One Look At This Guy's Transformation Could Make Anyone Swear Off Drugs Forever

Although everyone knows about the the ravages of drug addiction, every year more and more people get hooked on addictive substances. That’s why we need constant reminders of the havoc that drugs wreak, even though it can be painful to take.

Big-City Lawyer Trying To Intimidate A Farmer In Court Isn't Ready For His Brilliant Response

If you’re injured in an accident, all you want is justice from the people at fault. This mission becomes even greater if the accident robs you of valuable property or, heaven forbid, a loved one.

Anyone Who Finds A Coin Jammed In Their Car Door Handle Needs To Remove It Immediately

Just when you think you’ve found a way to protect your most prized possessions from thieves and robbers, they come up with new ways to steal things. It seems like a ceaseless cycle that you can’t avoid, no matter how careful you are.

12 Weird Things That Our Ancestors Used To Do All The Time

Our ancestors love to remind us how much “better” things were back in their day. From buying a gallon of milk for five cents to wearing clothes of a higher quality, they’ll be sure to let us know that the way things operate these days is just no good!

Couple's 'Genius' Tipping Method Just Infuriated Half Of The People On The Internet

How many of us have struggled to calculate the tip every time we go out for dinner? In addition to the math involved (shoutout to places that put the percentages at the bottom of the receipt!), you have to factor in the service itself.

Why Wearing Flip-Flops Every Day Could Actually Be Terrible For Our Health

When summertime rolls around, you’d be hard-pressed to find a shoe more ubiquitous than the flip-flop. Just about everyone sports these simple, easy-to-slip-on shoes once the mercury rises.

66 Days After Their Son Goes Missing At Sea This Family Gets An Astonishing Phone Call

Having a family member or close friend go missing is one of the worst situations imaginable. The haunting uncertainty about where they are or what’s happening to them is almost impossible to shake off. It’s a nightmare no one wants to live.

Forty Years After His Wife's Death Renovators Find A Time Capsule With This Note Inside

Many people dream of being able to travel back in history to see what their families or their communities used to look like well before their time. Unfortunately, unless you know how to build a working time machine, that isn’t exactly possible.

Man Lets His Roommate Borrow His Car And Ends Up With Life In Prison

Often, it’s sound judgment that will take you far in life. Whether it’s deciding how to spend your time at work or where to invest your money, the ability to assess and act are invaluable.

Days After This Teen Goes Missing, Someone Starts Making Calls Pretending To Be Him

In January 2000, a car belonging to Zebb Quinn, an 18-year-old Walmart employee from Asheville, North Carolina, was found in a restaurant parking lot. The car was totally empty—save for a dog inside, a hotel key, and a pair of lips and exclamation points drawn on the rear windshield—and with the headlights on.

Woman Finds Strange Note On Her Windshield Only To Realize She's In Grave Danger

The world can be a scary place, and sometimes it’s easy to forget how vulnerable we truly are. We take our own safety and security for granted, but the reality is that there are predators lurking among us all the time.

12 Years After This Beauty Queen Vanished, A Strange Woman Comes Forward With Key Puzzle Piece

When tragedy strikes, it’s difficult to avoid the storm clouds. While misery may love company, tragedy practically demands it.

Man Inherits His Great Uncle's Safe And Finds The Treasure of A Lifetime Inside

Not only does sifting through a relative’s old belongings offer a great opportunity to learn about their past, but it allows us to uncover hidden secrets, too.

28 Everyday Things We've All Been Doing Wrong This Whole Time

Everyone is always looking for more efficient ways to do things, which is totally understandable! After all, who couldn’t stand to learn a few ways to save time in their busy day?

The Tragic Story Of A Boy Raised As A Girl For A Failed Scientific Experiment

When babies are born, it should be a happy time for the new family. There is nothing quite as special as that moment when two people madly in love get to expand their home and share all of that love with new lives of their own making.

Man Who Buys A Dresser For $100 Finds A Secret Drawer With Something Astonishing Inside

While everyone would love to make some decent cash from their used valuables, it’s often more convenient to just give them away. That’s part of the reason why garage sales and yard sales are such great places to find decent items at bargain prices.

Headless Body Washes Up Days After Reporter Mysteriously Disappears On A Man's Submarine

Many young people dream about what they would like to become when they grow up. While some people’s aspirations change as they get older, there are some who just won’t rest until they’ve got the job of their dreams.

Turns Out All Blue-Eyed People Have A Very Weird Thing In Common That Few Realize

Though it seems obvious, your family tree doesn’t end at your great-grandparents, or even your great-great-great-great-grandparents. Everyone is the result of an unknowable number of couplings across millions of years, and trying to trace it all the way back is basically impossible.

17-Year-Old Pipe Bomb Murder Is Solved In The Most Unusual Way

Police officers are trained to notice patterns of behavior among criminals. If a felon is at large, police will often track them down based on crime scene evidence, and sometimes it can even take years before the pieces start coming together.

Woman Who Went Missing For Over A Month Is Spotted Naked And Covered In Mud On The Side Of The Road

There are few things more terrifying that discovering that someone you know has vanished into thin air. In so many other scenarios when tragedy befalls a person you love, all you can ask for is closure, but when someone vanishes without a trace, that’s just not possible.

72-Year-Old Woman Lives An Insane Hermit Lifestyle Deep In Siberia

The rule says everyone should “love thy neighbor,” but that isn’t always easy. Truth be told, sometimes your neighbors simply drive you up the wall. Still, having neighbors beats living in the middle of nowhere, right?

Brothers Researching An Unmarked Grave Uncover Their Town's Tragic Past

Today, when a person is suffering from mental illness, their treatment options are numerous. With the support of family and friends, they can reach out and find the help they need to lead normal lives.

Drunk Guy Picking A Fight Doesn't Realize He's Messing With An MMA Fighter

Though we all love an underdog and like to pretend size doesn’t truly matter, there are instances where it absolutely does. When you’re picking a fight, for instance, size differential is something to be seriously considered, at the very least.

Body Language Expert Reveals What Obama and Trump Were Really Thinking

Donald Trump was elected to the Presidency at the end of the 2016 election. Afterward, President Obama welcomed the businessman into the White House to discuss their transition of power.

Karma Strikes When A Driver Gets A Way Too Close To The Car In Front Of Him

Some people are defensive drivers who simply respond to the road conditions in ways to keep themselves safe. Others, however, are just plain aggressive.