Every year, people give their loved ones the same old assorted chocolates and a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day. It’s a tradition we don’t really question; candy and flowers are the go-to option for most couples, both new and old.

There is an industry of items that exist for people who want to think outside of the box on V-Day, though. More specifically, these products celebrate the kinkier side of the February holiday.

British artist Magnus Irvin is the mastermind behind the filthiest chocolate brand to ever exist — the Edible Anus. Not only is the very nature of his chocolate pushing boundaries, but the way it’s made is, too…

In 2006, British artist Magnus Irvin began selling personalized candies known as the Edible Anus through his website. Yes, this product is exactly what its name implies: Real chocolates molded into the shape of an anus for your snacking pleasure.


Customers can purchase an assorted variety of the erotic product for $39.95. Each one is made from natural ingredients, and molded from casts taken of an actual person’s actual anus.


Magnus began his endeavor by first making a cast of his own anus. If you’re wondering why he would do such a thing, Magnus credits his fondness of both sweets and erotica as the inspiration for his idea. 


Yes, these chocolate derrieres are a bit strange, but they are just chocolate, in the end. They’re 100% edible, despite what you may believe by looking at them.


Magnus’s product line doesn’t end at the Edible Anus. His site also offers custom bronze moldings of rear-ends. That’s right, for $1,900 you can have a piece of bum jewelry. “Having made chocolate anuses now for a fair while, we’ve moved into the more permanent anuses made of casting metal or glass,” Magnus said in an interview about his product. 

“These are available to anyone who wants their own anus cast, or a copy of someone else’s anus.”

There’s certainly no shortage of strange products available to people these days. I’m just not so sure I’d want to eat one of these, no matter how good they might be.

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