10 A-List Actors That Shaved Years Off Their Lives Using Some Very Clever Hollywood Magic

Over the years, computer-generated imagery (CGI) has brought action and fantasy movies to life right in front of our eyes. Hollywood artists create realistic alien landscapes or otherworldly creatures that look like they could be from right here on planet Earth.

Man That Finds His Wife Unresponsive In Their Bed Is Soon Faced With An Impossible Decision

While most people try not to think about a situation where someone needs to decide whether or not to take them off life-support, it does happen. Making sure that you have a “do not resuscitate” policy established is important if you don’t want to wind up indefinitely in a vegetative state.

Man Trying To Escape Wildfires As His Truck Melts Makes A Tough Decision Few Other People Would

California is to the devastation of natural disasters that cripples its state Wildfires claim millions of acres of forests, residents, and businesses, but there are heroic people from all over the country that risk their lives to help those in need.

Wild New Treatment Is Giving Some Paralyzed People Hope That They Haven't Had In Years

Of all the things we take for granted every day, our health may be the biggest. While there are people struggling with severe psychological disorders, battling cancer, or losing limb function, most of us can go about our day without worrying what obstacles we’ll have to overcome next.

20 Awe-Inspiring Buildings That Look Like They Were Dreamed Up In A Different Universe

If you were asked to draw a house, chances are you’d draw something pretty simple. Four walls, a door, some windows, and a pointed roof — what else does a person really need? But our homes and offices are so much more than just the places where we eat, sleep, work, and play. They’re expressions of who we really are (or at least, they should be)!

These Are Some Of The Most Fail-Worthy Construction Workers Around

Imagine your day job was assembling IKEA furniture… every. single. day. You just have a bunch of wood pieces that are different sizes and different thicknesses, plus a sheet of directions with random letters and arrows that point to nowhere. That’s a hard job.

20 Genius Inventions That Look Like They Were Plucked From The Future

Is the future here yet? Well, we’re definitely not living like The Jetsons — we still have a ways to go before we perfect flying cars and teleportation — but that doesn’t mean radically cool and futuristic inventions aren’t hitting the shelves every day.

Strange Objects Spotted From Space Could Change Our Understanding Of Human History

When the satellites that orbit Earth scan our planet, they’re able to locate underwater landmasses and other hidden formations that are invisible to the human eye. Even from miles above our planet’s surface, these high tech-metal masses can detect the smallest nooks and crannies.

Giant Structures Across The Planet Were Built By The Most Unlikely Architects

In nature, most animal’s shelters are far from spectacular: a bird will stack a few twigs into a nest, or a rodent will dig a cozy burrow for itself. At the same time, some species build homes so large they could make a billionaire blush.

20 Crazy Things People Do for Beauty Around the World

People all over the world have wanted a youthful appearance and glowing skin for centuries. Naturally, the way people attain this beauty standard varies from country to country, with some folks taking more drastic measures or strict routines to be happy with a glance in the mirror.

20 Morning Habits Celebrities Swear By That People Can Easily Adopt For Themselves

*RING!* Waking up to the shriek of an alarm clock stinks. Slapping that snooze button for the fifth time in a row feels necessary, but can’t be good for your overall health. Well, rest assured, there’s hope for us sleepyheads after all.

An Endurance Swimmer From The U.K. Set Out To Break Multiple World Records

A true test of endurance pushes the body to its breaking point. It’s the long-distance marathon, the weeks-long climb, the impossible triathlon. It’s about having the ability to block out the physical pain — sometimes excruciating — and take yourself to another place.

Two Men Fed Up With An Oppressive Government Hatched A Wild Escape Plan

History is marked by great feats of courage, but few are more significant than those undertaken to protect the ones we care about. Even in the face of imminent danger, men and women throughout time have put their lives on the line to ensure that no harm would come to those they love.

Father And Son's Ordinary Hunting Trip Takes A Wild Turn After They Spot Something In The Dirt

When a serious hunter ventures into the woods during hunting season, they have one thing on their mind: get their target in the crosshairs and take the perfect shot. Returning home with a heap of wild game is always the goal, but sometimes an unexpected turn of events changes plans.

Strange Sinkhole Contains A Wild Feature That Caught Experts Way Off Guard

A group of scientists is gearing up, their hearts pounding. They’re about to descend into an unknown cavity on a mountainside in the middle of nowhere. They walk to its edge, lean back, and let gravity pull them into the earth.

Hard-To-Reach Island Off New York City Coast Is Rumored To Be Haunted Due To Its Storied Past

There’s a reason people from all over the world flock to New York City: the people, the careers, and the general “buzz” of the streets make it a place like no other. But the city of lights hides a bit of darkness, too.

20 Wildly Dangerous Toys For Children That Still Managed To Make It Onto The Shelves

Before TV reigned supreme, adventurous children eager to play pushed the boundaries every day. They would climb trees, mess around with fireworks, and stay out late after dark without telling their parents anything. Playtime was a sort of lawless activity.

Young Girl Lost In Siberia For Days Is Forced To Take Extreme Measures To Survive

Thanks to an abundance of technologies and other people, we can easily pinpoint our exact locations. In this day and age, it’s hard to get truly lost, though there are still some not-so WiFi-rich corners of the Earth where things like Google Maps aren’t practical. Take, for example, rural Siberia.

Man Saves Millions Of Lives Using An Extraordinary 'Power' Few Other People Have

When Superman first debuted in 1938, people were awed and dazzled — and how could you not be? He always saved the day with superhuman strength and invulnerability, his red cape fluttering in the breeze as he set the bar for flashy heroism.

Man Lost In The Amazon Is Forced To Take Extreme Measures To Make It Out Alive

Traveling is a mind-opening experience, and it can be even more rewarding when we surround ourselves in nature. Experiencing the chirping of birds, scents of trees, and views of places untouched by mankind is a great way to re-energize ourselves and find some peace of mind.

Man With Serious Illness Makes Powerful Move To Prepare His Young Twins For Life Without Him

Parents teach their kids how to exist in the world. They show us how to drive, how to be a good friend, how to hold a fork. Mothers and fathers give us insight into their perspectives: what is worth spending time on? What do we value most? But some parents unfortunately see their teaching opportunities slip away…

Family Builds A Supposedly Indestructible House On The Beach Before Soon Facing The Ultimate Test

When it comes to the safety of your family, you might hope for the best while planning for the worst. Even if disaster never strikes, the knowledge that you and your home (and everything in it) won’t end up damaged beyond repair can go a long way.

20 Wild Facts About Antarctica That They Definitely Don't Teach In Schools

Can you imagine thousands and thousands of miles of uninhabited land with zero electricity? With climates so inhospitable that without supremely specialized equipment, humans would quickly perish? It sounds like life on Mars, but this place we’re talking about is actually a whole lot closer to home.

20 Bizarre Mistakes Uncovered During Home Inspections

You just put an offer in on a house, but before things are finalized, you cross your fingers the home inspection comes up roses. Then, the contractor shows you a support beam cracked in half and covered with duct tape. What a nightmare!

The Incredible Story Behind An Amusement Park Carny Saving Millions Of Lives

Believe it or not, we’re only a few decades removed from the days of the common cold being just as deadly as the flu. With medical knowledge at a premium back then, what were the parents of sick babies to do when it seemed like nothing they tried was working?