If You Ever See This In A Cemetery, You Should Run In The Other Direction FAST.

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Unless you’re there to mourn a loved one, the one emotion that is probably most associated with cemeteries is fear. There’s no getting around the fact that graveyards are literally stretches of land filled with dead bodies.

Reddit user CynicalSoup sure had a scare while visiting a local cemetery near his hometown in Alabama. What he found there was the stuff of nightmares…

Redditor CynicalSoup explored this old Alabama graveyard.


Initially, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.


But then he realized something terrifying. Not all of the above-ground vaults were properly sealed.


Apparently, people had been breaking into them for years.


It’s horrifying to think that people would do something like that to someone’s loved one. It was also particularly scary for CynicalSoup, as he saw real human bones in person.




This explorer was just lucky that he wasn’t chased out of the graveyard by zombies.


There is clearly something terrible going on in this graveyard!

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