If you asked most people where they would love spend a day off, chances are the majority of them would say at the beach. That’s because sand, sun, and water generally comprise the ideal relaxing getaway.

While people mostly lie around, work on their tan, or even read a book, others bring their families and children. You’d be hard pressed to find a kid who doesn’t like playing in the sand!

After a recent unexpected accident in Newport Beach, California, though, officials are warning all parents of the potential perils of letting their children play on the sand while unattended…

As always, an approaching holiday combined with a hot summer day in Newport Beach, California recently meant families would be flocking to spend the day on the sand and in the water.

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The beach quickly became overcrowded. It wasn’t long before children were separated from their families, wandering around looking for the best spot to build a castle or play in the waves.

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Beach officials and lifeguards responded to the calls for 10 missing children that particular day, though, most of them were quickly brought back to their families in a very short time.


One family, though, wasn’t as quickly relieved. Jesse Martin, who was at the beach with his family, overheard two women say that they had lost track of their 3-year-old child. That’s when he decided to help them.


With the help of his two uncles, Jesse began searching the beach for the child. It wasn’t long before they came upon a group of children digging in the sand near where he’d been reported missing.

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Suspecting something was off, Jesse jumped into the hole and began digging as fast as possible. It wasn’t long before he came upon the child, who had lost all of the color in his face from a lack of oxygen. 

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“We started digging and Jesse found this little boy… and pulled him out. He was ash gray,” rescuer Stuart Frost said in an interview. They feared the worst, but were in for an amazing surprise: After the boy was taken to the hospital, it was reported that he was expected to make a full recovery.

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While the boy was digging, there must have been a sand collapse which happens when a hole is so deep that there isn’t any other sand to support it. As a result, the unsupported sand comes toppling down and suffocates whoever is inside.

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Children and sometimes even adults are unable to escape from the sand because it’s so heavy. Research says that sand can weigh 100 pounds per cubic foot. That means that a three-by-three hole filled with sand would weight nearly 2,700 lbs.

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It’s so scary to think that a simple beach activity could have deadly consequences for children. I’ll be taking all of these precautions the next time I go, that’s for sure.

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