If A Car Is Sinking And There's No One Around To Help, This Crucial Trick Could Save A Life

We depend on our cars to transport our families to and from our destinations, so it’s important that they’re designed with the most advanced safety features possible. But there’s one scenario that most of us are not prepared to handle.

11 Crucial Mistakes Everyone Makes While Doing Laundry

There’s no question that the advent of washing machines has made an unavoidable life chore a heck of a lot easier. You could throw in your dirty clothes, dump in some detergent, and not have to worry about it until it’s time to switch them to the dryer.

Here's A Magic Trick For Getting A Ton Of Extra Storage On Any iPhone

With all the advancements and conveniences brought on by modern technology, it’s hard not to love your iPhone. Yet, one of the disadvantages to having access to so many apps, songs, photos, and videos is that you’re (most likely) constantly running out of space.

Lucky People Who Kept Their Old Disney VHS Tapes Could Make A Fortune

A lot of professional collectors are on the lookout for items that are guaranteed to become more profitable over time, like coins, stamps, and baseball cards. But sometimes, the most valuable objects aren’t exactly what you’d expect.

Bizarre Ancient Structures In The Desert Were Used For The Coolest Purpose

History has blessed us with our fair share of puzzling structures. From the construction of the pyramids of Egypt to the mysterious origins of Stonehenge, countless amazing buildings and formations have left people scratching their heads.

Opening A Light Bulb And Adding A Few Drops Of Water Has This Magical Effect

The lightbulb is the universal sign for a great idea, and is it any wonder why? After all, it provides us with a steady amount of light and its invention revolutionized the way we interact with our day-to-day worlds.

17 Strange Things From The Past That Look Practically Unrecognizable Today

Technology is constantly changing at an exponential rate. With new products and innovations coming about almost every day, even the most high-tech computers and gadgets are likely to become outmoded not long after they’re released to the public.

7 Genius Car Hacks That Will Make Life So Much Easier

Being a car owner is no easy feat. Besides the responsibilities that come with owning a vehicle—regular oil changes, anyone?—the bills can really add up. Plus, we’ve got to constantly be aware of the rules of the road, and that’s stressful enough!

Cops Hate This New Winter Driving Trick Even Though Tons Of People Swear By It

Driving during the winter can be a huge hassle if you’re not properly prepared. Without important gear like a good ice scraper or features on your car like four-wheel drive, even the most routine journey can instantly turn into a challenge.

Brilliantly Simple Test Shows Whether Or Not Normal Batteries Still Have A Charge

Anyone who has ever bought batteries knows one thing for sure: it’s nearly impossible to tell when they’re running out of power until it’s too late. And it’s a huge waste of money to buy to new ones if you don’t need them.

Cutting A Hole In A Can Of Tuna Could Save A Life In An Emergency

An emergency is the worst time to realize how dependent we are on electricity. Whether it’s a severe storm that causes loss of power at home or running out of fuel on a deserted road, most of us are underprepared for unexpected circumstances. One of the first things that you’ll miss during such a crisis? Light.

Never-Before-Seen Photos Of The Nazis' Massive 'Super Tank' Built During WWII

As terrible as war is, the technology that’s created to help one side overcome an enemy can be incredible. Even though its purpose is to harm an opponent, objectively, it can still be impressive.

Brilliant Periodic Table Shows How All The Elements Are Actually Used

Science isn’t a subject for everyone. Still, if you’re in the majority of students who experience middle school, high school, or college, you’re sure to have taken at least one science class throughout the course of your education.

Time Traveling Brothers Reveal What The Distant Future Will Be Like

Time travel is a fantastical concept that most would consider the stuff of science-fiction. While the idea that someone can journey through time and change the course of history is terrifyingly tantalizing, it’s simply just not though to be possible.

Bizarre Concrete Structures Were Actually Built For A Surprising Purpose

For years, people in the British countryside have been flabbergasted by the sight of certain strange stone objects. The enormous structures seemingly served a purpose, but their origin remains a mystery to the average citizen… until now.

Mysterious Rock Circle Spotted On Mars Has NASA Scratching Its Head

Humans have been fascinated by the mysteries of the universe for as long as they have been in existence. The outer reaches of the galaxy hold so many unanswered questions that it seems there will never be an end to its exploration, and for good reason.

This Is What People 100 Years Ago Thought Life Would Be Like Today

It would seem that, for as long as humanity has existed, we’ve been wondering what the world will look like in the future. This has been especially true since the Industrial Revolution, when technology started to advance at an exponential rate.

The Drawer Beneath The Oven Actually Has A Use Besides Storage

Take a look at any kitchen, and you’ll notice that the vast majority of people use the drawer beneath their ovens to store items like pots, pans, and baking sheets. After all, that’s what it’s meant to be used for, right?

'Doodles' In Leonardo Da Vinci's Notebooks Are Changing The History Of Science

When you think of Leonardo da Vinci, you most likely recall his most famous works of art, like the Mona Lisa or the Vetruvian Man. The master painter, whose achievements are still lauded today, was one of the most important figures of the Italian Renaissance.

Incredible Machine Might Just Be Humanity's Greatest Achievement

Despite being surrounded by amazing innovations every day, most of us are still impressed by the latest Apple update or virtual reality headset. After all, they improve our lives and make them more convenient; we can’t help but feel grateful!

Here's The Fastest Way To Defrost A Windshield According To Scientists

Though not everyone likes to think about it, Old Man Winter does, indeed, show up every year. And when he does, it means that it’s time to spend at least 10 minutes every morning in your car to try and get your windshield to defrost. That can be a real pain—and it’s especially frustrating when you’re already running late for work.

Man Finds This Strange Piece Of Metal On The Beach, Then Learns Its Unbelievable Origins

People make unique discoveries on the beach all the time. From children plucking colorful seashells from the sand to metal detector-adorned adults stumbling upon the occasional buried treasure, the beach is full of mystery, history, and wonder.

This Secret Hack For Your iPhone Calculator App Is Amazing

Ahh, the glorious smartphone. Nearly every person has one nowadays, and it seems like you can’t even walk down the street without bumping into someone whose eyes are transfixed by whatever is on their screen. Our phones have become an extension of ourselves, and we can’t leave home without them.

27 Bizarre Images Caught On Google Earth That No One Can Explain

Google Earth has always been a useful resource, and not just for seeing your home from space. You can witness the many wonders of the world and visit places you wouldn’t otherwise see in person, all from your desk.

China Just Unveiled This Insane Idea To Solve Traffic Jams, And It Might Be Crazy Enough To Work

Traffic is a problem in major cities. While we all love our cars—and they definitely make getting from one place to another a heck of a lot easier—they also emit toxic fumes and cause major congestion in already crowded cities.