Some people are defensive drivers who respond to the road conditions and other vehicles in the way that keeps them safe, but some people are aggressive drivers. The latter type tends to make the road more dangerous for everybody, including themselves.

Just take a look at what happened to this tailgater in Wisconsin. He stayed dangerously close to the vehicle in front of him, and when that driver got tired of it, things quickly got out of control.

This Wisconsin driver was on the interstate, minding his own business, when he captured something unbelievable on his truck’s dash cam.


As he went under an overpass, he came up on two black SUVs. The one in back was dangerously close to front one, and the rear driver kept up the tailgating for a number of miles…


Eventually, the driver of the front SUV got tired of the situation and brake-checked the tailgater to send a message to back off. However, this had some unintended consequences…


See what happened to the tailgater after the front SUV driver briefly pumped the brakes…

This is exactly why tailgating is a terrible idea, especially when it’s just to send a message. These drivers learned the hard way what can happen when you drive too aggressively.

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