Man Trapped Inside His Own Body For 13 Years Starts To Move And Reveals The Truth

There are few feelings in the world that are worse than being trapped. Whether it’s a simple fear of physically constrictive surroundings or it’s a prison sentence, humans are naturally averse to being cooped up without the ability to get free.

Here's What To Know About Seeing A Parking Spot Painted Purple

Finding a parking space at a big shopping center can be a serious hassle. Few things ruin a trip to your favorite store faster than spending 20 minutes just trying to find a place to drop off your car.

Man Cashing In Pennies He Collected For 45 Years Is Speechless At What The Bank Says

It’s easy to avoid paying much mind to pennies. You don’t have to be particularly wealthy to see that it’s quite difficult to make a single cent go very far, especially with inflation increasing more and more every year.

12 Harrowing Stories From People Who Survived The Sinking Of The Titanic

In 1912, the world’s biggest cruise ship, RMS Titanic, set sail for its maiden voyage from England to New York City—but it never made it. A collision with an iceberg sent the ship and over 1,500 passengers to the bottom of the ocean. It was one of the deadliest commercial disasters in history.

Two Women And Dogs Stranded In Shark-Infested Waters For Months Finally Get A Glimmer Of Hope

It’s been said that you could survive for three weeks without food and just three days without water. As the staples of daily life, it’s almost to imagine making even that long without either.

Woman Opening Her Rented DVD Finds A Note Inside That Almost Makes Her Scream

The world can be tough and life is almost never easy, so keeping a positive mindset is crucial to getting through. When it comes down to it, though, sometimes simply sitting down with a good movie can do wonders for the soul.

Elderly Man Calls The Local Police To Ask A Question That Breaks Their Hearts

There’s no question that the elderly are important members of society who deserve our respect. When someone has lived a long life, they always have a great deal of wisdom to impart upon us young folks.

92-Year-Old Bravely Sacrifices His Body To Save An 8-Year-Old Girl When No One Else Would

Everyone has heard the phrase “not all heroes wear capes” at some point in their lives. It’s a way of saying that everyday people have it in themselves to act heroically, so long as they dig deep within to find it.

Teen Opening A Gift From Grandpa Is In Total Disbelief When She Looks Inside

It’s safe to say that most kids prefer material items for their birthday and holiday presents. Of course, as they grow older, they come to appreciate gifts that are a bit less tangible—but more meaningful.

Cafe Owner Hires A Homeless Man Only To Find This In Her Kitchen Two Weeks Later

Homelessness is a major problem that universally plagues society. With a lack of access to even the most basic things needed to survive—often through tragic circumstances—these people are commonly left to beg for money so they can eat.

Brothers Researching An Unmarked Grave Uncover Their Town's Tragic Past

Today, when a person is suffering from mental illness, their treatment options are numerous. With the support of family and friends, they can reach out and find the help they need to lead normal lives.

People Are Stunned At This Airline's Response To A Breastfeeding Mom On A Plane

Everyone can agree that traveling with young children can be a huge hassle. Not only is it a challenge to get everybody packed and out the door, but all along the way, kids require special considerations.

Woman Solves A Bizarre 9/11 Mystery After Carrying This Photo In Her Pocket For 13 Years

On September 11, 2001, America—and the world—changed forever after a series of terrorist attacks claimed the lives of thousands of people. While New York City was hit the hardest by the attacks, the effects of this act of terrorism engulfed the entire nation in fear and pain.

Pilot Is Sucked Out Of The Plane Mid-Flight But The Crew's Quick Thinking Saves His Life

Flying is one of the most popular ways for people to traverse all over the globe. Whether they’re traveling for a couple of hours or a couple of days, flying undoubtedly makes everything easier.

Shed Collapses On Father's Head, But His Kids Know Exactly What To Do

Most parents can’t help but be a little overprotective when it comes to their children. While plenty of kids are smart and capable, they still have so much to learn. That doesn’t mean they can’t surprise you, though.

Man Plants Seeds In the Same Spot Every Day For 38 Years With Breathtaking Results

All over the world, we can see growing evidence that our planet is changing. From melting polar ice caps to the smog in Los Angeles, it’s obvious that something needs to be done… and fast.

Teen Girl Who Fell 2 Miles Out Of An Airplane Emerges Alive Ten Days Later

Although flying an airplane is usually safe when handled by professionals, plenty of people still harbor a serious phobia of taking to the blue skies. It’s an understandable fear, after all; human beings weren’t made to fly!

Woman's Search For Her Biological Parents Unearths An Illicit Decades-Old Affair

For any child abandoned by their parents, the mystery surrounding their origins is often hard to ignore. The struggle to learn more about their biological parents and, by extension, their own selves, can sometimes be unending.

Fate Brings Together A Woman And Her Biological Mom Online

The bond between a mother and a child is like no other between two people on Earth. Carrying a child in your womb for nine months fosters a connection that lasts a lifetime.

Professor's Stunning Response When A Single Mom Missed Class Immediately Went Viral

Being a mother is no joke! From the moment you open your eyes in the morning to the moment your head hits the pillow, your every thought is about how to keep your child healthy and happy, especially in those first few years.

Astonishing Photos That Everyone Needs To See In Their Lifetime

It’s really easy to forget just how extraordinary life can be. While the world is full of stunning sights, sometimes they get lost in the hustle and bustle of the routine that makes up our day-to-day lives.

Homeless Man Hands Woman A Single Piece Of Paper That Changes Both Of Their Lives

Every person we pass on the street has their own story. Whether they appear wealthy, poor, friendly, or disgruntled, behind every face is a special journey that only one individual has experienced. And, sometimes, the story of their life is astounding.

Scientist Falls 70 Feet Into An Icy Crevasse And Catches The Whole Thing On Camera

While most of us like to play it safe, there are many people out there who practically live for adventure. The more risky the experience, the better! Unfortunately, though, that daredevil spirit often comes with a price if you’re not too careful.

UPS Driver Saves A Mother And Her Baby After Seeing The Note Scribbled On A Package

Just about everyone is so used to seeing UPS trucks out and about that we don’t think twice when we see them stopped on the side of the road. They’re just part of everyday life, given that people are sending and receiving more packages than ever.

People Are Putting Coins On Gravestones For A Tragic But Deeply Moving Reason

When someone you love dies, it’s important to never let the memory of them disappear. Visiting their tombstone is one way to ensure that your memories never fade. It’s always sad to remind yourself that they’re gone, but it feels good to show respect any way you can.