Everyone has at least one annoying friend. They’re the person you can’t bring out to parties because they bother those around them with inappropriate statements, or they won’t stop talking about something you have no interest in. We can all conjure up the image, and antics, of that person.

Well, animals, much like humans, have a level of patience that can be tested, too. They may not be able to communicate it as effectively as we can, but they always find a way to get their point across.

One cockatoo was obnoxiously trying to get the attention of an owl, and the owl’s reaction speaks volumes about his interest!

When a cockatoo was perched next to his owl friend, he clearly had something on his mind, and he wanted let the owl know.

Bird 1

The cockatoo started flapping his wings, slowly at first to see if he could get a reaction from the owl…

bird 2

The owl was clearly not interested at all, and you could see it on his face! The cockatoo tried even harder, but sometimes you just can’t win!

bird 3

Just look at that focus though.


The cockatoo probably thought the owl was annoying for ignoring him, but little did he know he was the one making a fuss!

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