Nothing can ruin your day like waking up with a cold sore. But is there anything you can do to get rid of those ugly, painful bumps?

Actually, there are several cold sore remedies you may never have heard of. They’ll do the trick, and fast!

1. Dab milk on the sore.


This one is a definite surprise. Soak a cotton ball in whatever type of milk you already have in your freezer, then apply directly to the sore. Repeat this process throughout the day and resist the urge to wipe it off!

2. Eat licorice.


Licorice root is excellent at fighting viral infections, which is what cold sores really stem from.

3. Dab it with peroxide.


This old standby isn’t just great for cuts, it will help dry out cold sores, too.

4. Put garlic directly on it.


The healing properties of garlic make it a great treatment for cold sores! Eating garlic is great, but applying it right on the sore will help your body to absorb it even faster.

5. Use peppermint oil.


Peppermint is soothing to the skin and also antiviral. Bonus, it’s less stinky than the garlic option!

6. Bring on the tea tree oil.


Tea tree oil is an age-old remedy for acne, but it’s great for cold sores, too. Dab a bit on the affected area and avoid the urge to wipe it away. It might tingle a bit!

7. Rub a little vanilla on it.

The mild alcohol content in vanilla is just enough to dry the cold sore out without aggravating it. Who knew?

8. Cool it down with ice.


Apply ice, an analgesic, to reduce swelling and eliminate redness.

Now, the next time you feel a cold sore coming on, you’ll already have an arsenal full of weapons to get rid of it.

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