The Differences Between These Tricky Sets Of Two Pictures Are Nearly Impossible To Spot

From games of “I Spy” to Where’s Waldo? books, we all enjoy challenging ourselves with optical illusions and visual puzzles. It’s rewarding to solve them because it takes such a keen eye to get the job done!

Wild Optical Illusion Photos That Almost Nobody Notices At First Glance

Let’s face it: most of us miss a lot of the little details in life. We’re so busy with our day-to-day tasks that we often overlook the things that are right in front of us. This is even true when performing tasks that require our full attention, like solving puzzles!

People Who Can't Solve This Test In Under 7 Seconds Might Have Something Wrong With Their Eyes

A vision exam is likely one of the easiest tests you’ll ever take in your life—or, at least, it should be. All you have to do is cover one eye at a time and recite the figures on the doctor’s chart in order to figure out how good (or bad) your eyesight is.

People Are Going Nuts Trying To Find The Panda In This Picture

One of the first games little kids learn (often on family road trips) is “I-Spy.” Finding hidden objects is a great way to help improve the brain’s development over time, and it’s a load of fun to boot!

Man Notices Something Really Disturbing About His Son's Toy Train Tracks

The brain is a truly fascinating organ. Many people have dedicated their entire lives to its study, and they still haven’t cracked even a fraction of the mysteries it holds.

Normal-Looking Photo Contains A Hidden Object That Almost No One Has Been Able To Find

Puzzles have existed to amuse and baffle the human mind for thousands of years. It’s telling that our brains are so complex that different designers keep coming up with new ways to keep them engaged.

12 Crazy Optical Illusions That Went Viral And Totally Shattered The Internet

Our brains are powerful and complex machines, but that’s not to say they can’t be easily manipulated and tricked on occasion. If you need proof, look (literally) no further than what happens with optical illusions.

Normal-Looking Photos With Wild Optical Illusions That Have People Doing Double Takes

If there’s one thing that the Internet is good for, it’s creating confusion. It seems like every other day a new picture or video surfaces that has users everywhere scratching their heads. Of course, everyone loves a good optical illusion—but that doesn’t mean they’re always easy to figure out!

There's A Phone Hidden In This Picture And Nobody Can Find It

The human mind is a complicated organ that is capable of learning and making sense of very complex scenarios. Impressive as it can be, the brain is often no match for even the simplest of optical illusions. A trick of the eye is sometimes enough to trip a person up entirely.

There Is A Dog Hiding In This Herd Of Cows And It's Nearly Impossible To Find

Puzzles and brain teasers are great ways to challenge the mind. Word games, optical illusions, and other brain tests can provide a mental workout and spark some friendly competition between friends. Naturally, the trickier they are, the more fun they are to play!

Little Test Blows The Minds Of 98% Of People Who Take It

There’s nothing that gets a grade-school student’s heartbeat going quite like the threat of an impending exam! This simple little test, however, will most likely blow your mind… It’s just one of those incredibly cool things that no one can really explain, yet it’s super fascinating.

People Are Going Insane Trying To Find What's Hidden In These Pictures

From Where’s Waldo to the I-Spy books, there’s so much fun to be had with hidden image puzzles. There’s nothing quite like that moment when you get to say “I got it!”

Find Out How Old You Are Based On Your Ability To See Colors

The ability to see colors is something that most of us take for granted. In addition to the myriad other ways our eyes help us navigate the world, they also allow us to distinguish between different shades and hues. The way we see color has a huge impact on the way we experience life, whether you realize it or not, and the reverse is also true. Our lives impact the way we see color!

Does The Way You See Color Affect How You See The World?

We all look at the world a little bit differently. Our distinct personal preferences are part of what makes the world such a fascinating place to live in. If it weren’t for our different outlooks, the world would be a pretty boring place.

Only 1 In 50 People Can Identify Every One Of These Iconic Women

Since the dawn of time, women have played a crucial role in our history, but they haven’t always received the credit they deserve.

97% Of Adults Can't Pass This Elementary School Test

When you think back about the skills and information you learned in elementary school, you probably believe that you could recall it all again easily. Well, think again.

Simple Test Can Determine A Person's Spirit Animal With Surprising Accuracy

Animals are absolutely fascinating, especially when we imagine what it might be like to walk a mile in their shoes (or paws!). Can you see yourself soaring through the air like an eagle, or spending your life under the sea like a fish?

Eye-Opening Quiz Reveals Just How Obsessive We Really Are

Have you ever wondered just how observant of a person you are? We all like to think that we take notice of things around us, but if you’ve never put your skills to the test, you really don’t know for sure.

Only People With A Perfect Memory Can Pass This Test

We rely on our memory every single day. Without this vital function of our brain, we would not be able to do simple tasks like putting on shoes and socks or locating our keys; even driving to work would be impossible. You use your memory so many different times throughout the day and you probably don’t even notice it.

Can We Guess Your Real Age? Take This Quiz And Put Us To The Test

As much as people like to say that age is just a number, the truth is that it can reveal a lot about you. Obviously, it’s not the only thing that determines your way of thinking, but it’s safe to say that the average 15-year-old is bound to be much different than, say, the average 70-year-old.

How Good At Reading Other People Are You Really? Take This Quiz And Find Out!

Someone once said that the eyes are the window to the soul. While that is up for debate, it’s certainly true that eyes play an essential role in our daily lives. They help us process and understand everything we see around us, and eyes are very often the first physical trait we notice when we meet new people.

Simple Quiz Can Reveal Our Identities In Past Lives

In many societies across the globe, the belief in reincarnation is heavily ingrained into the culture. You don’t have to be a Hindu or Buddhist to subscribe to the idea that you’ve lived previous lives.

Can You Match These Wild Dog Species To Their Correct Photos?

Thanks to domestication and breeding, dogs have become one of the most diverse species of animals on the planet. And with that comes an array of different shapes, sizes, and breeds, of course; in fact, the Belgium-based World Canine Organization currently recognizes more than 340 distinct breeds!

This Wild Cat Breed Quiz Is Stumping Even The Biggest Cat Lovers Out There

Out in the wild expanse of the internet, it’s not unusual to find a bazillion people who would label themselves as “cat-lovers.” In fact, some might even suggest that sharing a love for cats is basically why the world wide web exists in the first place!

Think You're A True Oprah Winfrey Super-Fan? Take This Brain-Busting Quiz To Find Out

Oprah Winfrey is a household name and the woman behind one of the world’s biggest and most well-known brands. She owns a television network (appropriately named OWN—Oprah Winfrey Network), a TV show that ran for decades, and a level of generosity that rivals entire countries. Oprah truly is an incredible human being!