Traffic is a problem in major cities. While we all love our cars—and they definitely make getting from one place to another a heck of a lot easier—they also emit toxic fumes and cause major congestion in already crowded cities.

Worse yet: the larger a population grows, the worse the gridlock gets, and sitting on a congested highway only increases carbon emissions (not to mention the drivers’ blood pressure).

As the most populated country in the world, China knew it had to do something about its traffic problem. So they set their top engineers up to the task, and what they dreamed up could change our cities forever.

In order to help solve China’s ever-growing gridlock problem, engineers proposed a novel solution: the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB). It would run on electric-powered rails and allow cars to drive underneath it while the bus’s passengers are transported on the upper level. That’s right—these super-buses would drive over any and all traffic, making commuting a snap!


Each bus would hold 1,200 people at a time, and the entire system would be significantly cheaper to construct than a subway line. Engineers still have to address certain safety concerns and practical questions, but the TEB could revolutionize public transit and solve China’s traffic crisis for good.


The prototype recently launched in China and everyone seems impressed with the results. This massive, electric traffic-buster is no longer a dream—it’s a reality—and the amount of gridlock it could reduce in China would be truly significant in the country’s efforts to decrease its carbon footprint.chinaYouTube

Thought the tests were performed to real acclaim, there are still some issues that the massive bus needs to address before it can become truly successful. For one thing, if the bus drives over a car, and that car misses merging toward an exit as a result, it’s sure to make drivers angry!

china busYouTube

Another concern is height clearance. While the bus itself stands an impressive 19 feet high, it only can clear a six-foot-tall vehicle. In places like America where many people drive SUVs, it could prove to make this technology a real hindrance.

china busYouTube

Regardless of the different issues this new invention might bring, you cannot ignore all of the potential benefits—both for infrastructure and the environment. Watch this video to see the elevated bus concept in motion…

Soon, you might be seeing these on the highway. And who knows? You might even be riding in one!

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