*RING!* Waking up to the shriek of an alarm clock stinks. Slapping that snooze button for the fifth time in a row feels necessary, but can’t be good for your overall health. Well, rest assured, there’s hope for us sleepyheads after all.

Celebrities roll out of bed begrudgingly just like everyone else, but they manage to make the most out of their days. So maybe — just maybe — by adopting some of these 20 celebrities’ tried-and-true morning routines, we might stop slapping “snooze” and start our days on the track to success…

1. Barack Obama – Skips Coffee: The former Commander-in-Chief accomplishes more in a day than most people probably do in a week, and all without a single drop of coffee. Instead, when Barry rolls out of bed, he opts for green tea, orange juice, and plenty of water. 

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2. Richard Branson – Spends Time With Family: Waking up a billionaire has got to feel better than any green juice on the planet. But, the magnate chooses to start the day like a regular joe — by chatting with his family. Studies prove some quality fam time reduces stress, and extends your life too!

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3. Mark Zuckerberg – Limits Options: Like Branson, the Facebook founder could turn morning hours into pampered luxury. But, he takes a different approach and eliminates decisions. Zuckerberg’s closet consists of about 20 identical t-shirts. Having less choices cuts down on decision fatigue and allows him to focus energy on more important things.

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4. Oprah – Meditates: After climbing out of her billion thread count sheets, Oprah settles into 20 minutes of sitting meditation. Her twice daily zen reflections fills her with hope, a sense of contentment, and deep joy. With Oprah’s level of success, she might be on to something, but for some of us, it sounds like a temptation to fall back to sleep…


5. Julianne Hough – Expresses Gratitude: On another end of the spiritual spectrum, Julianne begins her mornings by sitting up in bed and listing five things she’s grateful for. She also makes small positive goals for the day. For instance, making 10 people smile. 

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6. Lea Michele – Takes a Steam Bath: After a quick cup of coffee, the Glee songstress devotes ample time to a steam shower. No matter how packed her schedule, she never skips it. Steaming de-puffs and detoxifies the body and preps Lea to it those high notes.

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7. Kate Hudson – Puts Her Face in Ice: Nothing can cure the snooze button spiral like a bowl of ice to the face. Skincare queen Kate Hudson begins the day with a jolt, holding her face in a bowl of ice cubes and a bit of water for as long as she can stand. Adopting this trick from a makeup artist, it also softens skin and gives a fresh glow!


8. Chip and Joanna Gaines – Head Outdoors: The husband and wife duo starts their mornings quite early, between 4-6 am, and head outside. Each day begins with freshly picked fruit and veggies — or eggs from their chickens — to make a big breakfast for their family of five. 

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9. Jennifer Aniston – Wakes up Early: The early bird get the worm, and Jennifer Aniston wakes up before both of them — her day starts at 4:30 am! She uses the early hours for much needed “me” time, by first washing her face, sipping hot lemon water, and meditating. 

10. Brittany Snow – Listens to Music: Morning grumps, rejoice! If you struggle to get out of bed like Brittany Snow, curating a pump-up playlist might be the tonic you need. The Pitch Perfect star blasts carefully selected mood boosting songs on speakers throughout her house to set her up for the day. 

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11. Tim Ferriss – Accomplishes Small Goals: The self-help guru follows a mantra: win the morning, win the day. According to Ferriss, the easiest way to set yourself up for success is with simplicity. Each morning begins with Tim making his bed. Now no matter what the day throws his way, he has accomplished a small, realistic, yet satisfying, task.

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12. Kim Kardashian – Talks to Her Kids: Like a lot of the others on this list, Kim rises and shines pretty early. You might have thought her routine was packed with beauty regimens, but she starts her day trying to sneak in a quick breakfast before her kids wake up. Then, she slides into her youngster’s beds and they have a nice conversation.

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13. Jessica Alba – Works Out With Friends: Finding the motivation to exercise in the morning is nearly impossible, but Jessica Alba devised a solution. She relies on her buddies to pump her up! After waking up, Jessica heads to a work out class with her pals, and they help make sweating fun — instead of a dreaded chore.

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14. Gloria Steinem – Gets the News: Feminist icons have to keep updated on current events the same way as everybody else. Steinem listens to the headlines while getting ready in her bathroom. Then she eats scrambled eggs and heads to her favorite deli for a chai latte. 

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15. David Karp – Avoids Email: Another internet mogul, Tumblr CEO David Karp, strategized the best method for morning management. He ignores all emails until he gets to the office. Most work-related problems aren’t easily solved at home, so his staff knows he won’t answer until the workday begins. 

16. Lauren Conrad – Oil Cleanses: Morning breath is enemy number one for The Hills star Lauren Conrad. Feeling a toothbrush wasn’t effective enough to achieve the freshness she’s chasing, LC began oil pulling. She spends 20 minutes swishing coconut oil, which kills bacteria and leaves her breath smelling faintly like the shores of Laguna Beach.

17. Simon Cowell – Eats Breakfast in Bed: Crushing the dreams of the untalented can really wipe a guy out, so when Simon Cowell opens his eyes each morning, he likes to be pampered. After hitting that snooze button precisely twice, his housekeeper brings him an aesthetically pleasing tray of smoothies, oatmeal, and papaya juice with lime.

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18. Anna Wintour – Plays Tennis: Nothing releases pent up aggression like a walloping tennis serve. Vogue’s editor-in-chief heads to the court every morning at 6:45 am, and after an hour long match, she heads to the salon to have her signature bob perfectly styled. 


19. Martha Stewart – Begins With Business: Unlike some of the other successful people on this list, Martha is all business. She rises around 4:30, and her first priority is checking to make sure her blog has been posted. Gulp, being her employee must be high stress! But, hey, you don’t get to be Snoop Dog’s best friend without having a gangster’s dedication to the game.

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20. Steve Jobs – Dream Big: The Apple magnate once said in a Stanford commencement speech, “If today was the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m doing today?” When the answer was no too frequently, he made a change. Refocusing on his dreams on a daily basis helped Jobs choose which directions to take to build his empire. 

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