20 Actresses That Totally Transformed The Way They Look For A Big Part

When thinking of Hollywood actors, most people envision attractive people in expensive, stylish clothes, walking the red carpet while having their pictures taken for the tabloids. While we all love to stare at pretty faces and fancy wardrobe choices, it’s often the peculiarities, the unusual looks, and the unexpected personalities that make a character truly stand out.

Man That Finds His Wife Unresponsive In Their Bed Is Soon Faced With An Impossible Decision

While most people try not to think about a situation where someone needs to decide whether or not to take them off life-support, it does happen. Making sure that you have a “do not resuscitate” policy established is important if you don’t want to wind up indefinitely in a vegetative state.

Wild New Treatment Is Giving Some Paralyzed People Hope That They Haven't Had In Years

Of all the things we take for granted every day, our health may be the biggest. While there are people struggling with severe psychological disorders, battling cancer, or losing limb function, most of us can go about our day without worrying what obstacles we’ll have to overcome next.

Wealthy Student's Spending Spree Leads To Questions Before Cops Uncover Her Real Source Of Income

Imagine you suddenly came into a windfall of money and were able to buy whatever you wanted. You could finally take that trip to Ibiza you’ve always wanted while wearing that outfit you could never afford. Of course, you’d have to show off your new status all over social media.

20 Genius Parenting Hacks That Have Been Tested And Approved By Real Moms And Dads

Your baby is crying for you. Your toddler is spilling applesauce all over his shirt and dropping his sippy cup on the floor. Your seven-year-old daughter is playing hair salon in the basement while blasting pop music, and you’re running around trying to care for them all.

Man Uncovers His Father's Tumultuous Past Life Due To An Unusual 80-Year-Old Memento

Those who compile family trees or take DNA tests are looking for more than just hobbies. They’re searching for a connection to the past, something to provide a firmer sense of identity. In rare cases, they make discoveries that reshape their entire conceptions of their families.

When Two Women Loved The Same Man Their Love Triangle Spun Completely Out Of Control

Love is a beautiful word and a wonderful sentiment, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy or straightforward. Just look at the couple whose parents never let them get married because of their differing religious beliefs, or the man who pined over his married female friend. Relationships are complicated, and we have love to blame for it.

20 Wild Purchases That Celebrities Splurged On After Their First Big Paychecks

What would you do if you suddenly got a million dollars? Maybe you would spend it all at once on a private jet, or maybe you’d save it for a rainy day. Either way, this question is just a fantasy for most of us, though it becomes a very real issue for stars who land their big breaks.

Community Is Outraged After 'Role Model' Teacher Gets Fired With An Infuriating Explanation

As parents, when you drop your children off at school, you do so with the confidence you’re leaving them in the hands of patient, caring, and qualified people. As long as those in charge are making a positive impact on your child, then all’s well!

During Routine Landscaping, A Staten Island Man Made A Dazzling Realization

Most homeowners who have even just a small plot of land will feel the urge to make changes to it over time. They hire landscapers to dig, trench, uproot, and redistribute the vegetation for a fresh new look. Sometimes in the process of doing just that, they find a surprise they never expected.

Giant Structures Across The Planet Were Built By The Most Unlikely Architects

In nature, most animal’s shelters are far from spectacular: a bird will stack a few twigs into a nest, or a rodent will dig a cozy burrow for itself. At the same time, some species build homes so large they could make a billionaire blush.

20 Crazy Things People Do for Beauty Around the World

People all over the world have wanted a youthful appearance and glowing skin for centuries. Naturally, the way people attain this beauty standard varies from country to country, with some folks taking more drastic measures or strict routines to be happy with a glance in the mirror.

20 Super-Creative Hacks That Are Helping People Work Around The Rules Of Everyday Life

From the moment you open your eyes in the morning until your head hits the pillow at night, there are a million things that need to get done. Sometimes it can leave a person dreaming in vain of getting a 25th hour added to their day.

21 Wild Photos That Will Remind People That World Is Even Crazier Than They Think

Distracted, scrolling on your phone, you wait for an elevator. Then, you chance a glance at the opening doors and pow! A lone goat stands calmly waiting for you to enter. This would be odd, yes, but we’ve all seen something totally strange that begs the question: is this really happening?

Man's Bad Dream Inspires Him To Begin Construction On A Project Of Literally Biblical Proportions

Has a dream ever given you a crazy idea? Maybe, drawing on something locked away in your subconscious, a dream inspired you to write a song or mend a long-dead relationship. Most of us who have these midnight moments of inspiration never act on them — but Johan Huibers did.

An Endurance Swimmer From The U.K. Set Out To Break Multiple World Records

A true test of endurance pushes the body to its breaking point. It’s the long-distance marathon, the weeks-long climb, the impossible triathlon. It’s about having the ability to block out the physical pain — sometimes excruciating — and take yourself to another place.

20 Disgruntled Employees That Left Their Jobs With A Bang

When the time comes to quit a job, you normally pack up your belongings, give a few farewells, and leave through the front doors without a ton of fanfare. Rarely do people act on elaborate fantasies to yell at their bosses or punt the water cooler — but some folks do.

Father And Son's Ordinary Hunting Trip Takes A Wild Turn After They Spot Something In The Dirt

When a serious hunter ventures into the woods during hunting season, they have one thing on their mind: get their target in the crosshairs and take the perfect shot. Returning home with a heap of wild game is always the goal, but sometimes an unexpected turn of events changes plans.

Young Fan That Writes Courageous Letter To Her Favorite NBA Star Receives Wild Message In Return

Should you ever meet your heroes? You expose yourself to real disappointment when someone turns out to be a totally different person than you thought, but a chance connection with a star can pay dividends. Just ask Riley Morrison.

Man Walks Out On His Old Life To Travel The Country With An Unlikely Companion At His Side

Wanderlust: a strong desire to travel, to break out of one’s mold, to explore not only new places but new ways to be. We all get it from time to time, whether it’s after we see a captivating photograph of nature or hear stories about our friends’ recent vacations.

Divers Off Resort Town Coast Uncover The Most Important Archaeological Artifact Of The Century

The city of Cascais is a vacationer’s dream. Located on Portugal’s coast and just west of Lisbon, the city boasts casinos, sandy beaches, scenic seaside cliffs, and natural parks filled with brilliant sand dunes. But Cascais is more than just a luxurious travel destination.

Faith Hill's Murky Past Finally Comes To Light After She Tracks Down Her Biological Mother

Kids that grow up with instability and uncertainty often dream of building a safe, loving family of their own when they grow up. So when two people with tough childhood backgrounds find each other, it’s natural for them to bond — that’s exactly what happened to one country music power couple.

Grieving Man Honors His Late Wife With A Powerful Mission That Takes Years To Pull Off

Love doesn’t listen to our plans. When we fall in love, all common sense flies out the window, and the only thing you want is to be with your partner forever. Unfortunately, life sometimes has different plans.

Woman Who Feels 'Sick' Is Suddenly Thrown Into A Wild Chain Of Events That Lead To Her Fate

The hospital can be a pretty scary place: doctors are talking to you with large scientific words, and you’re often stuck waiting around, getting poked and pricked. Not to mention, the nerves that come from not knowing what might happen next seem to grow by the minute.

Real-Life 'Tomb Raider' Uncovers A Site Unlike Any She's Ever Encountered

Lara Croft and Indiana Jones are works of fiction, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t real adventurers out there. Explorers are uncovering hidden or forgotten secrets all the time, and their discoveries often pack just as much drama as those in the movies.