21 Little-Known Facts About Facebook's Creator And Social Media Czar Mark Zuckerberg

How many times have you checked Facebook today? The web giant is so omnipresent that it’s easy to forget that it was once just an idea in the head of Mark Zuckerberg. And when the introverted programmer launched Facebook in 2004, he never could’ve guessed it would make him an icon.

Researchers Unearth A Sunken Ship That Totally Changes Our Understanding Of History

Scientists aboard a research ship in the Black Sea monitored a screen broadcasting surveillance data from more than a mile beneath the surface. Nothing groundbreaking appeared…until a blip sounded. Everyone standing around leapt to attention.

Photographer Captures Rare Wolves That Are Unlike Any Other Canines On Earth

For centuries, wolves have been feared by villagers who feel the canines might snatch children from beds or wreak havoc on the village’s livestock. Wolves, those villagers think, are snarling animals thirsty for blood and hungry for red meat.

Woman's Train Ride To Work Takes Serious Turn That Leaves Her Relationships In Serious Jeopardy

Whether it’s by starting a new job, pursuing college, or just ironing out details that will launch them into the next phases of life, most 19-year-olds are just on the cusp of solidifying their identities. That age is the perfect time to re-examine relationships and start fresh.

Object Uncovered In A Dried-Up Lake Sheds Light On A Long-Forgotten History

Knock the dust off your photo albums and turn to any page, and you’ll find a photo that reminds you of a moment you’ve forgotten about: a first birthday party, an awkwardly posed prom pic, or a smile from a family member long ago passed on. This inevitably begins the proverbial walk down memory lane.

20 Genius Ways To Repurpose A Tampon That Could Come In Super Handy In A Pinch

Ladies, you dread it every month: your visit from Mother Nature, the hello from your Aunt Flo, your shark week, your blood moon, your crimson tide, your Carrie, your red wedding, or a code red! Worry not because you can make this time of the month a useful time of the month.

20 Strange Inventions From History People Once Thought Were Actually Necessary

When Gary Dahl first put a rock in a cardboard box with air holes, the people of ’75 lost their collective minds. He invented a pet even the dumbest kid couldn’t kill, and his bank account was rewarded handsomely. Yet, years later, we look back and wonder: what were buyers of the pet rock thinking?

16-Year-Old Whose Home Was Disappearing Into The Sea Figures Out A Genius Way To Save It

The Indian island of Majuli is in terrible danger! In fact, the situation is so grave that scientists fear the island might cease to exist in the near future. That’s right, an entire piece of land could just vanish!

Two Hikers Make a Discovery In The Snow And Unlock Centuries of Lost History

Mountain climbing isn’t for the faint of heart, and any seasoned mountaineer will tell you to always expect the unexpected. A simple shift in the weather can prove disastrous for a hiker, and one misstep can mean the difference between making it home and ending up at the bottom of a chasm.

A Look At The Wild Plants That Can Harm You — And Ones That Can Save Your Life

Imagine you’re hiking through the forest and all of a sudden you go sliding down the side of a mountain. You’re stuck, you’re all alone, and the only thing in your backpack is a water bottle, crumbs from a Nature Valley bar, and your dead cell phone. What do you do?

Beach Photographer Spots A Heart-Racing Scene Through The Lens Of A Drone

Take a trip to a beach and you’ll see kids throwing sand and jumping over sunbathers. You’ll hear the roar of crashing waves, and smell that pungent odor of salt and sunscreen. The truth is, nowhere invites friendly chaos quite like a public shore.

19 Times People Found The Most Unexpected Things

Is there anything more intriguing than finding something hiding where it doesn’t belong? From a dollar bill in the coat that you haven’t worn since last winter to digging up a rare coin on the beach, finding something out of the ordinary can feel even more exciting when it happens during a totally ordinary day.

Incredible Photos of Foods Growing (In Ways You’d Never Expect)

Wars would probably end a lot quicker if combatants just sat down and enjoyed a nice meal together. Because, aside from the fact that we need it to survive, food brings people together. But if we’re being honest, some food can look downright bizarre — and somewhat inedible — during the cultivation process. Don’t believe it?

20 Strange Photos That Prove The Laws Of Gravity Can Be Broken

The laws of physics are not the kind of laws that can be enforced or broken. They exist, and we just have to deal with them. Still, there have definitely been instances that left us wondering how on earth they can be possible.

Climber Reveals Big Secret To Girlfriend On Hike And Later Makes A Regrettable Choice

It takes a certain type of person to climb mountains. Adventure junkies across the globe know that while a hunk of rock might look unimposing, actually scaling that massive front is another thing entirely. It’s a challenge like no other, and sometimes even professionals get scared.

20 Common Careers That Will Soon Become A Distant Memory

Cleaning out gutters, fixing toilets, getting up at the crack of dawn to sell newspapers, it’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it, right? Turns out, maybe not! While we thought these standby gigs would be around forever, it appears that isn’t anywhere close to being the case.

Guy Goes On Investigation After Drone Catches Mysterious Footage On Lake

You’re sitting on the shore of a giant lake savoring the serenity. After all, what place could possibly be more tranquil? Then, you notice ripples in the water and a shiver goes down your spine. Because, while the lake seems innocent enough, what’s happening just beneath its surface is a real mystery.

Man Removing Bricks Discovers A Huge Hidden Surprise Behind Them

Ask around, and it seems like every homeowner has a complaint about their living space. The front door is too squeaky. The bathroom floor is tilted. But as time goes on, it’s these little quirks that really make a place feel like home… unless, of course, that quirk turns out to be something living.

Truck Driver Goes Viral After Sharing This Life-Saving Advice

Sharing the road with 18-wheeler trucks can be a scary prospect. After all, an accident with one of those 40-ton trucks isn’t likely to have positive results for someone driving a sedan. Luckily, some truckers are working to make the road safer for everyone.

Mountain Goats Develop An Unusual New Behavior That Has Officials Taking Drastic Action

Mountain goats are fascinating animals. They may look silly with their long faces and sometimes out-of-control horns — but don’t let their funny traits fool you. These amazing survivors can climb the steepest slopes and live off practically nothing.

Couple's Instagram Photo Goes Viral Overnight For Peculiar Reason

Every relationship has its ups and downs, especially if it’s between two young people without much experience in the love department. These juvenile connections tend to fizzle out in immature and complicated ways.

Blind Man Becomes Real-Life 'Batman' By Seeing With Sound

The world isn’t always fair or kind to those who are born with a disability or a handicap. In nature, they call it survival of the fittest, and sometimes it feels like this can apply to people, too. A bird who cannot fly won’t make it very far, and a man who cannot see might be subject to a similar fate.

10 Times The Earth Literally Opened Up And Swallowed Everything In Its Path

Earth or is our home, our safe planet where, if nothing else, we can always rely on the laws of physics. It goes without saying that “peace on earth” means trusting that the ground we walk on will support us. The laws of gravity assured us of that much at least… or so we thought.

New Discovery On Easter Island Unearths An Old Misconception

You might recognize Easter Island as home to all those large, carved stone heads. Maybe you’re even familiar with some of the mystery that surrounds the island itself. Historians have held on to the belief that we know a thing or two about the puzzling past of this place, until recently when we dug a little deeper.

20 Genius Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide That Barely Anyone Knows

What the heck is hydrogen peroxide? The chemical compound often found in medicine cabinets and beneath sinks seems to serve any anti-bacterial purpose you could ever ask for.