People Say This Footage Shows A ‘Floating City’ Over China And It’s Actually Kind Of Convincing

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If you happened to be in the city of Foshan, China back in 2015, you might’ve witnessed something that seemed like it was out of a fantasy novel. The phenomenon made people stop in their tracks as they looked up at what appeared to be a floating city, skyscrapers and all.

What was it really, though? A haunted city of ghosts? An alien space ship? Despite the lack of concrete answers, it never stopped anyone from wildly speculating.

In 2015, the residents of Foshan, China were met with quite a strange sight. Up in the sky, above the buildings, appeared to be a floating city. At first, no one could explain it.


So what was it? A little something called Fata Morgana—basically an enormous mirage. Here’s a closeup of the strange sight…


It’s created when the sun heats the atmosphere above land or oceans, causing a varying degree of temperatures and densities. Then, when light hits that variation, it travels in different directions, and the human brain perceives it as a strange visual. Here’s another look…


So while there was never an actual city hovering above Foshan, it’s still a freaky sight. Movie producers take note…

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