Turn Straight Hair Into A Head Full Of Curls With Next To No Work

Curling your hair can be a real nightmare to deal with, but in the end, it’s worth it for those luscious locks. At the same time, life would be a whole lot easier if there was a way to get the job done without putting all those little curlers or a red-hot iron in your hair.

Anyone Thinking Of Throwing Out An Old Water Heater Should Follow This Guy's Lead Instead

From copper pipes to entire appliances, we’ve all tried to relieve ourselves of junk while cleaning the house—and maybe make a profit from it, too. But have you ever considered giving it a second life? One man did, and his DIY project might just make you take a second look.

One Amazing Thing Nobody Realizes They Can Actually Cook On The Grill

There are few things more divine than a pizza. Amazingly, the mouth-watering cheesy goodness that offers a subtle crunch and a hint of sweetness makes for not only the perfect dinner, but lunch and breakfast as well.

Man Drilling Holes In Yard Confuses His Neighbors But Leaves Them Stunned Days Later

There’s no better way to relax in the summertime than lounging by the pool, and it’s even better when it’s in your very own backyard!

Guy Lays A Bunch Of Old Windows Out On His Lawn Only To Blow Everyone Away A Few Days Later

Few things are as satisfying as making something with your own hands. When the project you’re tackling is where you live, that satisfaction can reach a whole new level.

9 Genius Ways To Reuse Old Plastic Bottles Around The House

Countless plastic bottles are consumed every single day around the world. They’re a regular part of modern life—in fact, about one million plastic bottles are purchased every minute—but that doesn’t mean they can’t still cause problems.

Man Drills A Hole In A Tire And Creates The Coolest Thing We've Seen In A Long Time

Your living room might already be set up the way you like it. You might own a cushy sofa or recliner, a big-screen TV, and a little robot that does the vacuuming. But could it get even better?

19 Problems That Can Be Solved With Nothing But Hair Conditioner

Let’s face it: we want our hair to be silky smooth all the time. That’s why most of us have a bottle of conditioner in the shower. After all, the handy haircare product helps keep our locks looking super-clean so we can leave for work with confidence every morning.

Cutting Sliced Bread In This Strange New Way Leads To The Most Delicious Results

Pizza is one of the most perfect foods on planet Earth. In fact, to vaguely plagiarize Benjamin Franklin, pizza is proof that God is real and that he loves us.

Opening A Light Bulb And Adding A Few Drops Of Water Has This Magical Effect

The lightbulb is the universal sign for a great idea, and is it any wonder why? After all, it provides us with a steady amount of light and its invention revolutionized the way we interact with our day-to-day worlds.

People Have Been Making Baked Potatoes The Wrong Way This Entire Time

Potatoes are the most versatile vegetables around. From these humble spuds, we can make French fries, hash browns, wedges, and countless other delicious dishes. But of all the possible variations, the best might just be the baked potato.

Man Sprays Sugar On The Outside Walls Of His House For A Truly Genius Reason

There are few things worse for a homeowner than discovering an infestation of ants. Not only do you have to deal with unwelcome pests, but you usually have to pay a professional to spray dangerous chemicals all around your home.

12 Brilliant Ways To Use Shower Curtain Rods In Every Other Room In The House

Everyone has a shower curtain rod in their home. After all, how else would you hang a curtain to keep your bathroom puddle-free when you’re taking a shower?

9 Game-Changing Hacks For Ordinary House Keys

When it comes to our keys, we’ve all got embarrassing stories about locking them inside the house, leaving them in the car, or just losing them altogether. It inevitably happens to everyone: house keys are pretty small, after all, and they’re easy to misplace.

12 Genius Uses For Lip Balm That Nobody Even Realizes

If everyone on the planet opened up their purses or backpacks right now, there’s a good chance they’d find one item in particular that everyone owns: a handy tube of lip balm. Some things are just universally necessary, and most of us probably have this item within reach at any given time.

7 Genius Car Hacks That Will Make Life So Much Easier

Being a car owner is no easy feat. Besides the responsibilities that come with owning a vehicle—regular oil changes, anyone?—the bills can really add up. Plus, we’ve got to constantly be aware of the rules of the road, and that’s stressful enough!

Family's Cool Winter Project Has All Their Neighbors Going Crazy With Jealousy

There’s no denying that people get bored during the long winter months. When you’re stuck inside for long periods of time, you’re bound to search far and wide for exciting ways to entertain yourself.

Brilliantly Simple Test Shows Whether Or Not Normal Batteries Still Have A Charge

Anyone who has ever bought batteries knows one thing for sure: it’s nearly impossible to tell when they’re running out of power until it’s too late. And it’s a huge waste of money to buy to new ones if you don’t need them.

If Someone Is Choking With No One Around To Help, This Simple Trick Could Save Their Life

Freak accidents happen, and learning how to save your own life in the rare case that they do is very important. At that moment, there may not be anyone else around to help you, and you’d need to take it upon yourself to remain calm and act accordingly. Choking is one of these dire situations—but how do you save your own life when you can’t even breathe?

Put 12 Batter Balls Around The Edge Of The Pan And Watch The Magic Happen

Hosting a large group of friends or a casual gathering of folks should always be a lot of fun. However, when you’re the only one in charge of the party, it can be a lot of work, too!

Cutting A Hole In A Can Of Tuna Could Save A Life In An Emergency

An emergency is the worst time to realize how dependent we are on electricity. Whether it’s a severe storm that causes loss of power at home or running out of fuel on a deserted road, most of us are underprepared for unexpected circumstances. One of the first things that you’ll miss during such a crisis? Light.

Placing A Wine Glass Over A Candle Makes Something Absolutely Magical Happen

There’s nothing more exciting for a child than seeing magic tricks. When you’re young, it’s so much easier to believe that a grown man has the power to pull a rabbit out of a hat, find pieces of loose change behind your ear, or to steal your nose, for instance.

19 Little Hacks Everyone Wishes They Knew About Way Sooner

People are always looking for more efficient ways to do things. It’s understandable! After all, who wouldn’t love to learn new ways to save some time in their busy day?

Genius Man Puts Three Pounds Of Onions In A Frying Pan With Incredible Results

While some of us are pretty good at feeding ourselves, we panic the instant we know that friends or family are planning to stop by for dinner. Sure, ramen and cans of tuna may work for some, but most of us have learned that some guests expect just a little more than that.

Easy And Delicious Bacon Pie Recipe Is Guaranteed To Be Devoured In One Sitting

Some people say that the bacon craze is over. They insist that all the recipes have been discovered and devoured and that we should move on to something new. Those people, respectfully, are quitters.