Family Dog Was Missing For A Month Without A Trace Before Their Other Pup Started Acting Strangely

There are few things as stressful as the moment you realize your pet has gone missing. Not only are you worried about the animal themselves, hoping beyond hope that they’re okay, but you may also feel some guilt over the idea that you didn’t do more to keep them safe. It’s every pet owner’s nightmare.

Brave Dog Gives His Life To Protect The Most Vulnerable Family Member In A Fire

Dogs are known to be incredibly loyal to their owners. If you’ve ever watched them interact with their humans, you can see their devotion immediately. However, very few people ever get to truly see their canine’s loyalty put to the test in actual life-or-death situations.

Dog Dumped In Parking Lot And Abandoned In The Rain Is Too Heartbroken To Move

Things are not always easy for the animals who are forced to live on the streets. While some manage to make it through relatively unscathed, feasting on scraps of food and finding shelter, there are many more who aren’t nearly as lucky or resourceful.

Man Whose Dogs Won't Stop Barking Freezes Upon Finally Looking Outside

Whether you live in a city or in the suburbs, it can be easy to forget that animals are almost always somewhere nearby. No matter what part of the world you live in, the critters native to that region have been there long before you—and it’s inevitable that you’ll run into them at some point.

Guy Has His New Dog Taken Away Just For Posting An Innocent Picture On Facebook

Many people presume that pit bulls are a naturally aggressive breed. Time and again, pittie owners and animal care professionals do everything they can to prove that this is false and to fight for the rights of these animals. No other dog breed has suffered so much public scrutiny.

Woman Spots A Wild Animal In Her Home And Proceeds To Make The Biggest Mistake Imaginable

Animals can really bring a household together. If you live alone, a cuddly kitten to curl up in your lap will make those cold nights a little warmer; if you’ve got kids, a dog barking at the front door can make you feel protected. But when it comes to animals in the home, not all are created equal.

Snake Is About To Eat Baby Rabbits Until A Hero Charges In To The Rescue

While nature is always evolving, some aspects of it, like the relationship between predators and prey, are destined to remain the same. After all, the food chain exists for a reason, and it’s worked out that way in harmony for eons. But just because a predator is stronger than its prey does not mean it’s bound to overpower them every time…

Fishermen Reeling In A Massive Catch Start Freaking Out When They See What It Looks Like

There isn’t much that can surprise an experienced fisherman out in the water. Sure, it can be exciting to make a big catch, but for the most part, you always know what you’re up against. But even these fishermen in Zhoushan, China, must have been shocked when they reeled in one strange haul.

Divers Think Everything Is Normal In The Water Until They Spot This Pile Of Nightmares

The ocean floor is a truly rich and fascinating place. It’s filled with exotic marine life and countless colorful formations of rock and coral.

Guy Cycling Through The Woods Is Suddenly Confronted By A Deadly Predator

Survival skills are vital to those who enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and fishing. Luckily, the existence of the world wide web opened up ways for people from all walks of life to share advice about their favorite techniques and know-how.

Family Who Buried Their Dog's Ashes In The Backyard Looks Outside To See A Remarkable Sight

When a beloved pet passes away, it’s almost like losing a loved one. As with human family members, we search for a special way to honor our deceased pets’ lives after they’ve gone.

Man Dives To Underwater Shinto Shrine To Meet A Very Unexpected Friend

As far as the animal kingdom goes, fish are generally not considered the brightest creatures in the bunch. That’s not to say they don’t deserve to be respected as much as any other animal, but it may be part of the reason they’re not as beloved as cats and dogs.

Jackie The Baboon Earned The Medal Of Valor For Fighting In The Trenches During WWI

It takes a brave person to stand on the front lines of war and help defend a country. When you enlist in the military, you’re well aware that when you get deployed oversees, you may very well not make it back alive.

Impressive Sculpture Makes People's Jaws Hit The Floor When They Get A Closer Look

Remember the time you successfully finished your first origami crane or a paper airplane as a child? The first time you manage to accomplish something like that is when you feel like a real artist.

Weird 'Zombie Snails' Are Responsible For Taking Hundreds Of Thousands Of Lives Every Year

When you think of the world’s most dangerous animals, chances are you picture sharp-toothed creatures like lions, snakes, and sharks. But what if you found out one of the planet’s deadliest creatures can’t even bite you—and they could fit in the palm of your hand?

15th-Century British Fort Was Built For A Surprisingly Adorable Purpose

England is full of breathtaking—and mysterious—structures whose purposes are definitively tied to the country’s storied history. From the Tower of London to Stonehenge, there’s no shortage of incredible sites that offer an incomparable peek into the past for residents and visitors alike.

The Birth Of This 'Demon Goat' Scared People So Much They Called The Police

Every farmer’s biggest hope when one of their animals becomes pregnant is that she delivers healthy young. Who doesn’t smile and feel their heart grow warm at the sight of a perfect, newborn baby animal?

Man Might Lose Everything He Owns All Because A Monkey Took A Selfie With His Camera

When it comes to photography, photographers very often find themselves in the unfortunate position of making sure that their work is not used without their consent. Even though most people don’t mean any harm in sharing their photos without consent, it still affects the original photographer’s livelihood.

Man Being Held Hostage By An Angry Beaver Can't Get 911 To Take Him Seriously

As much as people may love animals, the fact remains that certain creatures are more dangerous than others. Most of us know that we have to be much more careful around a grizzly bear than our own house cat, for example.

Good Luck Finding This 'Satanic' Lizard, Nature's Master Of Camouflage

Most animals have an arsenal of defense mechanisms that can either help them escape or hide from potential predators. From sharp armor to simply playing dead, there’s no shortage of ways to stay safe in the animal kingdom.

7 Crazy Creatures That Humans Once Believed Were Real

Over the centuries, humans have believed all sorts of things that weren’t true. Because there wasn’t the amount of informational resources that we have today to prove supposed facts wrong, it was much easier to convince people of them.

Man Makes Shocking Discovery After Hearing Eerie Cries In An Abandoned Hospital

Amateur photographer Joshua Gold was understandably nervous when he crept inside the abandoned Leonard Hospital in Troy, New York. As a passionate photographer of abandoned buildings, he was used to the anticipation that struck him each time he found a new building, but something about that night felt different.

There Is A Dog Hiding In This Herd Of Cows And It's Nearly Impossible To Find

Puzzles and brain teasers are great ways to challenge the mind. Word games, optical illusions, and other brain tests can provide a mental workout and spark some friendly competition between friends. Naturally, the trickier they are, the more fun they are to play!

There's A Cat Hiding In This Photo And Almost No One Can Find It

In the natural world, things are not always what they seem. What looks like a snake could turn out to be a clever little caterpillar, and an ordinary apple could turn out to be so much more.

Tiger Brain-Teaser Is Stumping Everyone On The Internet

Your brain is like a muscle: The more you test it with complex riddles and challenging tasks, the stronger it gets and the bigger it grows.