We all rely heavily on our eyesight when it comes to understanding the world. Of course, our other senses chip in, too—but as good as it is to be able to smell a fire, for instance, it’s our eyes that give us the most information about it (and, most importantly, how to plan our escape).

Sometimes, our eyes are so good at processing information that they play tricks on us. There’s a part of our eyes nicknamed “the yellow dot,” which is responsible for processing a total of 10% of everything we see. We rely on it and on our peripheral vision (which starts at about 190 degrees) to get a clear picture of what’s going on around us.

Sometimes, there’s just too much information, however, and when that happens… well, just see for yourself.

Want to fool your eyes? Try this simple test that involves celebrity faces, which are easy to recognize.


Everyone knows what Liv Tyler looks like.

Everyone knows megastar Tom Cruise. What happens when you do this neat little trick, however, will completely change how you view him… and how you understand your own vision.


To try this eye trick featuring your favorite celebrities, keep your eyes on the cross in the middle…


Because “the yellow dot” needs to quickly process the information of both faces, and our peripherals are working, too, our eyes can’t send our brain an accurate picture. That’s what turns these gorgeous people into sideshow attractions. Just crazy, right?

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