Teenage Football Star Makes A Wild Move That Leaves The Entire School Floored

Between cliques, peer pressure, and bullying, high school is often a difficult time for teenagers. It’s a lot to handle. But because young people can face so much adversity, one bright spot can make all the difference.

Learn Everything About The Top 20 Most Visited Places In The World

While almost everybody loves to travel and explore new corners of the world, our ideas of what makes a vacation great can differ vastly. Some may desire only to rest on the beach and have fun in the sun, while others may seek out a major hub or some historical sites. Yet, to a certain extent, we can’t resist flocking towards specific tourist attractions that simply never face a quiet day.

Celebrity Couples Who Keep The Magic Alive 20 Years And Counting

Social media keeps us clued into the latest hookups between — and seemingly immediate breakups of — the young and famous. There’s much less focus on the Hollywood love stories that quietly flourish and unfold over years of careful tending.

Elderly Man Plans A Heartwarming Gesture That Catches His Neighbors Way Off Guard

Many of us live day to day without chatting up a stranger, expanding our list of hobbies, or going out of our way to provide a kind act for the people we know. Then there are the ever-enthusiastic, ever-friendly, ever-spontaneous people who dare to leap — those who welcome new people into their lives, and who go the extra mile to put a smile on someone’s face.

20 Odd Photos That Leave People With So Many Burning Questions But Few Answers

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what if a thousand words isn’t enough? Sure, photographs can tell stories, but sometimes, the stories they tell leave us with more questions than they do answers!

Parents Whose Daughter Isn't Texting Back Get A Call That Sends Them Straight To Police

It’s never easy for parents to let a child leave the nest, but it becomes even more difficult when that child moves farther than you expected. Having a child a plane ride away is enough to make any parent nervous, but at the end of the day, any fears we have about their safety or well-being are unfounded — well, most of the time.

Mom's Genius Plot To Discover The Source Of Her Son's Stress Turns Up Bad News

Parents may not be literal superheroes, but they do have a sort of spidey sense — they can tell when something is off with their children. The signs aren’t always clear, but most moms and dads can feel exactly when they’re needed to step in and save their kids from genuine danger.

25 Public Transportation Sights That Prove Commuting Every Day Is No Joke

When you don’t have access to a car, you have to rely on public transportation. This means dealing with all of the other people traveling from home to work and back again. Of course, with so many work-exhausted people together in tight spaces, you’re bound to be in for a surprise sometimes.

21 Alternate Uses For Tension Rods That Prove They're More Handy Than People Think

Have you ever combed through your mess of a supply cabinet looking for that one cleaning spray? Have you ever had to clean up your child’s couch fort after they grew tired of it? Or have you ever spent hundreds of dollars creating a space in your home for your pet? There is a simple solution for all of these…

The First Woman In Space Overcame Near-Impossible Odds To Become A Hero

The Space Race was the political equivalent of a heavyweight boxing championship bout. The world’s biggest superpowers — the United States and the USSR — went toe-to-toe on the world stage, racing to the moon and vying for space dominance. Yet, despite the viewership, few know the full story.

Woman Confesses A Wild Story To Her Husband Before Disappearing Without A Trace

How well do you really know the people around you? While you might think you know exactly who can you trust, the truth of the matter is, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, the people we think we know best are actually living a giant lie.

Old Woman Gets A Phone Call That Exposes A Lie She Believed For Nearly 70 Years

For mothers-to-be, nine months of waiting to meet their newborn baby can feel like a lifetime. Many women describe holding their baby for the first time as the best moment of their lives…if everything goes right. Because what’s supposed to be the happiest moment of a mother’s life could suddenly become the worst.

87-Year-Old Woman Stuns Community With Response To Police Officers' Actions

Misunderstandings are commonplace in our everyday lives, and most of the time a breakdown in communication doesn’t have any real, lasting impact. Most of us just shrug our shoulders and move on after an instance of miscommunication… but what if a few mixed words could mean the difference between life and death?

22 Tried-And-True Parenting Hacks That Are Making Parent's Lives So Much Easier

Kids are a blessing… they just don’t always feel like one! Becoming a parent means doing laundry almost every day, watching Thomas the Tank Engine 600 times, and finding crayons between the couch cushions. You love your children, but sometimes it’d be nice to have a few extra helping hands and a little more you time.

Photo Of A Wedding Sets Off A Wild Chain Of Events That Changes The Couple's Life

Most of us do it every day and we don’t really think twice about it: snapping some photos and throwing them up on our social media accounts for any and all to see. Although it can be rewarding to gain lots of “likes,” the dark and dangerous side is what happens when people decide to hide their malicious intentions behind their computer screen.

20 Tough Jobs That Make Boring Office Work Seem Like A Dream Come True

Hearing that alarm clock buzzing while groggily waking up in preparation for an overcrowded commute to work isn’t anyone’s idea of fun, but hey, the bills have to get paid somehow. When it comes to landing ourselves a career, we hope to get involved in something that we thoroughly enjoy so it never actually seems like work.

Family Fleeing A Harsh Regime Starts A Groundbreaking New Industry In America

Every family has traditions they pass down through the generations — the way they celebrate a holiday or maybe a dinnertime ritual. It doesn’t matter if they’re 3,000 miles from where those traditions originated, we make sure that they carry on for years to come.

22 'Married... With Children' Facts That Even The Biggest Al Bundy Fans Don't Know

For a few decades, love and marriage really did go together like a horse and carriage when it came to sitcoms. Loving parents fostered tight-knit families that reflected the very best parts of their audiences, like, you know, respect for one another. Then in 1987, Fox’s Married… With Children came along,

Hollywood Sisters Who Are Proof That Talent Runs In The Family

When you think of all the talented people competing to become the next big actor or singer, it’s hard to believe that two people from the same family can become superstars – the odds are just too slim! But at the same time, lightning does strike twice on rare occasions.

Man In Search For His Real Family Realizes That His Best Friend Holds The Key To It All

A lot of us consider our families to be the most important thing in the world: they make us laugh, make us cry and support us through the hard times. However, the word family can mean very different things to different people.

20 Brilliant Uses For Pool Noodles That Prove They're Good For So Much More Than Swimming

The pool noodle: a long, cylindrical piece of buoyant polyethylene foam. They’re used by people of all ages to float while swimming in the pool — and for some aquatic exercises, too. Noodles must only be used in a pool because, hey, it’s in the name, right?

Realtor That Enters Elderly Woman's Home Is Taken Aback By The Perplexing Scene Within

A house may just be a building — four  walls with a roof on top, maybe some doors and windows, too — but a home is so much more. It’s your happy place where you return after a long day. It’s where you cook and sleep, laugh and cry, grow and age.

20 Classic Sports Movies That People Don't Know Are Actually Based On True Stories

A good sports movie has the ability to pull even the least interested people out of their seats and get them throwing both hands in the air, cheering for a big win. The films aren’t only about sports; they’re about an internal drive in all of us to overcome obstacles standing in the way of success.

Surprising Guests Show Up At A Chicago High School Unannounced For A Crucial New Mission

When the school intercom calls students into an assembly, they don’t expect anything thrilling. They might hear some safety tips, or maybe some kind of over-hyped motivational speaker screaming about passion and job markets. Of course, there is an exception to every rule.

Packed Train Is Forced To Stop For Hours As An Unexpected Miracle Unfolds On Board

Morning commutes are a drag pretty much everywhere, but they become even worse when you’re held up by something completely out of your control. Sure, there’s nothing you can do about a broken rail or flat tire, but when your day is ruined by a fellow commuter, it’s easy to let your frustrations take hold.