Anyone who’s raised chickens on their property knows how rewarding it can be. Having eggs delivered to your home each morning is pretty awesome, not to mention that it’s a great way to live sustainably.

Unfortunately, luxurious chicken coops can cost a lot of money, which most people don’t have. Those who are on a budget typically find that standard—and more affordable—cages do just fine.

One mother had always dreamed of raising her own chickens in a stylish coop, but she didn’t have the extra cash to spend on renovating the one she had built years prior. She was just about ready to give up altogether—until she had to the most brilliant idea.

One woman hoped to renovate her cramped chicken coop, but she didn’t quite have the money to make the improvements herself. She assumed that she was out of viable options and was ready to give up on her dream—until she saw one of her child’s toys in a new light.


She’d been hanging up laundry in her backyard when her eyes rested upon her kids’ old Playskool playhouse in the corner of her yard. They’d outgrown it, and the structure was just collecting leaves and moss. Suddenly, she got a novel idea…


It’d been years since her kids had stopped playing with the playhouse, so they didn’t mind when she dragged it out into the driveway and cleaned it off. The woman decided right then and there that she was going to use it to help her upgrade the dull chicken coop she’d been using for several years. But how?


 First, she tested the playhouse walls to see if the screws and staples would hold. They were as hardy as ever! She then bought a roll of mesh hardware cloth and covered the windows and doors so the chickens would have a protected indoor space.


Her husband helped her build a nest box that could be opened from the outside, and they placed it next to the door of the playhouse. This would allow the nesting chickens to be able to have their own private space while sitting on their eggs.

Finally, the woman and her husband hoisted the Playskool house on top of the existing chicken coop. It was clear that they had made a fantastic decision. The woman couldn’t believe that the Playskool house had just been sitting there unused all those years; now, it had new life as an addition to her chicken coop!

This woman wasn’t the only one with an amazing DIY project. If you thought that chicken coop was pretty creative, then you’re going to love how this man transformed the shed in his backyard. He had always envisioned a full bar in his home, but didn’t think he couldn’t afford the project. But where there’s a will, there’s a way…


The shed, which had been built years prior by the previous owner, was useless for anything more than storing a lawnmower; it had never been completely finished. After completing the electric installation himself, the homeowner put up some new dry wall.


Next came a fresh coat of paint! Not only was sage green a charming color, but it allowed to flexibility in case future homeowners wanted to use the barn for something else. Once the paint was dry, it was time for him to lay the floor. Rather than spending a ton of money on real hardwood, he installed a vinyl sheet that had virtually the same appearance as the real thing. What a smart idea!


The man’s next task was to begin the construction of the bar itself. He started by building the frame—he decided on a standard L-shape, which he was able to create in no time. But there were still plenty of steps left! See how this man’s DIY shed penny bar turned out. It’s absolutely amazing, to say the least!


What a quirky and creative addition to these homes! It just shows what you can accomplish with a little patience and elbow grease, huh?

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