Man Sprays Sugar On The Outside Walls Of His House For A Truly Genius Reason

There are few things worse for a homeowner than discovering an infestation of ants. Not only do you have to deal with unwelcome pests, but you usually have to pay a professional to spray dangerous chemicals all around your home.

Scientists Say It's Possible That People With This Rare Blood Type Have 'Alien' DNA

For as long as humans have existed, there have been eight common blood types: A, AB, B, and O, with each having a positive or negative trait. These only vary based on the proteins found in each individual’s blood.

Lumberjacks Know They're Onto Something Odd When They See Strange Marks Inside A Tree

Physically speaking, lumberjacks have a exhaustingly difficult profession. While tough, it also requires skilled workers to maneuver the huge pieces of tree trunks safely to the ground. Still, it doesn’t always seem like it would be the most exciting job—if you’ve seen one tree felled, you’ve seen ’em all, right?

17 Strange Things From The Past That Look Practically Unrecognizable Today

Technology is constantly changing at an exponential rate. With new products and innovations coming about almost every day, even the most high-tech computers and gadgets are likely to become outmoded not long after they’re released to the public.

Denny's Manager Writes An Extremely Rude Note On A Sick Customer's Receipt

Most people who have suffered from serious illnesses strive to return to a sense of normalcy. Whether or not it makes them feel better physically, being able to do the same things they used to may provide some solace.

Passenger Jet Pulls Off A Stunning Landing After Navigating 3 Tornadoes

When it comes to travel, it doesn’t get any faster than flying. However, if you’re one of the nearly 1 in 3 people in the United States who is afraid of flying, it can be a real trial on your nerves.

20 Photos Of The Natural World That Make Everyone Go 'Whoa!'

The natural world never fails to find ways to surprise us. Once we think we’ve seen and experienced it all, nature stuns us with imagery and phenomena that we never could’ve imagined.

10 Crazy Trees That Will Swallow Anything That Gets In Their Way

No matter where you live, chances are that you see at least one tree every single day. You can live in the big city or in the rural parts of the world, but trees are everywhere—we just don’t always notice them.

7 Genius Car Hacks That Will Make Life So Much Easier

Being a car owner is no easy feat. Besides the responsibilities that come with owning a vehicle—regular oil changes, anyone?—the bills can really add up. Plus, we’ve got to constantly be aware of the rules of the road, and that’s stressful enough!

Little Girl With Medical Problems Is Bizarrely Cured After She Falls 30 Feet Into A Hollow Tree

We all know that the world is rarely fair, but every once in a while, something good happens that’s so impossible to explain that it might as well be considered a miracle. That might just be the simplest explanation for what happened to eight-year-old Annabel Beam.

Cops Hate This New Winter Driving Trick Even Though Tons Of People Swear By It

Driving during the winter can be a huge hassle if you’re not properly prepared. Without important gear like a good ice scraper or features on your car like four-wheel drive, even the most routine journey can instantly turn into a challenge.

Anyone Who Sees This Rare Eerie-Looking Fog In Real Life Should Run Away Fast

Driving in a heavy fog is very dangerous, but not many people know that fog can be fatal in other ways than by simply hindering visibility.

Brilliantly Simple Test Shows Whether Or Not Normal Batteries Still Have A Charge

Anyone who has ever bought batteries knows one thing for sure: it’s nearly impossible to tell when they’re running out of power until it’s too late. And it’s a huge waste of money to buy to new ones if you don’t need them.

If Someone Is Choking With No One Around To Help, This Simple Trick Could Save Their Life

Freak accidents happen, and learning how to save your own life in the rare case that they do is very important. At that moment, there may not be anyone else around to help you, and you’d need to take it upon yourself to remain calm and act accordingly. Choking is one of these dire situations—but how do you save your own life when you can’t even breathe?

Cutting A Hole In A Can Of Tuna Could Save A Life In An Emergency

An emergency is the worst time to realize how dependent we are on electricity. Whether it’s a severe storm that causes loss of power at home or running out of fuel on a deserted road, most of us are underprepared for unexpected circumstances. One of the first things that you’ll miss during such a crisis? Light.

Man Plants Seeds In the Same Spot Every Day For 38 Years With Breathtaking Results

All over the world, we can see growing evidence that our planet is changing. From melting polar ice caps to the smog in Los Angeles, it’s obvious that something needs to be done… and fast.

Mysterious Object Discovered At The Bottom Of The Ocean Could Be Proof Of Alien Life

The ocean is one of the remaining parts of planet Earth that we have yet to fully explore. Beneath its briny depths hide countless mysteries just waiting to be uncovered—from shipwrecks to strange sea creatures. Typically, new discoveries are expected, but one in particular had everyone scratching their heads.

Ranger Discovers A Massive Mushroom That Feeds Over A Dozen People

Whether they’re used in pizza, in your pasta, or as a meat substitute, mushrooms are an undeniably versatile food. That said, from portobello to shiitake, not all mushrooms are created equal—and that might even be an understatement.

Lake's Strange Transformation Somehow Takes Thousands Of Lives In A Single Day

Every civilization since the dawn of time has developed its own series of myths and legends. From the Greeks to the Egyptians, each one of these ancient cultures passed down all sorts of intriguing—and often terrifying—tales. But the mysterious Lake Nyos in Cameroon, Africa, just may be the source of the most frightening story of all—and it’s entirely true.

Woman Who Lived With A 'Tumor' For 60 Years Is Devastated To Find Out What It Really Was

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how amazing modern medicine has become. From replacement joints to vaccines, doctors have never had such sophisticated tools at their disposal. Regardless, even the most trusted and highly skilled doctors are capable of a misdiagnosis. They are, after all, merely human.

Creepy Photos That Can Help People Figure Out If They Have This Strange Phobia

For most people, nothing says relaxation quite like spending a day enjoying themselves out on the water. The sunshine and the open ocean are like a natural tonic.

Man Puts His Enormous Hands And Forearms To Good Use As A Pro Arm Wrestler

Superheroes will probably always be popular because, for us normies, it’s awesome to imagine what it must be like to have special, unique powers that let us do amazing things. From mythological figures like Hercules to comic book icons like Superman, they inspire us all with childlike wonder.

Never-Before-Seen Photos Of The Nazis' Massive 'Super Tank' Built During WWII

As terrible as war is, the technology that’s created to help one side overcome an enemy can be incredible. Even though its purpose is to harm an opponent, objectively, it can still be impressive.

22 Objects That Appear To Have Been Reincarnated From Living Things

Have you ever looked up at the clouds in the sky and noticed that their formation appeared similar to the shape of an elephant? Or maybe the burned parts of your breakfast toast resembled a human face?

Brilliant Periodic Table Shows How All The Elements Are Actually Used

Science isn’t a subject for everyone. Still, if you’re in the majority of students who experience middle school, high school, or college, you’re sure to have taken at least one science class throughout the course of your education.