Richard Branson Dove Into A Massive Sinkhole And Uncovered A Wild Fact About Humanity

With so many hotly debated issues circulating the media, it’s no surprise that many of the smaller voices – even those advocating for the biggest of issues – tend to be drowned out by those who have just a bit more pull. A thousand people crying out is enough to get the world talking, but all it takes is one major voice to really make them listen.

20 Tech Inventions That Will Give You Serious Nostalgia

Smartphones, apps, and touch screens, oh my! In the blink of an eye, new tech gets unveiled to the world, and it soaks up everyone’s attention. Tech gadgets have gotten so innovative, and frankly addictive, that you can’t even go an hour without seeing dozens of people absorbed in a screen.

Brothers Unearth Inexplicable Treasures From The World's Most Mysterious Island

Just off the south shore of Nova Scotia, there’s a tree-covered island historians and treasure hunters flock to in droves. It’s called Oak Island, and hidden beneath the surface of the 140-acre piece of land are pieces of history that could re-define North America’s past.

Here Are 15 Awesome Tips For Boosting Brainpower Immediately

By the time he was 26, Alex Mullen had won the World Memory Championships (yes, that’s a thing) three years in a row. In his 2017 victory, he scored the most points in championship history. He must’ve been born some kind of genius, right?

20 Historic Photos Of Women Entering The Workplace And Changing History

Since winning the right to vote in the early 20th century, women have been hungry for equality and respect in all areas of life — and with good reason! What’s the point of having the right to vote on subject matters in your country and community if your life is spent washing dishes and folding laundry?

19 Embarrassing Errors In Classic Animated Films That Somehow Made It Through Production

Making a movie is no easy feat, and that goes double when the movie is an animated feature. Making cartoons and computer graphics move around and express themselves like real people requires a ton of people craning their necks for long hours at computer screens.

The First Woman In Space Overcame Near-Impossible Odds To Become A Hero

The Space Race was the political equivalent of a heavyweight boxing championship bout. The world’s biggest superpowers — the United States and the USSR — went toe-to-toe on the world stage, racing to the moon and vying for space dominance. Yet, despite the viewership, few know the full story.

Old Woman Gets A Phone Call That Exposes A Lie She Believed For Nearly 70 Years

For mothers-to-be, nine months of waiting to meet their newborn baby can feel like a lifetime. Many women describe holding their baby for the first time as the best moment of their lives…if everything goes right. Because what’s supposed to be the happiest moment of a mother’s life could suddenly become the worst.

Construction Worker Mistakenly Unearths An Artifact Concealed For Millions Of Years

Your average work routine is pretty predictable when you get up each morning. You might go out to different lunch spot or have a meeting that you forgot about, but — in quite a few lines of work — there usually aren’t too many surprises in any given day.

Family Fleeing A Harsh Regime Starts A Groundbreaking New Industry In America

Every family has traditions they pass down through the generations — the way they celebrate a holiday or maybe a dinnertime ritual. It doesn’t matter if they’re 3,000 miles from where those traditions originated, we make sure that they carry on for years to come.

Former Officer On Covert Mission For The Navy Was Trying To Pull Off His Own Ulterior Scheme

The U.S. Navy has a serious mission: serve the country and protect the seas surrounding the United States. Of course, as with all things military, some steps taken to protect the country require secrecy. They have to be handled under cover and out of sight.

20 Freezing Photos That Prove Mother Nature Has No Chill In The Winter

Temperatures plummet, snow falls from the sky in heaps, and ice sprawls across the land. Chestnuts roast on an open fire; Jack Frost nips at your nose. All of this must mean one thing — it’s winter.

Man In Search For His Real Family Realizes That His Best Friend Holds The Key To It All

A lot of us consider our families to be the most important thing in the world: they make us laugh, make us cry and support us through the hard times. However, the word family can mean very different things to different people.

Underwater Robots Discover A Big Secret Lurking Beneath The Arabian Sea

There are few places on Earth as dangerous as the Arabian Sea. Surrounding nations seem to war endlessly, and pirates with a propensity for violence patrol the waters, searching for loot and treasure. These conditions have long kept scientists and researchers far, far away.

Soon After King Tut's Tomb Was Unsealed, A Weird Series Of Phenomena Began To Occur

Today, King Tut is a household name — he’s that Egyptian pharaoh you probably learned about in elementary school. He wasn’t always part of curricula, however: for over 3,000 years, the name Tutankhamun was unrecognizable.

20 Breathtaking Photos That Prove The World Is Wilder Than People Suspect

With the cameras on smartphones and tablets reaching near-professional quality, it seems like everyone these days is a photographer. Sure, the 300 likes you got on that photo of a beach sunset may seem impressive, but the folks that make a living turning real moments into genuine art will surely beg to differ.

Strange Structure That Washed Up On Shore Has An Unlikely Origin That Confounded Authorities

Ireland is a magical place. While leprechauns and fairies might not be real, one look at the verdant country and you’ll understand why stories of them run rampant there. People are used to the otherworldly on the Isle of Erin, which is why it’s not surprising it’s a land with a passion for telling stories and solving mysteries.

Construction Crew Unearths Missing Link To A Piece Of History That Was Lost For Centuries

Whether you can see it or not, history is everywhere. Each day, you probably step over a treasure from the past without even realizing it! If you don’t believe us, just ask these scientists in Stockholm, Sweden.

Hikers Stumble Upon A Wild New Clue In An Unsolved Plane Crash From 30 Years Earlier

Stories of mystery have served to captivate the masses for centuries, but that’s usually all they ever are: stories. Yet while most people are content to be mystified by tales that seemingly have no end or explanation, there are plenty of others that believe stories like these are far from over.

These Superfoods Will Improve Your Life In More Ways Than One

Walk through the supermarket and nearly every product makes some bold claim about what it can do for you. Crackers promise to maybe lower cholesterol, and a grain’s packaging will proclaim it to be the best replacement for insert commonly eaten food here. Do any products at the store actually tell the truth?

New Mars Probe Has An Important Mission That Could Determine The Future Of Space Exploration

Why bother learning about outer space? It’s a question we ask ourselves from time to time, and yet our natural curiosity about the universe usually answers it for us. Everything beyond Earth may be one big mystery, but we’re getting closer to cracking it every day.

10 A-List Actors That Shaved Years Off Their Lives Using Some Very Clever Hollywood Magic

Over the years, computer-generated imagery (CGI) has brought action and fantasy movies to life right in front of our eyes. Hollywood artists create realistic alien landscapes or otherworldly creatures that look like they could be from right here on planet Earth.

Man That Finds His Wife Unresponsive In Their Bed Is Soon Faced With An Impossible Decision

While most people try not to think about a situation where someone needs to decide whether or not to take them off life-support, it does happen. Making sure that you have a “do not resuscitate” policy established is important if you don’t want to wind up indefinitely in a vegetative state.

Man Trying To Escape Wildfires As His Truck Melts Makes A Tough Decision Few Other People Would

In 2018, California suffered devastation when raging wildfires claimed millions of acres of forests, residences, and business complexes. Death tolls rose as people around the world wondered if authorities would ever get the flames under control.

Wild New Treatment Is Giving Some Paralyzed People Hope That They Haven't Had In Years

Of all the things we take for granted every day, our health may be the biggest. While there are people struggling with severe psychological disorders, battling cancer, or losing limb function, most of us can go about our day without worrying what obstacles we’ll have to overcome next.