Home improvement projects can be daunting. No matter how much you’d like to redecorate the whole house, just thinking about the amount of time and money that would go into it is enough to make you give up before you start.

That’s when turning to simple, high-impact upgrades is the best option. The right changes can make all the difference in your home and save you a headache. We’ve got 20 easy home upgrades here that are sure to make you fall in love with your home all over again. So get ready to look at renovating in a whole new light…

1. Brighten up a dark attic with a few coats of a light, bright paint color and instantly add a room to your house! Everyone has that room in their house that no one goes near, this simple fix will allow you to utilize it in such an easy way. Now you’ve got more space to add anything you like.


2. Everyone would like to have a library in their own home, but few have the space to do it. It’s time that you utilize that wasted space under the stairs. This is the perfect spot to add your very own bookcase, so you can have an awesome library getaway in your own home.

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3. Chances are that you have a dusty old shed sitting mostly unused in your backyard, aside from housing a lawnmower and a few other less used items. Instead of throwing junk in the shed, give it a glam makeover and turn it into a cool backyard hangout for friends and family.

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4. The island in the middle of the kitchen can be very versatile. That’s exactly why it has become the focal point of many home renovation makeovers. You don’t have to keep it so basic though, why not add a fridge underneath of it for extra goodies like beer and wine?

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5. It’s extremely important to have a bed that you want to retire to at the end of every day. A quick trip to the store for new bedding can refresh your whole room and really make you want to spend even more time resting. Opt for all white to get an instantly chic look.

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6. Let’s face it, you probably have way too many items in your kitchen cupboards to even begin to organize everything. Baseboard drawers are the answer and the ultimate kitchen space saver. Install them under your cabinets to de-clutter and save yourself a headache.

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7. Installing a hinged bookcase instead of a regular door turns your bedroom into the secret hideaway you always wanted. Now, you can read a great book in the comfort of your own bed and when you finish that one, there will be another on standby just a few feet away!

chic-upgrades-7The Murphy Door

8. Accordion windows are a great and stylish option to bring the outside into your own home. It creates so much visual space and completely transforms the room that you’re practically going to be outdoors even when you’re indoors. 


9. If you’re frustrated with the basic layout of the rooms in your home, there are wonderful and exciting fixes to consider. Adding a second level to your room means creating space for hidden storage, while simultaneously adding flare to the typical layout. This idea is pure genius!

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10. Everyone has dreamed of having a gigantic deck in their backyard. It’s the perfect place to play host to your guests. By extending your deck and adding a flat top to one side, you’ve got a bar area for guests to enjoy food and drink, while you work on your bartending skills.


11. Unless you modeled your home from scratch, there’s a good chance that you aren’t exactly thrilled with the floors. You can easily overcome that issue by painting a simple yet sophisticated stripe pattern over linoleum floors to update a kitchen or bathroom.

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12. If you’re a person who opts for carpet of hardwood floors, but find that buying carpet is expensive, there’s an extremely easy and cost-effective solution. Carpeting a staircase does’t have to be expensive, but a DIY runner and watch it do the same trick for much less.

chic-upgrades-12This Old House

13. If you’re bothered by the lack of space in your home, there are simple ways to achieve a more open area without tearing down any walls. You won’t rip anything out, in fact. Inexpensive framed mirrors attached to doors will maximize the amount of perceived space in any room.

chic-upgrades-13Kevin and Amanda

14. Televisions are one of the greatest entertainment pieces anyone has in their home, yet still, they can be an eyesore. Add a touch of luxury to the living room in your home by framing your floating television and creating an instant art piece.

chic-upgrades-14All Things Thrifty

15. If the cupboards in your kitchen are becoming overfilled with spices and other necessary items, there’s an easy and affordable fix for you. Tiered cake plates are both easy on the eyes and an easy way to store and organize pantry items in a less cluttered manner. 

chic-upgrades-15Buckets of Burlap

16. If your current drawer pulls just aren’t doing it for you–and let’s be honest here, most probably aren’t–you can add a pop of visual interest with metallic paint and really make simple storage items pop out in a fashionable way. You’re going to be living a life of luxury.


17. Everyone has seen a movie where a king and queen sleep in a royal bed donned with a canopy. It screams luxury. Utilizing PVC pipes can turn any bed into a dreamy canopy bed and you’ll finally have that bedroom oasis that you’ve coveted all of these years.

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18. Everyone is looking for easy ways to make their home look more regal. Hanging drapes on curved shower curtain rods gives an open, bayed effect to any window and make it look as if you live in a castle.

chic-upgrades-18Soft Surroundings

19. If you’re looking for an easy and affordable bathroom makeover, then look no further. By mixing up tiles of differing shapes and textures, you can give your bathroom both a whole new and enticing look. You’ll want to relax with a warm bubble bath immediately.

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20. It’s easy to overlook the places in your home that most people don’t immediately see when considering a makeover, but those spots can make all the difference. You can paint the inside of your closet for a surprising pop of color that brightens up the room whenever the door is opened.

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These DIY home improvement ideas don’t require a ton of time and commitment to make a big impact. In a single weekend, your home could look brand new!