We all have to deal with pests in and around our homes. For most of us, that means fighting off the pesky raccoons that ravage our garbage cans or trying to exterminate the termites that nest inside our walls.

But in Brunei, a nation on the island of Borneo in the South China Sea, the wild cobra is a perfectly common—albeit deadly—backyard threat. Unfortunately, it usually has more on its mind than your Sunday night trash or brand-new wooden deck.

One family learned this the hard way when a cobra slithered up to their glass window… and set its eye directly upon their three teeny kittens.

Imagine looking out your window to find this horrifying sight? Such was the case with one family in Brunei when a wild king cobra appeared.


The cobra suddenly started slamming its head into the glass so hard, it left trails of venom on the pane.

3-cobra window

Just wait until you see what the cobra was hunting…

The family sent their video to the Brunei government in an effort to warn other families about wild cobras, stating, “Be aware. If you keep flowers or a small tree, don’t make it near the window of the house. Luckily the window glass was not open.”

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