1 Week After Teen Goes Missing With Her Soccer Coach, Cop Spots A Car With Out-Of-State Tags

Parents want all sorts of things for their children, but ultimately, there’s nothing more important than their safety. Simply put, everything after that is secondary.

20 Supernatural Events That Experts Still Struggle To Explain

Almost every event that has occurred over the course of history has some explanation behind it. Whether it’s the origin of a war, some kind of a social movement, or even the death of a loved one, there are traceable reasons for these events that we use to understand them, reflect, and find closure.

U.S. Soldier Defects To North Korea Only To Have A Forced Marriage Save His Life

On a cold night in January 1965, United States soldier Charles Jenkins finally had seen enough of the military. In a moment of desperation, he decided to flee his post at the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea.

When A Stranger Hands This Woman A Creepy Note, She Knows Faking A Seizure Is Her Only Chance

Whenever we see a character caught up in something really cool—and really far-fetched—on television, we usually have a simple response: it’s just fiction. That doesn’t happen in real life.

20 Terrifying Urban Legends That Are Actually 100 Percent True

No matter where you go, you’ll likely encounter local urban legends. Whether they be stories of unsolved murders, paranormal happenings, or simply creepy tales about weird residents, you can usually find some kind of spooky folklore in any given town.

15 Unsettling Facts About The Denver International Airport Conspiracy

Hundreds of conspiracy theories have attempted to explain the true backstories of some of history’s most monumental events. From the JFK assassination to the 1969 moon landing, it’s as if people believe there’s always more to the story.

20 Haunting Facts About The Titanic That Few People Are Aware Of

Sometimes, the mythology surrounding a historical event can overtake the actual facts of the story—and, naturally, our memories of it become confused. When a particular interpretation of events becomes iconic enough, it can be easy to forget what really happened.

Here Are The 41 Best (And Most Savage) Celebrity Insults Ever Uttered In Human History

taySome of the greatest figures in history, art, music, and politics will never be forgotten. We remember them because of the tremendous impact they had on shaping the world as we know it.

After Years Of Mysterious Accidents The Police Discover This Mother's Chilling Secret

It goes without saying that life is difficult, and even the smallest amount of support can be a major help to anyone going through a trying time. That’s why we should always empathize with people whose lives are seemingly marked by one tragedy after the next.

A Year After This Teen's Father Dies, She Reveals A Disturbing Secret To Her Best Friend

Losing a loved one is never easy, especially if it happens in a tragic and unexpected manner. You may scramble to find some answers, but they aren’t always readily available. And, sometimes, they surface when you least expect it.

Man Who Buried 42 School Buses To Make Huge Doomsday Shelter Is Finally Showing People The Inside

With the seemingly never-ending nuclear threats coming out of North Korea, it’s no wonder that everyone is on edge. In the event of nuclear warfare, unfortunately, no one is safe.

Six Months After Her Daughter Vanished Into Thin Air, Mom Finds A Chilling Facebook Post

For some parents, raising a teenager could be a form of probation. Truly, helping rule-breakers, boundary-pushers, and masses of emotions and hormones navigate the world is no easy task.

Farmer Accidentally Unearths An Ancient Artifact With A Cursed History

Every so often you read a story about someone accidentally stumbling upon a historic artifact stuffed in their attic or buried in their backyard. Sure, it seems like the premise of a fairy tale, but these things do occasionally happen.

Guy Breaks Into An Abandoned Old Castle And Finds A Scene Stranger Than Fiction

It’s safe to say that everyone on Earth has a hobby or two. Whether you’re the President of the United States or a high school principal, you still need something to occupy the time you spend when you aren’t working. That’s true especially if you’re a writer; after all, you’ll need something interesting to write about!

10 Debunked Theories That Many Americans Still Believe To This Day

The internet offers unparalleled access to whatever information we want with the simple click of a mouse. Almost anything you need to know can be found in a matter of seconds if you use the right keywords to search for it.

Man Is Fishing In A Remote Lake When He Spots Something Impossible Come Up To The Surface

People have been fascinated by the Loch Ness Monster for generations. Some go as far as to make finding the mythical beast their life’s work, burying themselves in books and pictures as they search for any proof of its existence.

12 Cutthroat Pirate Traditions That Most People Don't Know About

You probably think that you already know everything there is to know about pirates. They sailed the high seas, loved rum, and stole plenty of booty from passing ships. What else is there to know?

10 Self-Proclaimed 'Miracle Workers' Who Made Huge Mistakes In Front Of Their Own Followers

There are a number of reasons supposed miracle workers are often successful in convincing their audiences of their authenticity. From cult leaders to false profits, people often want to believe there’s someone out there who can cure what ails them.

We Finally Know What Happened To The Other Members Of The Manson Family

Famed cult leader and messiah figure Charles Manson catapulted into the public eye during the Summer of Love in 1969 when he orchestrated the Tate and LaBianca murders. Of course, he was not alone; he accomplished the murders through his followers, known as the Manson Family.

25 Things Nobody Realizes About Notorious Cult Leader Charles Manson

The deeds of Charles Manson and his “family” will forever hang like a pall over history: A cult leader and Messiah figure in the eyes of his followers, Manson directed the infamous Tate-LaBianca murders, which saw a pregnant Sharon Tate dead and her blood smeared on the walls around her.

12 Of The Craziest Conspiracy Theories Floating Around The Internet

Plenty of conspiracy theories throughout history have tried to explain the “real” backstories of some very monumental events. The moon landing, the assassination of President Kennedy, and even the tragic terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, have all been the subjects of supposed government cover-ups (at least, according to conspiracy theorists).

2 Women Took Their Dog On A Walk In A Jungle And Years Later Experts Still Don't Know What Happened

There’s often some sort of risk involved with traveling anywhere—that’s a given. Still, while all places each have their own set of dangers, that shouldn’t stop people from going on adventures!

21 Top-Secret Facts About The Secret Service That Very Few People Know About

It goes without saying, but the United States Secret Service is a rather secretive group. It’s understandable, though, when you have to protect the president and other high-up government officials; you can’t exactly risk people knowing the ins and outs of your work.

After Old Woman Is Killed In A Plane 'Crash,' Agents Make Suspicious Discovery In Her Luggage

When commercial airliners crash, there’s usually an easy explanation to help investigators. The accident is, more often than not, found to be the result of either a malfunctioning piece of equipment or an error by a pilot.

23 JFK Assassination Facts Even The Biggest History Buffs Aren't Aware Of

While we like to think we know our presidential history pretty well, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy is certainly a topic that has long been shrouded in doubt.