I used to think that I wasn’t afraid of anything, especially not snakes. I could understand why they gave other people the willies, but I thought I had a stronger stomach. Then I saw this.

Snake expert Vern Lovic was called over to a friend’s house to take a look at a problem. He thought it might just be one or two garden variety slitherers, but what he found was an utter nightmare.

After being asked to come check out a “snake problem” at his friend’s house in Thailand, he realized things were much worse than anyone had dreamed.


Inside the home was an absolute infestation of baby monocled cobras, the most poisonous snake in Thailand. They were everywhere!


They were even hiding in the bed. This is ridiculous!


Good thing no one decided to put on their boots.


Or have a spot of tea.


No one check their email!


Those weren’t even the worst ones. In total, Vern found 56 monocled cobras hiding inside his friend’s house. Check out the crazy video!

That is really as bad as it gets. Even having one unwanted critter in the house is bad enough, but 56 snakes?! Indiana Jones would run screaming.

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