In most parts of the world, an occasional snowfall can be a thing of beauty. There really isn’t anything like those first flakes of the season drifting¬†past your window.

Yet, the kind of snowfall that met commuters near India’s Varthur Lake in Bangalore recently wasn’t exactly a winter wonderland. In fact, it was incredibly foul!

So, what was it that made this snowfall so disgusting? To answer that, you need to understand that it wasn’t really “snow” at all…

When commuters in the areas surrounding Varthur Lake in Bangalore, India awoke to find their streets full of “snow,” they weren’t exactly thrilled. Not because the snow day was going to delay their work, necessarily, but because the white fluffy stuff wasn’t actually snow


No, this precipitation was something far more disgusting than a simple winter weather. Some are referring to what actually happened as a “chemical snowfall,” and the reason why is as nasty as it is fascinating.


The foul-smelling snow was actually the result of pre-monsoon conditions whipping the nearby Varthur Lake, which is heavily polluted, into a “froth.” That’s when the heavy winds kicked in…


The winds carried the sewage-ridden foam onto Varthur Kodi Junction, a busy road for commuters. Understandably, not many folks were exactly prepared for this nauseating weather pattern.


This isn’t the first time this “frothing” issue, which is largely the result of pollution from homes and industries, has happened. Residents say their complaints to the government haven’t changed anything, and they have to continue suffering from the fallout.

Not only that, but the nearby Bellandur Lake, which is also heavily polluted and prone to frothing, has actually caught fire twice this year already. Hopefully, these sorts of events will become a thing of the past very soon.

Yikes! That stuff looks pretty darn sickening, doesn’t it? Maybe this sort of thing will inspire people to take action to clean up the lake for good.

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