how our other pets feel about postal workers. Levi Davis, a mailman in the small town of Taranaki, New Zealand, found that out first hand.

Desperate Baby Cow Survives One Of History's Worst Hurricanes By Pretending To Be A Dog

For most people, cows are little more than barnyard animals known for saying moo, giving us milk, or becoming a future dinner. But recently, one cow has been gaining some serious notoriety for a different reason—and she might just change the bovine game for good!

Maid Hired To Clean Huge House Before A Party Nearly Collapses When She Learns Who Owns It

Housekeepers have extremely difficult—and often thankless—jobs. It can be physically taxing, and these brave people are often underpaid to do the work around strangers’ homes that others don’t want to do. Housekeeper Cara Simmons understood this all too well…

14 Peeled Objects That Are Completely Unrecognizable

If you think hard about it, for fruits and berries, peels are like clothes. They cover up all the soft, fleshy, and indecent bits. Perhaps as a sign of respect for the sturdy base of the food pyramid, we don’t often peak beneath their protective layer.

Photos Of 20 World-Class Olympians Then And Now Show Some Major Transformations

For world-class Olympians, their sport is their life. They eat, breathe, and sleep their craft in order to get a shot at being the best in the world at something – and having a gold medal to prove it!

After A Couple Captured A Package Thief On CCTV, Their Neighbors Band Together To Catch The Crook

A lot of people see social media as the place where civility goes to die. They see users, safe behind keyboards, posting whatever unsettling thoughts pop into their heads. But sometimes social media brings communities together in strange ways.

12-Year-Old Girl Outsmarts A Criminal With A Brilliant Scheme That Saves Her Sister's Life

When you’re thrust into a deadly situation, your flight instinct might take over. Just run away, hide, and maybe the whole thing will disappear. But sometimes, the most unlikely people stand their ground.

20 Hygiene Tips And Remedies From The Past That Will Have Modern People Sick To Their Stomachs

Over the last few hundred years, we’ve learned a thing or two about our world that previous generations were completely clueless about. While some of their beliefs were harmlessly misguided, there were other “old fashioned” practices that actually posed a serious threat to those who performed them.

The World's First Surviving Septuplets Are All Grown Up And Out On Their Own 20 Years Later

As any parent can tell you, having a baby is no walk in the park. However, that doesn’t stop the average family from doing it about two-and-a-half times. There’s no doubt that it’s an incomparably rewarding experience, albeit a lot of hard work.

20 Hilarious Times That Bakers Messed Up Cakes For Special Events In Spectacular Fashion

Cakes are often the centerpiece of any party. When nestled between the chips and salsa, colorful cakes let everyone in the room know there’s a big event coming —something to stick around for. But not all cakes send the same message.

Rich Businessman That Shares A Tomb With Marilyn Monroe Had A Weird Request For His Burial

The passing of a loved one is always a difficult thing to experience. It’s comforting to know that, in their final days, our loved ones have expressed to us their wishes regarding their final resting place. Whatever it might be, we honor them.

City Of Cleveland's Attempt To Break A World Record Quickly Ends In An Unforeseen Calamity

Marketing a city is a tall task. Leadership must highlight all the city offers travelers while showing those looking to relocate that they can make a buck and raise a family. So, in 1986, one city conducted an eye-catching publicity stunt.

20 People Share Hysterical Vacation Photos From Disastrous Trips They Lived To Regret

To the overworked and over-stressed, nothing sounds better than a vacation. After all, lounging at the free continental breakfast always beats rushing out the door—protein bar in hand—to make the first of many meetings at the office…right?

15 Wild Stories Of Twins Separated At Birth That Managed To Track Each Other Down Later In Life

Have you ever wondered, just for fun, if you have a long-lost twin somewhere out there? Those odds probably aren’t in your favor, but it does happen every once in a blue moon.

21 Iconic Locations From Fictional Works That People Can Now Actually Visit In Real Life

For many fans, their favorite stories live between the lines of a page or behind the glow of the silver screen. The only way to enter their favorite world is to pick up a book or take a trip to the movies. But for some of these stories, there is a way to relive the tale in real life.

19 Wild Situations That Really Happened On 'American Pickers' That Most Fans Aren't Aware Of

Somehow, the History Channel’s American Pickers charmed the world. Viewers saw hosts Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe travel the United States, buying forgotten and stored-away Americana from collectors and hoarders alike… but viewers didn’t see everything.