18 Foolproof Tips People Can Use To Keep Ants Out The House For Good

Ants make for terrible roommates. They don’t have a key so they creep in through cracks; they raid your food; and maybe worst of all, they invite hundreds of friends over every night. When you’ve got an ant infestation, it’s hard to get comfortable.

6 Decades After America's Boldest Prison Escape, An Anonymous Letter Might Finally Have Answers

Most of us will never find ourselves behind bars, but those of us that do will have to serve out our sentences, counting down the days until freedom. Some prisoners, however, aren’t so patient.

Parents Spot An Odd Detail About Daughter's Smile Before She's Rushed Into Surgery Immediately

Ask any parent, and they’ll tell you that one of the most precious sights in the world is seeing their child smile. But what happens when instead of bringing happiness, a child’s smile causes fear and panic for everyone in the room?

State Threatens To Take New Mother's Baby Away All Because Of The Food She Ate For Breakfast

There’s a lot soon-to-be mothers must consider before they go into labor. They’ve gotta make sure they’re ready for a lengthy hospital stay and get the house prepped for the baby. But one new mom recently learned of something else she should’ve considered…

People That See Flipped Car Scramble To Help The Family Within As A Tornado Rages Around Them

In emergency situations, a human’s more animal instincts sometimes take over. People just want to get themselves and their family to safety—even at the expense of others facing the same dangerous situation. Fortunately, it is possible for regular people to be selfless in the face of danger.

Mom Shares Unusual Home Remedy For Soothing Even The Worst Sunburns That People Now Swear By

A day in the sun is a lot of fun, but the ensuing sunburn is not. Those red blisters that make showering a nightmare are a cruel punishment for enjoying a little rest and relaxation, and worst of all, there’s no cure but patience…or is there?

Grandfather Sees Note Written On His Meal Receipt And Quickly Feels Sick To His Stomach

Dinner with the family should be a relaxing experience. When you’ve got good food and good conversation, there’s little more you can ask for. A man from New York, however, recently had a night out that scarred him for life.

Divers Uncover Long-Sunken Shipwreck Containing 'Cargo' That Tells A Truly Chilling Tale

Everybody dreams of finding buried treasure, but only a few ever succeed. Even so, these discoveries are rarely as straightforward as you might expect. You have to be careful about what you dig up.

20 Science Fiction-Inspired Technologies That Have Changed Our World In Immeasurable Ways

In this golden age of technology, it seems like new breakthroughs and advancements are being made every day. While some of these innovations are completely unique to their creators, many of the gadgets and devices we use daily were inspired by works of fiction.

20 Weird Underwater Phenomena From Around The World That Rational Science Still Can't Explain

While science has allowed us to explore most of the planet, remarkably, our oceans remain vastly unexplored. Thankfully, new discoveries through modern technology continue to help advance our knowledge of the blue planet every day.

20 Strange Objects People Came Across That Left Them With So Many Unanswered Questions

No one can keep track of every single thing in their attic or backyard. You’re bound to come across a mystery hiding in your own home sooner or later. The real challenge is figuring out exactly what the heck you’re dealing with, especially when it’s really weird.

Russian Boy Claiming He's From Mars Issues Apocalyptic Warning That Makes Experts Uneasy

We’ve all wondered about life on other planets. It’s easy to think about the unending vastness of space above us and feel like there just has to be someone or something else living out there, but we usually label these thoughts as science fiction.

Unusual Uses For Lip Balm That People Have Never Heard Of

Nothing helps chapped lips like a dab of lip balm. Wax-like and often scented, the lip salve moisturizes dry and cracked lips, healing wind- and cold-damaged skin—while making your lips appear all the more kissable in the process! But there are a few lesser-know uses for lip balm worth trying out, too.

20 Genius Netflix Hacks That People Should Be Using But Aren't Even Aware Exist

The rise of Netflix, in the eyes of its legion of users, was the best thing to happen to entertainment in a long while. The amount of great movies and TV it allows us to watch is staggering. But a lot of people still aren’t getting the most out of the streaming service!

20 Supposedly 'Irrational' Phobias That Actually Make A Ton Of Sense

We all have things that scare us. Maybe the idea of death sends shivers down your spine, or small spaces put your brain on red alert. Maybe you’re old fashioned and just terrified of spiders or snakes. Something out there scares you? sure, but life goes on. However, some people carry fears so intense that daily life becomes practically impossible.

Weird Diamond Mine Exhibits Strange Physical Properties That Puzzled Scientists For Years

It’s no secret that humans have gone to insane lengths to transform the world around us. We’ve leveled forests to build parking lots, flooded valleys to make lakes, dammed rivers to power homes, and even carved old men into mountainsides. Time and again, mankind has proven that it can shape and change the natural world with ease. But sometimes, the natural world fights back.

Scientists Spot Substance Encrusted In Rare Diamond That Can't Possibly Survive On Earth's Surface

Plenty has been said about how much of outer space, and even the oceans, have been left undiscovered, but what you may not hear about as much is the abundance of undiscovered wonder under the Earth’s surface. Sure, it may not be full of life, but there’s still a great deal to be studied!

Simple Biology Experiment Helps A Girl Uncover Her Family's Dark Past

Our parents play a huge role in our lives—they are the first people who set out to help us understand the world. Mothers and fathers essentially lay the foundation for who we all become once we reach adulthood, for better or for worse.

22 Common Survival Myths That Are Way More Hazardous Than Helpful

For the average Joe, getting stranded in the wilderness is pretty much a death sentence. Still, there are those among us confident we’ve gleaned enough survival tips from television to hack it out in nature with nothing but the clothes on our back. The truth is, though, Mother Nature isn’t always so kind.

Heartbroken Mother Warns Other Families About Seemingly Innocent Ailment With Dire Consequences

Chickenpox, for many years, was considered so common and inevitable that it was almost a milestone in a child’s life. In some cases, parents would even throw “chickenpox parties” in an effort to expose their children to the virus early on and get things over with.

Mom Prevents Catastrophe One Year After Reading About A Little Boy’s Similar Heartbreaking Ordeal

As a parent, there is undoubtedly nothing scarier than when your child gets sick. Sure, kids pick up lots of colds and viruses, but it’s usually nothing serious. However, when they are, it’s imperative that action is taken quickly.

Strange Tooth Just Washed Up On The Beach In North Carolina With Truly Frightening Origins

On a good day, a walk along the beach might net you a view of beautiful sunset, a handful of brilliant seashells, and more sand in your shoes than you thought possible. But after a slew of storms rocked the coast of North Carolina, residents and beachgoers started finding some strange—and unsettling—souvenirs.

20 Forbidden Places That Are So Off-Limits They Can't Even Be Viewed On Google Maps

The advent of Google Earth provided Internet users with a front-row seat to all corners of the globe. It was, quite literally, like having a map of the entire world at your fingertips no matter where you were. With it, you could zoom in on any place you wanted at the click of a button. Well, almost any place…

Man Whose Dogs Won't Stop Barking Freezes Upon Finally Looking Outside

Whether you live in a city or in the suburbs, it can be easy to forget that animals are almost always somewhere nearby. No matter what part of the world you live in, the critters native to that region have been there long before you—and it’s inevitable that you’ll run into them at some point.

26 Creepy Facts About Outer Space That Prove It's Even More Bleak Than People Understand

There’s nothing like the farthest reaches of outer space to inspire a sense of mystery and wonder in people. That said, some of the secrets of the universe aren’t exactly as pleasant as we’d hope!