Parents Put A GoPro On Their Toddler During Hide-And-Seek With Spectacular Results

The invention of the GoPro has brought all sorts of amazing point-of-view videos into our lives. Just strapping on one of these tiny cameras to an extreme sports star lets the world join in as they backflip over a gorge or parachute through a canyon. Its uses are seemingly endless.

Driver Is Lucky To Be Alive After Freak Object Smashes His Windshield On The Highway

Every time winter arrives, you have to be on the lookout for all sorts of new hazards on the road; this can include slippery ice and snowbanks that seemingly . But one thing that people often forget about each year is just how dangerous the snow on top of their cars can be.

One Amazing Thing Nobody Realizes They Can Actually Cook On The Grill

There are few things more divine than a pizza. Amazingly, the mouth-watering cheesy goodness that offers a subtle crunch and a hint of sweetness makes for not only the perfect dinner, but lunch and breakfast as well.

Bizarre Rock Wall In China Lays 'Eggs' Every 30 Years And Scientists Still Don't Know Why

As much as science has helped us to understand our natural world, there are still plenty of anomalies it cannot explain. When confronted with some of nature’s most bizarre creations, even the most knowledgeable experts can sometimes be left scratching their heads.

72-Year-Old Woman Lives An Insane Hermit Lifestyle Deep In Siberia

The rule says everyone should “love thy neighbor,” but that isn’t always easy. Truth be told, sometimes your neighbors simply drive you up the wall. Still, having neighbors beats living in the middle of nowhere, right?

Cutting Sliced Bread In This Strange New Way Leads To The Most Delicious Results

Pizza is one of the most perfect foods on planet Earth. In fact, to vaguely plagiarize Benjamin Franklin, pizza is proof that God is real and that he loves us.

Cafe Owner Hires A Homeless Man Only To Find This In Her Kitchen Two Weeks Later

Homelessness is a major problem that universally plagues society. With a lack of access to even the most basic things needed to survive—often through tragic circumstances—these people are commonly left to beg for money so they can eat.

Opening A Light Bulb And Adding A Few Drops Of Water Has This Magical Effect

The lightbulb is the universal sign for a great idea, and is it any wonder why? After all, it provides us with a steady amount of light and its invention revolutionized the way we interact with our day-to-day worlds.

People Enter Apartment That Was Untouched Since 1939 Only To Find A Huge Surprise Inside

When the Nazis marched on Paris in 1939, many of people fled their homes and headed south. The vast majority of these families would never see their houses and belongings again, their family memories lost to the ravages of World War II.

Man Sprays Sugar On The Outside Walls Of His House For A Truly Genius Reason

There are few things worse for a homeowner than discovering an infestation of ants. Not only do you have to deal with unwelcome pests, but you usually have to pay a professional to spray dangerous chemicals all around your home.

Drunk Guy Picking A Fight Doesn't Realize He's Messing With An MMA Fighter

Though we all love an underdog and like to pretend size doesn’t truly matter, there are instances where it absolutely does. When you’re picking a fight, for instance, size differential is something to be seriously considered, at the very least.

Two Men Claim To Have Captured Footage Of A Real 'Ghost' At The Gettysburg Battlefield

When it comes to paranormal phenomena, some people staunchly believe it exists, and others think it’s simply a figment of an imagination run wild. That is, until they experience it themselves.

Man Watching His Parents' Wedding Video From 1953 Notices One Startling Detail

Most married couples have at least one memory together that they’ll never forget. It could be the first time they met, or perhaps an amazing trip they took together. Either way, it’s sealed in the vaults of their minds forever.

7 Genius Car Hacks That Will Make Life So Much Easier

Being a car owner is no easy feat. Besides the responsibilities that come with owning a vehicle—regular oil changes, anyone?—the bills can really add up. Plus, we’ve got to constantly be aware of the rules of the road, and that’s stressful enough!

Karma Strikes When A Driver Gets A Way Too Close To The Car In Front Of Him

Some people are defensive drivers who simply respond to the road conditions in ways to keep themselves safe. Others, however, are just plain aggressive.

Brilliantly Simple Test Shows Whether Or Not Normal Batteries Still Have A Charge

Anyone who has ever bought batteries knows one thing for sure: it’s nearly impossible to tell when they’re running out of power until it’s too late. And it’s a huge waste of money to buy to new ones if you don’t need them.

If Someone Is Choking With No One Around To Help, This Simple Trick Could Save Their Life

Freak accidents happen, and learning how to save your own life in the rare case that they do is very important. At that moment, there may not be anyone else around to help you, and you’d need to take it upon yourself to remain calm and act accordingly. Choking is one of these dire situations—but how do you save your own life when you can’t even breathe?

Nanny's Gut Tells Her Something's Wrong, And The Chilling Security Footage Proves Her Right

Nannies play an important role in the lives of the families that employ them. Yet, unless you know a real-life Mary Poppins, it’s not always easy to trust a non-family member with such an important job.

Placing A Wine Glass Over A Candle Makes Something Absolutely Magical Happen

There’s nothing more exciting for a child than seeing magic tricks. When you’re young, it’s so much easier to believe that a grown man has the power to pull a rabbit out of a hat, find pieces of loose change behind your ear, or to steal your nose, for instance.

This May Be The Most Epic Water Slide In Existence

When the mercury starts to rise, everyone likes to head to an oasis to cool off. Whether that means getting to a lake, a pool, or the beach, the occasional refreshing dip is essential for surviving the hot months.

Shed Collapses On Father's Head, But His Kids Know Exactly What To Do

Most parents can’t help but be a little overprotective when it comes to their children. While plenty of kids are smart and capable, they still have so much to learn. That doesn’t mean they can’t surprise you, though.

Genius Man Puts Three Pounds Of Onions In A Frying Pan With Incredible Results

While some of us are pretty good at feeding ourselves, we panic the instant we know that friends or family are planning to stop by for dinner. Sure, ramen and cans of tuna may work for some, but most of us have learned that some guests expect just a little more than that.

Easy And Delicious Bacon Pie Recipe Is Guaranteed To Be Devoured In One Sitting

Some people say that the bacon craze is over. They insist that all the recipes have been discovered and devoured and that we should move on to something new. Those people, respectfully, are quitters.

Man Plants Seeds In the Same Spot Every Day For 38 Years With Breathtaking Results

All over the world, we can see growing evidence that our planet is changing. From melting polar ice caps to the smog in Los Angeles, it’s obvious that something needs to be done… and fast.

Meet The 'Swineapple,' The Summer's Strangest And Most Delicious Food Trend

Every day, foodies head to Instagram and Pinterest to post pictures of culinary delights unlike anything anyone’s ever seen before. One minute it’s kale chips, the next, they’re tossing caution to the wind and devouring heaps of cronuts.