Social media has the power to propel everyday people into a somewhat instant celebrity status. At the click of a button, you can share a photo to Instagram or a thought on Twitter that spreads across the web like wildfire.

While there’s no clear indicator of what will make any particular post a viral sensation, there are, however, a few shoe-ins. Namely, when people do something that disgusts a lot of people at once, like create a very controversial meal out of two of humanity’s most beloved food items: chocolate and cheese.

The treat that 20-year-old Houda Serfag recently made had practically the entire internet up in arms…

Social media outlets like Twitter have given normal, everyday people the opportunity to share their thoughts, photographs, and ideas with strangers on the Internet and around the world. Their followers can choose to interact with or completely ignore those thoughts, but sometimes there’s no staying silent…


While most people know that good Internet etiquette is always advised—generally speaking, it’s nice to be nice—some people can’t help but react when it comes to a post that simply outrages them. This was the case when one Twitter user, 20-year-old Houda Serfag, posted a photo of a snack that she thought was nothing short of culinary genius.


Photos of food are not only the best way to interact with and meet other foodies on the Internet, but they’re practically encouraged. While Houda was excited to share her new recipe with her followers, however, the response she received wasn’t quite what she was expecting…


To say her followers’ response took her by surprise would be an understatement. Because Houda combined two foods that people don’t normally pair with each other, people freaked out. What followed afterward was, naturally, an outpouring of disgust from Twitter users everywhere.


The comments started flooding in almost immediately. Twitter user leeban_ah answered with the following photograph of a baby who was clearly very upset by the snack. The funny photo was accompanied by the words “I feel sick.”


Other Twitter users weren’t only disgusted by what they’d seen, but they were in utter disbelief; butterjaw_, for instance, tweeted a photo of a shocked and confused Thomas the Tank Engine meme that read, “It was time for Thomas to leave. He had seen everything.”


One user in particular, Jack Young, was not only disgusted by Houda’s recipe, but he called upon the Scotland police to take action in such an abomination. This was a sentiment of which thousands of Twitter users agreed upon. An overreaction, but a hilarious one, nonetheless.


While it seemed the world agreed that her meal was not a winner, Houda continued to stand behind her controversial creation.”I honestly just made it out of cravings, [I] love both chocolate and cheese separately so I wondered what it would taste like together,” she said in an interview.


“I don’t regret it at all,” she continued. “It tastes great, the tanginess of the cheese with the sweetness if the chocolate are a great combo! A great snack for anyone that appreciates sweet and savoury coming together.”


For anyone looking to try the meal, you’re in luck, because Houda’s sharing the recipe! “White toast is perfect though! I use Nutella and mild cheddar cheese [but] you can use any other milky cheese such as edam and gouda,” she said.


At the end of the day, haters should step aside. All that truly matters is that Houda enjoys her strange snack. You do you, girl.

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