20 Brilliant Ways To Use Ordinary Plastic Straws That Are Making People's Lives So Much Easier

There has been a lot of serious talk about a plastic straw ban lately. Disposable straws are so ubiquitous that they account for a significant amount of waste, and what’s worse, they’re ending up in our oceans. Beyond reducing your use, there’s still more you can do when it comes to straws.

25 Extraordinary Historical Photos That Give A Rare Glimpse Into The Past

Inside your wallet or in the picture app on your phone, you’ve probably got a photograph that’s special to you. You might not look at it every day, but it’s important to you that it’s there. That’s because the best photos bring the past to life, right down to how people were feeling and thinking at that time.

Blue Lines Being Painted Down The Middle Of Roads In New Jersey Are Sparking Heated Debate

Even the kid who slept through most of driver’s ed knows, in North America, if you see double-yellow lines in the road, you can’t drive over them to pass a car (no matter how slow its driving)! Those lines have saved lives for decades — ignoring them can have big consequences.

Utah Newlyweds Embark On A Desperate Journey To Fulfill Their Strongest Desire

At some point, you’ve dreamed of a long overdue promotion — and a fat pay raise to boot. You’ve probably dreamed of the perfect, all-smiles marriage or relationship, too. And, if you’re human at all, you know how terrible it feels to fall short of your dreams.

Elderly Man's Daring Act of Kindness Spares A Group of Children From A Brutal Fate

Chances are you’ve walked past a homeless person without a second thought. It takes no effort to ignore someone in need, after all, especially those who are strangers. But what if, when faced with helping someone you didn’t know, one simple act could save his or her life?

Women Stranded At Sea For Months Have To Take Extreme Measures To Survive

Imagine being stranded at sea for months, enduring the persistent smell of salt on the air and a slowly dwindling food supply. These sound like the problems of a swashbuckling pirate — the makings of a wild and exciting story found in the pages of a best-selling adventure novel.

Woman Visiting The Doctor For Strange Stomach Pains Learns It's Far Graver Than She Suspected

That heartbreaking moment when a doctor delivers terrible news to a patient happens all too often. And though the news may not always be a death sentence, if a doctor gets serious, you know the following days, weeks, months, or years are going to be challenging at the very least.

Louisiana Millionaire's Steep Fall From Grace Lands Him Behind Bars For Life

Striking it rich is something many folks dream about, but what they don’t think of is just how hard it can be to hold on to that money once they’ve made it! Temptations lurk around every corner when you have wealth to spare, and for those without enough self-control, a pocket stuffed with dollar bills can become the recipe for a destructive downward spiral.

4-Year-Old Lost In The Siberian Wilderness Gets A Miracle From An Unlikely Hero

Siberia is not for the unprepared. If the animals don’t get you, the mucky bogs and wetlands might be what do you in. And while navigating that terrain, you have to look out for wintry temperatures of, like, -70 degrees Fahrenheit… and did we mention there aren’t a lot of people around to help you out when you’re in trouble?

20 Strange Household Hacks Using Everyday Items That Make People's Lives So Much Better

You work well over 40 hours a week, you’re tight on cash, and you just want to make your life a little easier. So you invest in fancy cleaning products and spend an absurd amount of your paycheck on five-minute beauty regimes…and it still feels like you’re wasting time and money you don’t have.

27 Hilariously Unfortunate Photos Of People Whose Day Took A Significant Turn For The Worse

Some days, it can feel like absolutely nothing is going our way: we’ve all been punched in the gut with a bout of bad luck. But for the most part, when things go south, we can rest easy knowing that at least no one was there with a camera to capture the awkward moment.

16-Year-Old Whose Home Was Disappearing Into The Sea Figures Out A Genius Way To Save It

The Indian island of Majuli is in terrible danger! In fact, the situation is so grave that scientists fear the island might cease to exist in the near future. That’s right, an entire piece of land could just vanish!

An Unknown Object At An Airport Led A Woman On A Social Media Goose Chase

Airports take security very seriously. They have to! It’s the vital job of TSA agents to ensure that the items people bring onto commercial airlines don’t pose any kind of threat. Sometimes, however, people are unfortunately forced to discard things that have sentimental value due to the safety constraints.

Get By A Li'l Easier With These Genius Soda Can Hacks

Whether you call it “pop,” “soda,” or “coke,” all soft drink consumers have one thing in common. Once you’ve downed your fizzy beverage of choice, you likely throw the aluminum can away or smash it against your forehead and then throw it away. But you might want to rethink that…

Easy and Brilliant Hacks For The DIY-Obsessed

There are plenty of do-it-yourself projects out there that are better left to MacGyver. So don’t sweat it if you don’t know how to build a lie detector out of a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, and alarm clock.

A Dad's Words Completely Changed The Course Of This High School Teacher's Day

Back to school shopping is a total hassle. Not only are the kids grumpy about September coming up, but the stores are usually overrun with other families shopping — and the cost of the supplies that the kids need is just outrageous! It’s enough to make everyone out there mad about the approaching school year.

Child That Captured The Nation's Attention In the '90s Is Finally Ready To Share Her Story

Childhood should be a time of innocence. But unfortunately, some children don’t get to grow up feeling safe, loved, and cherished. For these children, childhood isn’t something positive, it’s a black hole that could swallow them up.

The Curious Disturbance At A Philadelphia Museum

People go to museums to be wowed. They want to get popped in the face with a little bit of unknown history or bathe in the glory of new information and beautiful artifacts. But if guests visited one Philadelphia museum on August 22, 2018, they were treated to something a little different.

20 People Who Wished They Stayed Home From Work

Whether the boss pulled you into her office and slapped you with a stack of papers or the clocks froze in some sick joke, everyone’s had a bad day at work (and everyone loves to complain about it)! Nothing brings people together like a tough day at the office.

Ingenious Uses For Pickle Juice All Year 'Round

Cleopatra believed pickles and their juices kept her young and beautiful, yet, centuries, the fate of the vinegar-soaked cucumbers fell just shy of pharaoh’s high praise. The sour snack ended up mostly as a garnish for burgers and sandwiches and less like a veggie-based Fountain of Youth.

Woman Plots Elaborate Scheme From Overseas That Brings Her Mom To Tears

To say parenthood is tough is like saying rocket science is a bit of a brain tickler. Once a child enters your life, you’re up early making lunches and changing diapers while thinking of the evenings you’ll dedicate to helping with homework. And you’ll do it, often times, without so much as a thank you!

Cruise Passengers Are Startled When Ship Grinds To A Halt Before Seeing What's Up Ahead

The steak or the mahi-mahi for dinner? This is usually the most stressful choice we are faced with while on vacation — everything else is, well, at bay.

Woman Hires Workers To Clean Her House And Returns To Alarming Scene

What person truly enjoys cleaning their house — let alone, has the time to do so? Between all of the vacuuming, mopping, and dusting, hiring a cleaning service sounds like a much more appealing idea.

20 Strange Photos That Prove The Laws Of Gravity Can Be Broken

The laws of physics are not the kind of laws that can be enforced or broken. They exist, and we just have to deal with them. Still, there have definitely been instances that left us wondering how on earth they can be possible.

Climber Reveals Big Secret To Girlfriend On Hike And Later Makes A Regrettable Choice

It takes a certain type of person to climb mountains. Adventure junkies across the globe know that while a hunk of rock might look unimposing, actually scaling that massive front is another thing entirely. It’s a challenge like no other, and sometimes even professionals get scared.