Chapstick is cheap and you can find it in any drug store. If you live in an area with cool, dry air, you’re probably very familiar with all the brands of lip balm on the market.

While it seems like preventing cracked lips is its only purpose, you can really use chapstick in other helpful ways. These tips are so good — and so creative — you’ll probably want to keep a few extra tubes on hand from now on!

Blister protection


Rubbing chapstick on the back of your ankle will help prevent you from getting a blister from your shoes. You can do this for any other area that your shoes rub, as well.

Removing a ring


The easiest way to remove a ring stuck on your finger is to rub the edge of it with lip balm. You won’t believe how easily it slides right off!

Sealing small cuts


Chapstick works great as a sealing agent against minor cuts, like paper cuts. Just slide a layer on and relax, because your cut’s all taken care of.

Starting a fire in an emergency


If you find yourself in a situation where you need a fire, rub some of the balm on your kindling (paper, cotton, or twigs) and the oil will give the flame a little extra intensity that should help get your fire going.

Keeping hair in place


If you’re having trouble keeping your eyebrows tamed, just apply a little lip balm and it will hold it right in place.

Soothing a sore


We all hate having an irritated nose from tissue, so the next time it happens, just apply some lip balm and it will work miracles.

Opening a stuck window


Lining a stubborn window track with chapstick will make it so much easier to slide open!

Shining shoes


Scuffing up a nice pair of shoes can be a real pain, so the next time it happens, apply some chapstick and rub it thoroughly. This should help restore it to a brand-new shine.

Keeping shoes tied


Applying lip balm to the knot of a shoelace will cause the laces to pull together, which will help tighten the knot.

I’m certainly never going to look at chapstick the same way again, and I’m keeping a tube on me for emergency purposes from now on!

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