Nobody wants to seem like a hypochondriac, but it’s tough to ignore that we’re constantly vulnerable to countless health problems if we leave them unchecked. Still, few issues are as justifiably feared as cancer.

Luckily, doctors have one method for checking for signs of the disease that could help people. Some of them might seem odd, like checking between your toes, but they could save your life.

It isn’t always obvious, but if you know when and where to look you can spot the signs early. This is what you need to do to stay healthy!

Going for annual checkups at the doctor is important if you want to avoid serious illnesses. Still, we’re so vulnerable to diseases like skin cancer that it’s essential we regularly look for signs on our own. Luckily, there are certain methods we can use to do so.

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Many people have moles. They grow naturally on our skin, but they can sometimes actually be a sign of skin cancer. Changes of shape or color in moles can indicate early signs of melanoma, which can develop when old moles become enlarged or new ones appear. 

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Because of this, the key to eliminating the melanoma is early detection! Many people who suffer from skin cancer wait too long to bring it to the attention of their doctor. So, by the time the cancer treatment begins, it’s too late. That’s why people should know what to look for…

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Thankfully, pharmaceutical company Roche-Posay has created a helpful guide for melanoma prevention. Using the acronym A-W-A-R-E, people can follow five simple steps that will drastically decrease the chances of skin cancer.


All moles are different, but this is a handy guide to help identify the ones that may be problematic. Most people know what the moles on their body look like, so if they see any changes happening over a short period of time, they should see a doctor.

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Most people wouldn’t know this, but moles that aren’t round can be a sign of melanoma. From a distance, it can be hard to tell whether or not a mole is a circular shape, but if you look close enough at its border, it’s obvious.

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Sometimes the border of a mole will seem smudged or a much lighter color. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a sign of melanoma, but it’s something that you’ll want to keep your eye on for a few weeks to see if it grows in size. 

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If you have a mole that appears to be more than one color, go see a doctor as soon as possible, and have them run tests for melanoma. Moles should only be one dark color, but the skin cancer will alter its hue.

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If you find that a mole is growing in size and thickness, it could very well be an early sign of cancer. People will sometimes attribute the growth to their aging, but this is incorrect. Instead, getting a medical professional’s opinion could save your life.

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When it comes to taking care of your body, you can’t ever be too cautious. Learn more about how to check for skin cancer in this video! The more people that are kept educated on how to take preventative measures, the better of a chance the world has of eliminating this disease.

It’s absolutely vital to check every part of your body for moles, from behind your ears to between your toes. It’s not worth taking any risks!

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