Celebrities really are just like us. They walk like us, talk like us — they even photobomb like us! Most people imagine timidly approaching a star to ask for a picture, but sometimes the stars themselves make that bold first move. And for those lucky people, there’s no need to beg a celebrity for a photo.

It makes sense, after all — these A-listers are used to the limelight. Being in front of the camera is a natural flex for them. We only wish we were there to see these fans reactions when they realized just who they caught in their selfie shot…

1. The Queen of England: Looks like the fence really is greener on the other side. Oh, if only she would have turned around to realize the Queen herself was right behind her loyal hiney. 

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger: “I’ll be back.” Or, on second thought, I should be in front. Yep, right here front and center is the perfect spot! Now, everyone say “Austria!”

3. Bruce Springsteen: That moment when you’re at a Bruce Springsteen concert and you think things just can’t get any better so you try to take a selfie to remember… And God bless Bruce, he starts singing “I’m On Fire” and points right at you. Good job, you just won.

4. Dwayne Johnson: When you’re walking down the street, and you feel some major heat… It’s Dwayne The Rock Johnson! The Rock Johnson! This is the face of a man who’s just been Rocked. Yep, looks about right.

5. Bill Gates: This lucky guy was just excited to finish off his Microsoft tour with a little snap to remember. When he later looked back at the picture, he was shocked to see that a little Bill Gates head had momentarily sprouted from his shoulder! Woah, tech these days.

6. Nicolas Cage: This woman pushed out this little sucker and just wanted to celebrate the end of her 9-month sobriety stint with a pic of her in the wine aisle. Nic, not everything is about you, bro!

7. Slash: Big granny Slash fan was just out trolling the streets with her two-wheeler, you know being a boss. Little did she know, Slash himself was hot on her tail. Mmm, can you be our grandma now, please?

8. Dave Chappelle: When this couple decided to shoot their engagement photos in a beer garden, they had no idea Dave Chapelle would crash their shoot. Congrats you two, these might be the only engagement photos in history anyone would actually want to see.

9. Arnold Schwarzenegger… again: Arnie knows better this time, he just strolled in, lit up, and said, “I’ll be front. New year, new me.” And really, who can argue with that? Not Sylvester Stallone, anyway.

10. Ken Jeong: It’s amazing after all these years Ken Jeong still looks hung over. These girls don’t seem to mind, though — they’re cheesing just thinking of all the hashtags.

11: Zach Braff: This photographer was just fulfilling the strange request of these newlyweds to be photographed in the middle of Midtown traffic. It wasn’t until later she zoomed in to catch a Zach Braff photobomb. This dude really doesn’t miss a beat.

12. Prince Harry: This guy was so stoked when he spotted royalty behind him in the restaurant he couldn’t even wait for his date to look at the camera before taking this “stealthy selfie.” Oh well, Harry tonguing a bird of paradise is still pretty good.

13. John Krasinski: Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the crowd; Take a selfie with John Krasinski, I don’t care if he even let me. ‘Cause it’s snap, snap, snap for the Instagram, not putting a filter on this, For the hundred, thousand, one million likes, at the old ball game!!

14. Bill Clinton: A family tour of Washington DC can make anyone grumpy, and this girl has had it with having her picture taken. Maybe she would have been a little more excited if she knew this was her opportunity to play a First Little Lady.

15. Steven Tyler: It’s hard to know what is stranger here, this woman taking a photo in front of a parking lot, or that Steven Tyler looks like a crazy woman begging for cigarettes. Regardless, this one is for sure the Christmas card this year.

16. Justin Timberlake: These bros were pumped to see JT live in concert! And as if their idol couldn’t get any more idyllic, he flings a golden orb of light upon their heads. Someone had to bring sexy light-bending back, right?

17. Jake Gyllenhaal: Sometimes you just want to take a selfie to see if you have anything in your teeth. These two are in the clear. As for Jake? Hard to say! 

18. Matt Garza: This little baller has a big surprise brewing for her when she checks out this photo. We don’t know how the game went, but that is a home run photobomb by Garza!

19. Aaron Paul: Breaking Bad, breaking the crowd, just all in a days work for Aaron Paul. Looks like this couple picked the perfect moment of crowd chaos to stop and take a selfie?

20. Wiz Khalifa: We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that no one in this photo knows who Wiz Khalifa is. So, this may take the cake for the funniest photobomb. It looks like Wiz and his friend just teleported into this republican resort, and Wiz’s friend has no chill.