Man Trapped Inside His Own Body For 13 Years Starts To Move And Reveals The Truth

There are few feelings in the world that are worse than being trapped. Whether it’s a simple fear of physically constrictive surroundings or it’s a prison sentence, humans are naturally averse to being cooped up without the ability to get free.

After 8 Years Of Trying To Get Pregnant This Woman Gets An Unbelievable Ultrasound

Unfortunately, having a baby is more difficult for some couples than it is for others. As people get older, their ability to conceive decreases dramatically, and it can eventually lead to a great deal of emotional pain for would-be parents.

10 Supposedly 'Healthy' Foods That Actually Do More Harm Than Good

If you want to live a long and healthy life, there are certain things you need to do. For instance, getting plenty of exercise is definitely a key component to staying healthy, but it’s not everything.

Most People Can't Tell The Difference Between These Eggs But It's Actually So Important

Eggs are delicious and can give you the energy to tackle the day, so it’s no wonder why they’re a staple at breakfast tables across America. You can add almost any protein or vegetable to them and it’ll make for a nutritious breakfast to start any day.

13 Body Hacks That Even Most Doctors Don't Know About

The human body is pretty darn amazing. It’s capable of things like running marathons and creating life—those are totally awe-inspiring accomplishments when you stop and think about them.

Here's Why People Over 40 Years Old Should Stop Taking Ibuprofen Immediately

When we get headaches or other everyday pains, most of us don’t think twice about taking a small dose of over-the-counter painkillers. These drugs usually take care of the immediate problem—along with a glass of water, of course.

One Look At This Guy's Transformation Could Make Anyone Swear Off Drugs Forever

Although everyone knows about the the ravages of drug addiction, every year more and more people get hooked on addictive substances. That’s why we need constant reminders of the havoc that drugs wreak, even though it can be painful to take.

Why Wearing Flip-Flops Every Day Could Actually Be Terrible For Our Health

When summertime rolls around, you’d be hard-pressed to find a shoe more ubiquitous than the flip-flop. Just about everyone sports these simple, easy-to-slip-on shoes once the mercury rises.

The Tragic Story Of A Boy Raised As A Girl For A Failed Scientific Experiment

When babies are born, it should be a happy time for the new family. There is nothing quite as special as that moment when two people madly in love get to expand their home and share all of that love with new lives of their own making.

Putting An Ice Cube On This Spot Is The Closest Thing To Magic We've Seen

Try as we might, we’re all subjected to the occasional headache or mysterious pain from time to time, and it could be incredibly frustrating to not be able to rid of them. Sometimes taking Ibuprofen just isn’t enough to get the job done.

10 Subtle Warning Signs That Foods May Have Already Gone Bad

Let’s face it: even the best housekeeper has that one jar of frosting that’s been there for who knows how long. And who out there hasn’t accidentally swallowed a sip of milk that should have been thrown out the day before? It’s unpleasant, but it won’t kill you.

Scientists Say It's Possible That People With This Rare Blood Type Have 'Alien' DNA

For as long as humans have existed, there have been eight common blood types: A, AB, B, and O, with each having a positive or negative trait. These only vary based on the proteins found in each individual’s blood.

Denny's Manager Writes An Extremely Rude Note On A Sick Customer's Receipt

Most people who have suffered from serious illnesses strive to return to a sense of normalcy. Whether or not it makes them feel better physically, being able to do the same things they used to may provide some solace.

Little Girl With Medical Problems Is Bizarrely Cured After She Falls 30 Feet Into A Hollow Tree

We all know that the world is rarely fair, but every once in a while, something good happens that’s so impossible to explain that it might as well be considered a miracle. That might just be the simplest explanation for what happened to eight-year-old Annabel Beam.

If Someone Is Choking With No One Around To Help, This Simple Trick Could Save Their Life

Freak accidents happen, and learning how to save your own life in the rare case that they do is very important. At that moment, there may not be anyone else around to help you, and you’d need to take it upon yourself to remain calm and act accordingly. Choking is one of these dire situations—but how do you save your own life when you can’t even breathe?

Woman Who Lived With A 'Tumor' For 60 Years Is Devastated To Find Out What It Really Was

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how amazing modern medicine has become. From replacement joints to vaccines, doctors have never had such sophisticated tools at their disposal. Regardless, even the most trusted and highly skilled doctors are capable of a misdiagnosis. They are, after all, merely human.

Man Puts His Enormous Hands And Forearms To Good Use As A Pro Arm Wrestler

Superheroes will probably always be popular because, for us normies, it’s awesome to imagine what it must be like to have special, unique powers that let us do amazing things. From mythological figures like Hercules to comic book icons like Superman, they inspire us all with childlike wonder.

People Reveal The Dumbest Ways They've Ever Injured Themselves

No matter how careful you are, at some point or another in your life, you’re going to get injured. Be it something as major as breaking a bone or as simple as scraping your knee, these painful mistakes happen!

Couple FedExes Their Toddler 500 Miles Across The Country After A Blizzard Grounds All Flights

It goes without saying that most parents would do anything to ensure the safety of their children. This is especially true in the case of a medical emergency.

5 Handy Tricks To Make Sure Food In The Fridge Stays Safe To Eat While On Vacation

There are all sorts of things that can go wrong in your house while you’re away on a vacation. From forgetting to turn off a light to your plants not being watered enough, there’s just so much to prepare for!

Why Anyone Who Sees Their Children Sitting Like This Should Stop Them Right Away

Being a new parent entails a lot, but worrying all the time is certainly at the top of the list. So many things can potentially go wrong that it’s easy to never let yourself have a moment of peace. Parenting is definitely a balancing act!

Here's How To Survive A Potentially Deadly Fall From A Great Height

Though they might not register as one of the top causes of death like, say, heart disease or cancer, falls are responsible for at least 420,000 fatalities per year around the world. And when it comes to injury-related deaths, they are second only to car accidents!

Incredible Tricks Using Lemons That Experts Swear By

Lemons are one of the most multifaceted fruits on the planet, as they can be used for both sweet and savory purposes in cooking. From lemon chicken and lemonade to lemon meringue pie, there’s no shortage of ways to use them.

Mom Of Two Will Be 'Internally Decapitated' Unless She Can Raise Money For Surgery

Samantha Smith of England was stunned to learn that she was fighting a battle against her own body. After a visit to the doctor, the 30-year-old mother of two received some horrifying news: she needed surgery fast, or else it’d be too late to save her.

What's Hiding On The Bottom Of Plastic Bottles Is More Important Than Anyone Realizes

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of your household items have strange markings on the side or underneath their labels. For the most part, you can get through life without worrying about it, but you can’t help but wonder what they mean.